Gatto Receives Legislator of the Year Award

Assemblyman Mike Gatto

Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) was presented with the Legislator of the Year Award Tuesday night from the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (CRNG), a not-for-profit group that represents renewable natural-gas producers throughout the country.  Renewable natural gas is an alternative, renewable energy, derived from the natural decomposition of waste from landfills and organic sources and is used to generate green electricity and clean transportation fuel.

“Mike Gatto is exactly the kind of legislator California needs right now,” said Harrison Clay, President of Clean Energy Renewable Fuels and founding board member of CRNG.  “He is a practical-problem solver who thinks about the long term. He is diligent, thorough and determined to do the right thing for California and its residents.”

The award was given to recognize Gatto’s work on renewable natural gas this year, including two bills he authored: AB 1900 and AB 2196. The bills helped to break down barriers to using this renewable fuel in California and helped clarify the fuel’s treatment under the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards, which require all utilities in California to buy renewable energy.   The legislation was widely hailed for helping to create an entirely new clean-energy industry in California, and bringing jobs and infrastructure improvements in the process.  The new biogas industry will also help reduce California’s reliance on foreign energy sources.

Todd Campbell, former Mayor of Burbank, lauded Gatto’s achievements: “Assemblyman Gatto’s acumen to find solutions that drive job growth, promote environmental protections, cut waste, and to protect the average ratepayer was once again demonstrated.  The passage of AB 1900 was vital to removing barriers to in-state biomethane production, a clean and cost-effective renewable resource for state power generation and transportation.  Assemblyman Gatto’s efforts will save California businesses and consumers tens of millions of dollars and help us meet climate-change goals 30 years ahead of schedule.”

The award was presented at CRNG’s annual Fuel, Power and Policy Conference in San Diego.