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Burger Review: The Park Bar and Grill

While the burger may not be the best, at least you watch Dodger games although you can't hear Vin Scully

Burger Review: Honeybaked Ham

You pass by it all the time and probably did not know there is a thriving restaurant inside...and they sell hams, too!

Burger Review: V Boulevard Cafe

Just a tad into Glendale on Victory just past Western you will find this great little cafe

Burger Review: Magnolia Grille

This is not the place for a great burger but just about everything else on the menu is damn good

Burger Review: Simmzy’s

If your looking for something juicy, Simmzy's is definitely your place

Burger Review: Full O’ Life

While you may believe that this is a healthy option - which it is - they still use good old beef

Burger Review: REFIRE – The Hangar Grille

A change in ownership brings a change in the burger. An upgrade was needed and an upgrade was done

Burger Review: BB Cafe

BB Cafe has nailed it and this needs to be your next burger stop. While it is the only burger on the menu, it stands mightily by itself

Burger Review – Hill Street Cafe

While Hill Street Cafe will not give you the 'blues' there is a small amount of room for improvement when it comes to the burger

Burger Review: Tin Horn Flats

It's not only a Burbank landmark, but a great place to go for a great burger at lunch for a fair price

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