Child Custody Exchange Turns Violent


A custody exchange turned into a terrifying nightmare for a woman and her two children early this morning, with the woman hospitalized and her ex-husband arrested.

The incident began sometime before 8 a.m. today, Wednesday, November 21, when the unidentified woman and her two children drove to meet her ex-husband for a custody exchange with the two children.  When they arrived at the meeting place, the ex-husband, Trino Godinez, 44, of Arleta, entered her vehicle and produced a handgun.  He then forced the woman into the passenger seat while the two children sat in the back seat.

As Godinez drove away, according to police, he began assaulting his ex-wife. When the car came to at the southeast corner of Buena Vista St. and San Fernando Blvd., she got out of the vehicle and attempted to flee and seek help.  Godinez pursured her, pulling out a knife and stabbing her as she tried to get away.  Witnesses who saw the attack came to the victim’s aid. Godinez fought with the “Good Samaritans,” but evertualy was held down until police officers arrived to take him into custody.

Godinez was placed under arrest or attempted murder, kidnapping, carjacking, domestic violence, and child abuse.   He is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

The ex-wife, who police did not identify, was transported to a local hospital due to her injuries.  She was listed in stable condition.   The suspect was also taken to the hospital for injuries he received while struggling with the witnesses.  The children were not physically harmed.

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