3 G Distillery

In the early days of Burbank there were a number of wineries here in town. They produced a number of local Wines.

3 G DistilleryHowever one of the little know producers of hard liquor in Burbank was The 3 G Distillery. They produced a number of interestingly named whiskeys for the local public and all around the Los Angeles area.

The distillery was located on Magnolia Blvd near Buena Vista.

One of the fun facts about the distillery is they claimed on all their labels that they had a patent on the contents.  However upon a search of the patent claims they 3 G folks never even applied for a patent.

Now they are gone but their bottles are very collectable and people all over the country have a couple in their collections.

3 G Distillery

3 G Distillery