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You Can’t Always Blame The Economy For Slow Business

Can hard work and a genuine approach to customers improve business? Or are gimmicks a driving force of this bad economy?

City Council Does Not Have It In The Bag

Is Burbank City Council's proposed ban on plastic bags an effort to “do something” an unnecessary problem in the making?

Stove Fire Does $25,000 In Damage To Burbank Home on Santa Anita Ave.

Burbank Firefighters were called to the 1000 block of Santa Anita   Thursday afternoon around 3:00 pm when a resident in the house reported   the...

Fiery Crash On Ventura Freeway Sends One To Hospital In Serious Condition

                                                                                                                         Photo by Ross A. Benson Both Burbank and Los Angeles City Firefighters were dispatched Tuesday night to a reported traffic accident with an overturned...

This Pet Peeve is Really a Dog-Gone Problem

Thinking twice about bringing your pet to community events may help you and your best friend.

Motorcycle Accident on Olive Puts One in Hospital

                                                                                          Photo by Ross A Benson            Burbank Paramedics treat this motorcycle rider who was struck while on his way to work as a security guard...

July 2011

Bike Patrol Officers Spot Man With Shotgun In VehicleJuly 30, at 10:36 p.m.,  officer on Bicycle Patrol observed a suspicious man in a vehicle parked in...

Burbank Should Help Our Economy By Saying Yes

The recent announcement that Wal-Mart had purchased the Great Indoors property came as welcome news to me. Like some of my friends, my family...

Burbank Police On Both Ends of Accidents

BNB FIRST & EXCLUSIVE!Photo By Ross A. Benson The Burbank Police Department can go months without having any auto accidents, or mishaps....

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Burroughs Girls’ Soccer Opens Playoffs in Style

Burroughs will get just one day of rest before playing St. Genevieve on Wednesday.

Stefanie Girard Supports Local Artists Through her “Art Candy Machine”

Just a block away from the Verdugo Aquatic center, lies a quiet Burbank neighborhood. Here at the corner of Oak and Fairview, lives Stefanie Girard, who brings art to the community through her “Art Candy Machine.”

Letter to the Editor: Resident Questions Meals Provided to Commission Members

"In a room outside of the meeting room, before each meeting, are tables with catered food and drinks. The ratepayers pay for each of the monthly meals."