Crime Reports For July 2012


Note:   All suspects are pesumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Burbank Chamber

Updated 7/26/12

Woman Grabs Cash at IKEA

After waiting in line to check out at IKEA, located at 600 N. San Fernando Blvd., a woman grabbed the cash out of the register.  According to police, the woman purchased a candle.  When the clerk opened the register to make change, the suspect reached into the cash drawer and grabbed a handful of currency.  The clerk struggled with the woman, and attempted to pull the cash back out of her hand, but was unsuccessful. After robbing the store, the woman walked up San Fernando Blvd., and was last seen heading east on Grinnell Dr.

The suspect is described as a female Asian, 40-50 years old, wearing a striped blouse, gray shirt, and a hat.  The money taken was estimated to be about $300.  The clerk was not injured in the robbery.

Burbank Chamber

Trio of Robbers Hold Up Nail Salon

Patrons at the Celina Nail II salon located at 101 N. Victory Blvd. became victims when three robbers entered the business on Tuesday shortly before 5:30 p.m.  The robbers, who were armed with a handgun, took cash from the business but also robbed the six patrons of their purses and wallets, before fleeing on foot down Clark Ave. No one was injured in the robbery.

A search by police failed to locate the suspects.  They are described as a male Black, 25-30 yrs., 6’0”, 175 lbs., wearing a black shirt and blue jeans; a male Black 22-23 yrs., 5’8”, 160 lbs., wearing a black shirt and pants; and a female Black, 20-21 yrs., 5’5”, 200 lbs. with long hair, wearing a black shirt and pants.

Burglars Drink Up After Breaking Into Starlight Bowl

Someone broke into the snack bar at the Starlight Bowl sometime between 8:30 p.m . July 16, and 7 a.m. the following morning.  The thieves apparently attempted to gain entry into the snack bar at the City-owned facility in Stough Park, by pushing up each of the eight steel roll-up covers over the serving windows.  According to police the covers were found to be raised 8-10 inches.  The suspect or suspects also threw a trash can through one of the windows.

Inside Burbank Park, Recreation, and Community Services personnel found that four partially empty bottles of wine had been taken, with three empties left at the scene, and the fourth broken on the floor.   Nothing else appeared to have been taken.  Police suspect that juveniles may be responsible for the break in


Thieves Targeting Catalytic Converters On Pick Up Trucks

The Burbank Police Department reported a rash of catalytic converter thefts from pick up trucks over the past weekend.    Thieves took the converters from a 2002 Nissan parked in the 300 block of N. Sparks St., a 1989 Toyota in the 400 block of S. Mariposa St., a 1991 Nissan in the 300 block of W. Victory Ct., and a 1996 Nissan in the 500 block of S. Bel Aire Dr.

The cost of  replacing the catalytic converters, which are park of the exhaust and vehicle emission control system of the trucks, is between $300 and $1,000, according to the police spokesman.

Illegal Baton Lands Man In Jail

Officer contacted a man at the corner of Magnolia Blvd. and Brighton St. at 10 p.m. on July 14.  While speaking to the man, the officers were informed that he was in possession of a knife and a “Kubaton,” an expandable baton. A search of the suspect resulted in the recovery of a folding knife in the man’s front pocket, and the Kubaton in his rear pants pocket.

The suspect, Trace Hamilton Albrecht, 53, of Burbank, was arrested for a possession of the baton, and taken to the Burbank Jail.  His bail was set at $20,000.


Man Standing In Middle Of Street Attacks Officer

An officer patrolling in the area along Burbank’s western city limits around 11 p.m. on July 13, observed a man in the intersection of  Clybourn Ave. and Hatteras St.  The man was holding two bags, and standing in the middle of the roadway.

When the officer approached in his police car, the man did not move out of the street.  The officer then, the subject put the two bags on the ground, then reached into his left pants pocket.  The man pulled out a dark object from his pocket.  Fearing that it was a weapon, the officer grabbed the man’s left wrist and ordered him to drop the dark object.  The man did not comply with the officers orders.  Fearing that the object was a weapon, the officer grabbed the man’s left wrist and ordered him to drop the object. When he refused, the officer tried to pry the item out of the man’s hand. When he finally dropped it, the officer recognized it as a smoking pipe used for narcotics.

When the officer attempted to arrest the suspect a struggle ensued in which the officer and the suspect fell to the ground several times.  At one point in the struggle the suspect attempted to get the officers holstered gun, manipulating one of the safeties on the holster.  The 23 year-old male officer was able to overcome the suspect’s resistance and take him into custody after the intense struggle.  Backup units responded “Code 3” and assisted.

Both the officer and the suspect were transported to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center for treatment of the injuries they suffered in the confrontation.   The officer suffered a bruised shoulder, while the suspect suffered minor abrasions to his elbows and knees.

The suspect, Erik Alan Krug, 38, of San Gabriel, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, and attempting to remove a police officer’s weapon.  He was booked into the Burbank Jail, where it was determined that he also had an outstanding warrant for burglary.  Krug’s bail was set at $25,000.

Shoplifters Keep Coming Back For More

Police are looking for a group of female shoplifters who keep coming back to steal perfume from the ULTA Beauty store in the Empire Center.

The first reported crime at the store, which is located at 1351 Victory Pl., occurred on January 11, of this year.  The suspects returned again on February 27, and March 17.   Their latest crime occurred on July 9.  Two women, and in some cases three, have walked throughout the store, placing fragrances in shopping bags.  They leave without paying.

The suspects are described as heavyset Black women, 30-40 years old, 5 ft. 4 in. to 5 ft. 6 in. in height.  They have been seen leaving in a 1990’s Buick 2-door that was orange or maroon in color with primer spots, a white Buick 4-door, and a gray Dodge 4-door.

The investigation into these crimes is on-going.  If you recall seeing any suspicious activity on the dates of these crimes, or the suspects and any of their vehicles, please call the Burbank Police Department at 818-238-3000, or Detective Stephen Turner at 818-238-3276.

Possible Road Rage In Costco Parking Lot

It’s always a little frustrating trying to find a parking space in the Costco parking lot, but one driver may have gotten a little too frustrated.   According to police, officers responded to Costco at 1051 W. Burbank Blvd. regarding a hit and run accident on July 8, at 6:15 p.m.

They contacted a 28 year-old Sylmar woman who claimed that another driver purposely drove his truck into her car as she waited for a parking space.  She did not complain of serious injury.  The driver of the truck, an 87 year-old Sun Valley man, gave police a different story.  Officers were unable to find any witnesses to the “collision” at the scene.   They took an assault with a deadly weapon report, and will present the case to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office to determine is charges will be filed.

Bite The Hand That Helps You – Go To Jail

Police were called to the Emergency Room at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, when a man who was smoking in a treatment room, refused medical staff members’ request to leave the ER.  When officers contact Demetrius Adam Moser, 41, of Van Nuys, and advised him to leave the ER, he left.

An hour later, offices had to respond again to the ER, after reports that Moser had returned to the ER and refused to leave.  Officers found him sitting on a bench near the ER, with his pants at his knees and his buttocks exposed.  Moser was asked repeatedly to pull his pants up and leave the property per the hospital’s wishes.  He was also warned by officers that he could be arrested for trespassing if he didn’t leave.  Moser refused to comply, so the officers decided to take him into custody per a “citizen’s arrest.”

As Moser was being taken into custody, he bit one of the officers on the hand.  The officer was able to safely remove his hand, sustaining minor injuries.  The suspect was taken to the Burbank Jail and booked for trespassing and for assaulting a police officer.

It’s Not Nice To Try And Fool The Police

A woman arrested for prostitution found out that it doesn’t pay to try to fool the police by giving them false identification.

Officers conducted a prostitution investigation at the Ramada Inn, located at 2900 N. San Fernando Blvd., on July7, at 8 p.m.   The contacted a woman in one of the rooms she had rented, and determined the she was there for the sole purpose of conducting a prostitution business.  They also located suspected narcotics in the room.

They arrested Mary Jane Nicole Madrid, 28, of Rancho Cordova for possession of narcotics and prostitution.  She gave officers a false ID, so she was also arrested for providing false identity to a police officer.  She was transported to the Burbank Jail.


‘Prank’ Gets Three Teens In Big Touble

A victim’s cry for help to a police officer diving by, led to the arrest of three teenagers for possession of a destructive device.   The officer was on routine patrol in the area of Olive Ave. and Buena Vista St., around 2:15 a.m. July 5, when he heard someone call out “Officer?  Help me officer!”  The officer saw a man pointing at a silver Toyota Camry, yelling “They just sprayed me with some chemical!”

The officer pulled the Toyota over and contacted the three occupants.  He observed a canister of Green Gas, a propellant for air soft guns, on the floorboard of the car.   During a search of car officers located a fire extinguisher that had an off-white powdery substance coming out of the hose, indicating that it had recently been discharged.  One of the people in the car had the same powder on his clothing.  All three occupants denied shooting any substance from the car.

All thee were suspects, David Zarian, 19, and Narek Tervardanyan, 19, both of Burbank, and a 17 year-old male juvenile, were placed under arrest for possession of a destructive device.
Police Search Turns Up $500,000 Worth of Methamphetamine

Officers from the Burbank Police Department’s Narcotics Unit and Gang Enforcement Team served a search warrant July 5, in the 8500 block of Glenoaks Blvd. in Sun Valley; and recovered 10 lbs. of methamphetamine.  The drug has an approximate street value of nearly a half million dollars. They also found a shotgun along with the meth, hidden in a baby crib inside the residence.

The unidentified suspect in this case, who was not home, is believed to be involved in distributing narcotics to other drug dealers in Burbank.  The investigation is still ongoing.

Bad Golf Swing Lands Man In Jail

A Burbank man is in jail for assault with a deadly weapon after he got teed off and went after his sister’s fiancé with a golf club.

Officers responded to the 500 block of E. Palm Ave. regarding an assault with a deadly weapon in progress, on July 1, at 6:10 p.m.  A family argument between the suspect and his mother and sister  was occurring.   The sister’s fiancé intervened and tried to calm the man down when he appeared to be out of control.  A short time later the suspect armed himself with a golf club and took a threatening stance.  A short scuffle ensued until police arrived.  No one received any serious injuries.

Taehoan Kim, 21, of Burbank was placed under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.  He was transported to the Burbank Jail.  Kim’s bail was set at $30,000.