Backpack At Downtown Burbank Train Station Causes Bomb Scare

A backpack discarded in a trash can at the Burbank Metrolink Station Wednesday afternoon, caused closure of the station and surrounding streets, and delays to trains.

Teen Punched, Knocked Unconscious At Memorial Field

Burroughs football player in hospital ICU with non-life threatening injury.

Burbank City Council Stops Cell Tower In A Steeple – Others May Already Exist

While neighbors were successful in stopping the Little White Chapel from adding a cell phone tower, there are already many other such towers all over Burbank residential and school areas

Police Respond To Gun Store Burglary

Traffic snarled as Magnolia and Buena Vista blocked.

Burbank Police Officer Involved In Accident Responding To Call

Fortunately, everyone escapes injury in collision that wrecks two cars.

Police Respond to Gunshot On Harvard Rd.

Man arrested Wednesday night after making terrorist threats.

Firefighters Battle Tough Two-Story Apartment Fire

Burbank and Glendale firefighters battled a two-story apartment house fire on the border of the two cities on Tuesday afternoon

Brick Thrown Through Front Window of Councilman David Gordon’s Office

Burbank Police are investigating who might have through a brick through the office window of Councilman David Gordon's office. Dr. Gordon was inside at the time.

Burbank Resident Arrested For Firing Gun

Attempt to scare off auto repo men lands eldery man in jail.

Fight At Volleyball Game Update

Police investigation concluded.

Woman Hit By Car In Front Of Handy Market

Customers waiting in line for market's barbecue, witness the accident.

Fire on Niagara Street Damages Home

Burbank Firefighters responded to Niagara St. Thursday night where they discovered a fire moving up the walls inside of a residence