Dynamic New Board Slated for Burbank Coordinating Council


The Burbank Coordinating Council convened on April 8th to elect new leadership amidst urgent calls for volunteers due to a declining board membership.

Acting Board President Anne-Marie Osgood made a heartfelt call for volunteers in March. The urgent need arose due to a dwindling board membership, which would have dropped to just two members by June 1st. Time was running out to uphold the council’s charitable mission. (Read more in our story “Burbank Coordinating Council Seeks Passionate Volunteers to Uphold Its Legacy“.)

To address this challenge, a nominating committee led by Doug Chadwick, Teresa Masarek, and Yolanda Wu worked hard to assemble a new board for the upcoming term. The proposed team of community leaders was announced on April 8, bringing hope for the council’s future. The members included:

  • President: Anne-Marie Osgood
  • Vice President: Gabe Ayala
  • Recording Secretary: Jennifer Shaw
  • Treasurer: Neil Fitzgerald
  • Auditor: Lisa Markarian
  • Historian: Douglas Chadwick
  • Parliamentarian: Amanda Casserella
  • Corresponding Secretary: Denise Bergsrud
  • Immediate Past President: Janet Diel (Mary Anne Been, BCC President in 2022-2023, declined the position due to other commitments.)

Newly slated board auditor Lisa Markarian shared a heartwarming sentiment during the meeting. She expressed that her decision to volunteer was inspired by an article she had read on MyBurbank.com, underscoring the power of community engagement and the impact of local media.

The unanimous approval of the new board reflected a renewed sense of purpose to continue the BCC’s humanitarian work. Known for initiatives like the Holiday Basket program and Campership program, the council has been a vital support system for many.

In addition to the leadership transition, John Paramo, Burbank Unified School District Superintendent, attended to address post-COVID challenges in schools, highlighting struggles among elementary and middle school students and looming budget cuts. Meanwhile, Bill Barlak provided an update on the Campership program, showcasing the council’s dedication to enriching experiences for Burbank’s youth.

With the installation of the new board set for May, the BCC is poised for a resurgence, eager to face contemporary challenges while preserving its 91-year legacy of community service and philanthropy. The incoming leadership, coupled with the council’s proven track record of kindness and support, promises to keep the BCC as a cornerstone of Burbank’s philanthropic landscape.

Yet, the call for volunteers remains open, with opportunities in fundraising and service crucial for sustaining the council’s mission. For more information on chairing a committee or volunteering, please attend the BCC’s next meeting on May 6 at Emmanuel Church, 438 E. Harvard Rd., Burbank, visit the Burbank Coordinating Council’s website, or email them at bcc.info1933@gmail.com. Your involvement might just be the deciding factor in preserving a legacy and sustaining a Burbank institution.