Crime Reports for September 2013


Note: All suspects are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Updated:  9/26/13

Home Depot Employee’s ‘Do It Yourself’ Project

An employee of the Home Depot store located at 1200 S. Flower St., ended up behind bars after it was discovered that he had taken more than $2,400 from the store.

The employee, Daniel Isaac DePaz, 22, of North Hills, had been working at the store since August 23.  During the time he was working there, he reportedly rang up returns for refund, then created gift cards that he then took.

DePaz was arrested Wednesday evening and booked into the Burbank jail for grand theft.   His bail was set at $20,000.

Be Quiet In The Library Or Go To Jail

Police were called to the Burbank Central Library, 110 N. Glenoaks Blvd., around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, after she became belligerent with the library staff and patrons.   Julie Archer, 44, of Van Nuys, was arrested for public intoxication.

Apparently she didn’t read the “Quiet” sign in the library.

Sunday Must Have Been Illegal Weapon Day In Burbank

A vehicle driving with lighting equipment violations around 9 p.m. Sunday in the area of Victory Blvd. and Rose St., caught the attending of officers on routine patrol.  When they conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, one of the officers looked through the rear window of the vehicle and noticed something sticking out of the back pocket of the passenger seat.

With the drivers permission, the officers removed the item, which turned out to be nunchuku.  Nunchuku, or nunchuks are traditional Okinawan weapons consisting of two wooden sticks attached at one end y a chain or rope.  They were popularized by actor Bruce Lee in his movies.  Nunchuku are commonly used for training purposes in karate schools.  They are permitted in a training facility.

Brett Mosher, 18, of Burbank was arrested for possession of an illegal weapon, and booked into the Burbank Jail.  His bail was set at $20,000.
Driving In The Dark At 4 a.m.

Driving down residential streets in the middle of the night with your lights out is not only unsafe, it attracts the attention of the police.   Burbank Police Officers on patrol noticed an SUV driving up Pepper St. near Victory Blvd. Sunday morning.   They pulled the vehicle over at Hollywood Way  and Victory.

The officers smelled the odor of marijuana coming from inside the SUV.  When they interviewed the driver and passengers, their stories did not correlate as to why they were in the area.  The driver gave permission to search the vehicle, and officers found an expandable baton, which is illegal to possess.    The driver, Joseph Paul Limas, 24, of Sun Valley was booked into the Burbank Jail, with bail set at $20,000.
Caught With Her Hand In The Cash Drawer

An employee at the Macy’s store in the Burbank Town Center caught the attention of the store’s loss prevention officers Friday, September 20.  They reportedly saw her remove an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register and conceal it in her clothing.

The Burbank Police Department was called, and based on the store’s investigation, placed the suspect under arrest.  Naykari Cabrera Valenciano, 20, of North Hollywood, was booked into the Burbank Jail for burglary.  Her bail was set at $20,000, which was probably considerably more than the amount she was accused of taking.

Nobody Laughing When Store Finds Funny Money

Burbank Police were called to Halloween Town store at 2921 W. Magnolia Blvd. on Sept. 19, after an employee found a counterfeit $50 bill in the cash register at the company’s other store located at 3021 W. Magnolia Blvd.

When the employee found the fake bill, they called to the other location.  A check of the cash register there also turned up another counterfeit $50 bill.  The store is equipped with surveillance cameras, and police were able to determine which customer passed the “funny money.”

The suspected is described as Black female, about 40 years old, approximately 5 ft. 6 inches tall, and weighting about 135 lbs.  No further information was available, including which Halloween costumes, if any, the suspect purchased. If caught, the suspect’s new costume could be a bright orange jail inmate jumpsuit.   The case is under investigation.

Out Of Control Car Strikes Pedestrian

A driver who was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed, lost control of his car, striking two parked cars, before hitting a pedestrian just after 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

The driver, Sameer Rasheed, 22, of Burbank, was driving eastbound on Alameda Ave. from Main St., when he apparently lost control of his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and struck two parked cars.  That impact sent the car out of control, spinning it around onto Chavez St.  A 62 year-old woman crossing Chavez St. was struck by the right rear portion of the car. The impact threw her onto the sidewalk.

The unidentified woman was transported to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center with a possible broken leg.  The driver was not injured.  According to police, there was no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the accident.

Alert Neighbor Calls Police For Possible Burglary In Progress

When an alert neighbor who noticed someone in an apartment, called the resident and then police, preventing a possible burglary.

The incident occurred around noon on Sunday, at 4100 Toluca Lake Ave.   According to police, the resident of the apartment was away when Shannon Olson, 45, of Burbank, entered the apartment.  When officers arrived the conducted an investigation and determined that nothing had been taken from the apartment.   The resident of the apartment returned to the scene and placed Olson under citizen arrest.  She was booked into the Burbank Jail for trespassing.

The day before, Olson had been stopped by Burbank Police in the vicinity of the apartment, and placed under arrest for being under the influence of drugs.

Woman ‘Falls’ for Police Officers

A Burbank woman whom police believe was under the influence of alcohol, was nearly run over by a passing police car when she fell into the street Saturday night, September 14.

Burbank Police Offices were on patrol in the area of San Fernando Blvd. and Valencia Ave., when they observed the woman stumble and fall into the street directly in front of their police car.  They were able to stop and avoid hitting the woman, Marissa Andrews, 34.   She was apparently uninjured by the fall.

Because Anderews was displahying symptoms of alcohol intoxication and was unable to care for herself, she was placed under arrest for public intoxication and taken to the Burbank Jail.

Residential Burglary

A family locked the doo of their residence in the 1900 block N. Parish Pl., when they left Saturday evening, only to return home  around 2:30 a.m. Sunday to find their home ransacked.

Police believe the burglar or burglars entered through an unlocked window.  They made off with two computers, car keys, a small amount of cash, and some jewelry.

Skateboarder Attacked By Teen Assailant

A Burbank man ended up in the Emergency Room  after he was robbed and attacked by while riding his skateboard near George Izay Park on Friday evening

The 18 year-old victim told police that he was riding his skateboard near the park, located at 1111 W. Olive Ave., when he fell.  He was then confronted by a 16 year-old boy with whom he has had problems in the past. The boy took the young man’s skateboard and told him he would have to fight him in order to get it back.   The victim refused to fight and began walking away from his assailant.  Suddenly, he was struck  with a closed fist to the right side of his face.  The impact knocked him to the ground, where his attacker continued punching him in the face.  Stunned by the first punch, the victim was unable to defend himself.

After the attack, the suspect and his friends left the area of the park, taking the victim’s skateboard with them.  They left the victim lying on the ground.  The man eventually got to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, where he was treated for several facial fractures and lacerations.    He was able to give police the name of his attacker.

Officers conducted a follow up investigation and returned to the area of Izay Park where they observed a large amount of blood where the attack occurred.  Based on the evidence and injuries to the victim, they determined that a felony battery occurred.  They then went to the home of the juvenile suspect and arrested him.  He was booked into the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall.  The identity of both the victim and suspect were not released by police.

At Least He Was In A Drug Store Parking Lot

Officers on routine patrol Friday evening noticed a man slumped over the steering wheel of a silver colored Nissan Xterra in the parking lot of the CVS Drug Store on Hollywood Way at Verdugo Ave.

When they contacted the man, Richard Heebner, 61, of Burbank, they located several different pills in his pocket.  Heebner did not have a prescription of the pills, so he was placed under arrest for possession of controlled narcotics, and drug possession.  He was booked into the Burbank Jail, with bail set at $10,000.

Disturbance In Police Station Lobby Leads To Prostitution Arrests

The lobby of the police station is probably not the best place to cause a disturbance — especially if you are a pimp and you are arguing with one of your prostitutes.

Officers responded to the lobby of the Burbank Police Station shortly after noon on September 5.  They contacted a Neal Latrelle, 23, of Sacramento and Sabrina Penise Pena, 18, of San Jose.  They determined that Pena was engaging in acts of prostitution along with two other women, and that Labrelle was their pimp. Latrelle is also on parole and not supposed to be out of Sacramento County.

From the information they received from Pena and Latrelle, officers went to the Extended Stay America hotel located at 2200 W. Empire Ave., and arrested Adrianna Castro, 20, and Vona George 18, both of Sacramento.  All four suspects were arrested and booked into the Burbank Jail.  The women were cited out for misdemeanor prostitution. Latrelle was arrested for pimping, possession of ecstasy, a controlled substance, and violating his parole.  His bail was set at $25,000, but he is still being held in jail due to the parole violation.

Burglars Working Over Labor Day Holiday

Burglars made off with desktop computers, printers, and toner cartridges from a warehouse in the 2800 block of N. Ontario St.  The loss occurred sometime over the Labor Day weekend.  Workers at the business left work on Sunday at 1 p.m., and returned at 7:55 a.m. Tuesday morning.  They noticed that interior doors were unlocked and ajar, and several boxes were missing from the warehouse floor.  The value of the stolen merchandise was estimated at $13,000.

At this time there are no suspects, but detectives are waiting to look at surveillance video from the business.

Apparently the burglars didn’t get the memo that you aren’t supposed to work on Labor Day.

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