Get Out Of Town!: Parks BBQ

Parks BBQ in Los Angeles serves up excellent and high quality Korean BBQ. (Photo Courtesy Eyen Paredes)

Korean BBQ has long been popular in Los Angeles, and while we miss the days of Woo Lae Oak on Western Avenue, there have been plenty of stellar Korean restaurants to enjoy over the decades and throughout the Southland. One of our absolute favorites for quality, abundance and flavor is Parks BBQ on Vermont Avenue in K-town.

We enjoyed the premium Gal Bi, cut in a diamond pattern, along with a delicious selection of vegetables including mushrooms, asparagus, potato and zucchini. The meat was absolutely perfect, tender and with excellent flavor. All the vegetables tasted great. Our server handled all the placement and cooking of the meat and vegetables on the table’s center grill with skill and attention.

The banchan – a large array of side dishes, including a variety of pickled vegetables, macaroni salad and more – was fantastic and quickly replenished as needed, along with steamed rice for all at the table.

Of course, we washed down the amazing food with some crisp and refreshing soju, in addition to water. We found Parks BBQ’s Jap Chae to be quite excellent. The entire meal was fabulous.

Parks BBQ can be quite busy – advance reservations are highly suggested. It’s not a large place but service is attentive and friendly. Bathrooms are clean.

(Photo By Lisa Paredes)

The restaurant is located in an unassuming strip mall off Vermont Avenue – aren’t most of the best spots for amazing food located in such places? But that means parking can be a challenge – luckily valet service is available.

Parks BBQ is not an AYCE (All You Can Eat for an all-inclusive price) place – and it is not cheap. They serve excellent cuts of meat and a plethora of incredible Korean dishes to satisfy a wide variety of palates. Soups, noodles, dumplings, pancakes, fish, short rib, combo platters and a wide variety of soju and alcohol round out the menu.

For those who are looking to Get Out of Town for a great Korean meal, we suggest Parks BBQ in Koreatown.

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