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Monday, October 18, 2021
Cynthia Wagner
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‘Coyote Man’ Spotted In Burbank Hills

While you may laugh at 'Wolf Boy', residents really believe that 'Coyote Man' is roaming the hills of Burbank

National Charity League Hits The Jackpot With Fundraiser At Castaway Restaurant

The Castaway Restaurant was transformed into a glittering Monte Carlo casino on Saturday night as members of the Burbank chapter of the National Charity...

Saying Good-Bye To An Old Friend Before We Welcome A New One

It only took a couple of weeks, but Memorial Stadium is nothing more than a memory.  Both the home and visitor stands have been...

Ross’ Retro Takes Us Back In Time

It's time to go back in time again as ace photographer Ross A. Benson takes us back over 25 years ago when Burbank started...

Citizen Committee Seeks Statehood For Burbank

“Rather than try to reform a hopeless case like California, it makes more sense to form a state of our own,”

Eight Families See Dream Come True Thanks To Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity Los Angeles, and Burbank Housing Corporation gathered 8 families Monday evening, at Burbank's Community Services Building on what they thought was...

The Past Once Again Comes To Life

Ace photographer Ross A. Benson has done it again. Check out Ross' Retro in the center column from another picture from the past....

Update: New Mountain Lion Sighting Might Really Be A Bobcat

                   By John Savageau BurbankNBeyond      KTLA News is reporting the alleged mountain lion attack on Country Club Drive last evening was actually a bobcat taking...

Burbank Teen Actress Directs First Film

Critically acclaimed teen actress Kari Irwin just completed her first motion picture as Director.  The film, “Open Hands” is a love triangle drama and...

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By Rick Assad Perhaps it was the emotion from the pregame ceremony to honor Cerain Baker, a former wide...

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A recap of the week's arrests by Burbank's finest, the men and women in blue.