Family Fun: Circus Vargas Comes to Life Under the Big Top

Circus Vargas in Arcadia. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Circus Vargas has brought the big top to Arcadia for two hours of high-flying excitement and family fun now through September 26th. This California traveling circus puts on a performance like you have never seen before, and is a glimpse into the magical world of trapeze artists, contortionists, aerial flyers and more.

Circus Vargas in Arcadia. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Before construction and building projects, Circus Vargas always made a stop on their California tour in Burbank. They would set up off Front street and we were so lucky to have the circus coming right to us in our “backyard.” Without the space for the show, the circus has continued on and found a home in Arcadia for the next week. Right inside the Westfield Santa Anita parking lot of Arcadia, a blue and yellow big top with American flags flapping in the breeze can be seen.  Inside the walls of the tent is an entertainment experience you will never forget.  

Circus Vargas in Arcadia. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

There is nothing like a child’s first time at the circus; their eyes alight with amazement as they watch performers bend, fly and perform unbelievable acts of strength and balance.  I remember my first show like it was yesterday.  The smell of the popcorn, the smiles in the crowd, and the glimmering costumes adorned with sequins and jewels that caught the light so perfectly.  Since my kids were born, finding the traveling circus in California for a trip under the big top is a tradition that we look forward to every year.  No matter what is going on around us, our time at the circus makes us feel frozen in time.

This year’s storyline showcases a cast of international characters taking their talents on the road along the Circus Vargas Express train. The show highlights the fading art of circus performing and that Circus Vargas isn’t just a performance – it’s a way of life.  You can tell that everyone there is connected like a family. 

Circus Vargas in Arcadia. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Performers sell cotton candy and popcorn before the show and staff are there every step of the way to greet guests, help you find your seat, and aid the performers in their acts.  You can feel the love in the big top, and it shows in the trust these performers place in each other when in the ring. “We are like our own mini United-Nations here,” says Katya Quiroga co-owner and CEO of Circus Vargas. “Everyone will get a taste of the different countries represented and enjoy two hours of thrills and excitement. Like only Circus Vargas can bring! 

Saturday Watering
Circus Vargas in Arcadia. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

During the two hour show you will be holding your breath, covering your eyes, and your jaw will drop in amazement. Acts like the globe of death where a metal sphere cage hold three dirt bike riders speeding around in unison will have you on the edge of your seat. Watch amazing jugglers, silly clowns that engage with the audience, aerial acrobats that defy gravity and a beautiful contortionist who shows off her skills with a bow an arrow by using her feet!

After Arcadia, the big top is being packed up and moving to their final locations of the year: Palm Desert and Torrance.  If you don’t catch them in Arcadia, it is worth the drive to create the lasting memories with your family at the circus this year.  Evening shows are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with two shows on Fridays, and three on the weekends.  Come support these amazing artists who have traveled from all around the world to share their hard work and love of the circus with the communities of California.  For tickets visit


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