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Burger Review: Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill

It may be Joe's Great American Bar & Grill, but it is not a great burger

Burger Review: Andre’s Cafe

Bring cash and get there before 2:30 or it is a sushi dinner for you

Burger Review – Better Fresh Burger

While it may say and be fresh as the title indicates, I am afraid it is not better

Burger Review: Moore’s Delicatessen

If your sitting in the Burbank Jail and craving a cheeseburger, you won't have far to go for a good one when you are released

Burger Review: Peacha’s

While their motto is "Rock n' Tacos", this place really does rock with both their American and Mexican menu items

Burger Review: Juicy Wingz

Sometimes you never know what you are going to get in a wing place so that is why you need to try

Burger Review: Story Tavern

Sometimes you can try and do everything right but it just does not add up to perfection

Burger Review: Jujuju

Who know what the name means but it does not matter because the burger speaks for itself

Burger Review – Canyon Grille

Want to take a little trip without leaving Burbank? Drive on up to the Canyon Grille at DeBell Golf Club - you will not be disappointed

Burger Review: Burbank Bar & Grille

The burger is not bad, but the parking is a lot worse

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