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Rick’s Sports Corner: Lilly Travieso Is Making A Difference

Lilly Traviesp and her mother Patty founded ELLA to help level the playing field young Latina athletes.

Rick’s Sports Corner: Johnny Agazaryan, Determined And Skilled

By Rick Assad Johnny Agazaryan is a confident person and it's helped him become one of the best water...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Noor Fahs, Compassion, Passion Rolled Into One

Motivated, driven, passionate and compassionate are words that aptly describe student-athlete Noor Fahs.

Rick’s Sports Corner: Burbank High’s Patrick McMenamin, Mr. Busy

By Rick Assad With classroom responsibilities and attending so many sporting events, is it possible there is more than...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Marin Grote Revisited

Rick Assad Beginning as a freshman at Burroughs High and now about to commence her fourth season playing volleyball...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Daniel Starkand, Athlete, Media Member

By Rick Assad When Daniel Starkand was toiling on the mound and at first base for Burbank High a...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Hard-Throwing Aidan Cremarosa, Thinker On Mound

By Rick Assad Every time Aidan Cremarosa, a hard-throwing right-hander took the mound for the Burroughs High baseball team,...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Bruce Breeden, Coach, Administrator, Teacher, Survivor

By Rick Assad Life is precious and shouldn't be taken for granted. Sometimes it's when your very existence hangs...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Ian Schenk, Productive At Bat, On Mound

By Rick Assad Starting from the bottom and working his way to the top is pretty much what Ian...

Rick’s Sports Corner: Louis Mele, Baseball Player Turned Coach

By Rick Assad It seems once the baseball bug has bitten you, it's something that can linger for years.

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