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Stan Lynch

Take Your Kids To See This

There are few things these days that you can do with your kids that are entertaining and education, as well as free.  But such as thing does exist…

Too Much Of A Good Things — Three Thanksgiving Dinners

Three turkey dinners in one day, a TV dinner, and a quest for mashed potatoes and gravy, are the makings of one unusual and memorable Thanksgiving.

Remembering That Day 50 Years Ago

Everyone old enough to remember, can recall what they were doing 50 years ago today, November 22. Burbank, with it's links to the President, was also affected by the assassination.

Remembering Lee Ayers

Burbank Review

By: Stan Lynch I don’t recall when or where I frist met Leland C. Ayers over 40 years ago, but he was one of those guys you don’t easily…

Parents Are Crazy

Burbank Review
By Stan Lynch Elementary school parents are crazy — at least some of them are when it comes to dropping off and picking up their…

Was It Really Necessary To Go That Fast To See Jay Leno?

Video of speeding CHP motorcycles escorting Presidential motorcade raise questions of safety.

Election Sign Theft Isn’t Just Stealing

Burbank Review

by Stan Lynch, Managing Editor The recent court case, in which a campaign worker was fined for taking a couple of signs belonging…

Dare I Say It: Merry Christmas

Burbank Review

By Stan Lynch At this most joyous time of the year, when everyone is supposed to be filled with the “spirit of Christmas,” I have…

Watching The Space Shuttle Over Burbank

While the Space Shuttle Endeavor flying over Burbank was a sight we’ll never see again, it also served as a reminder of what great things American…

Remembering Frank Pawluc

Burbank Review
by Stan Lynch My friend Frank Pawluc, who died April 1, was quite a guy.  He was always involved in some worthwhile activity or another…

Everybody Loves A Parade

There is something about Burbank On Parade that makes it one of the highlights of the year in our city, and this year’s parade was no exception.…

Why All The Hatred Towards Walmart?

By Stan Lynch Why are some folks so opposed to having a Walmart in Burbank?  Their vehement hatred for the retail giant seems to be way overblown.…