First of Two Community Gardens Opens in Burbank on Pass Avenue

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Community members gathered this past weekend to officially open the first Community Garden 1141 located at Pass Avenue.

Both the City of Burbank and the Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC) are partnering in the development of the two new Burbank Community Gardens. The second garden will be located at 1141 North Pass Avenue and 3705 Clark Avenue.

The partnership with the LACGC will establish appropriate guidelines and volunteer roles to successfully launch and operate the community gardens. The LACGC, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has extensive experience in developing community gardens throughout Los Angeles County. LACGC is now ready to use its experience towards helping Burbank develop, grow, and maintain healthy and vibrant community gardens.

Community Gardens create a space where people from every background can come together to share a love of gardening. Community Gardens transcend social barriers and are vibrant, cooperative spaces that build self-reliance, reduce poverty, mitigate global warming, provide safe recreational green spaces, and have proven to reduce neighborhood crime.


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