Thoughts From The Bullpen

Just How Do You Get Your News, Burbank?

With all the social media going on you have to hunt for your local news while traditional news outlets are now being overlooked - but is it right?

Park Land Giveaway Hurts Burbank Now…and in Future

Burbank's City Council is thinking how to give away open park land to nonprofit - how about stop thinking about it

Magnolia Park, Opinion or Blog, and Just Where is Burbank?

Holiday in the Park impresses without City's resources and since when is a blog worth all of the attention when you're not even sure where Burbank is?

While Federal Government is Closed, Burbank City Council Takes the Forefront

While Congress shows itself to be totally dysfunctional, Burbank's City Council Firing on all cylinders at Town Hall Meeting

Hopefully Tragedy Will Serve as a Life Lesson for a Generation

A tragic accident taking five lives can hopefully be a teaching moment for a generation when it comes to making good decisions

Is Burbank City Council’s Vision Still 20/20?

With the construction of Reservoir #1 coming to an end, it is time for the City Council to look ahead for future generations of Burbank residents

Why the City of Burbank, Police Department and Citizens All Won

When Chief Scott LaChasse was administered the oath of office, Burbank became a better city

Two Elections Down, One to Go – But Do You Really Care?

Eight percent of eligible voters elected a Councilman and just over 6% approved a $110 million bind issue to raise taxes.

Now That We Have Banned Puppy Mills, What’s Next?

Since Burbank has taken on the national issue of Puppy Mills - maybe outlawing world violence can't be far behind - get staff on it immediately

What Makes Burbank Different Then Newtown

The only difference between the two cities is that it has not happened here - yet

Shame on You, Burbank

After three Townhall Meetings in three nights in different parts of the City, not more then 200 people showed up total

Burbank, You Just Got Played by the Machine

Governor Brown came to Burbank with the sole intention to use a school and it's staff as a backdrop to talk about his own ballot issues.