Friedman Secures Crucial Funding for the Burbank Armenian Cultural Foundation’s Renovations


In a significant win for Burbank’s Armenian community, Assemblymember Laura Friedman has successfully secured $100,000 in funding aimed at long-sought renovations and upgrades for the Armenian Cultural Foundation (ACF) Burbank Beshir Mardirossian Youth Center.

Photo by Ross A. Benson

The Youth Center, which has been operational for a decade, has positioned itself as not just a staple in the Burbank community but as the central hub for the Armenian diaspora in the area. Despite its prominence, the Center has faced an ongoing challenge of constant renovations to its aging infrastructure. This generous financial boost is expected to conclude these necessary enhancements, allowing the facility to optimize its focus on year-round activities and programming.

The ACF Burbank Beshir Mardirossian Youth Center currently serves as the base for seven Armenian organizations, all of which immensely benefit from the resources, space, and programs it offers. With this infusion of funds, the Center is poised to strengthen its role, ensuring the Armenian legacy and culture remain vividly alive and thriving in Burbank.