Green Day Visits Run Out Groove Records During Listening Party To Everyone’s Surprise


On January 13th, Run Out Groove Records in Magnolia Park, Burbank, hosted a unique and unforgettable event. The local record store was one of over 200 worldwide to participate in a listening party for Green Day’s new album, “Saviors,” offering fans a special preview a week before its global release. However, the event’s highlight was the surprise appearance of members of the band Green Day themselves.

The iconic band was in Burbank for a music video shoot and chose to visit this “mom and pop” record store, bringing an unexpected thrill to the fans gathered there. Ellen Rehak, one of the store’s owners, expressed her astonishment: “The answer to the big question we get is no; we had no idea they were coming! There were people standing outside who actually saw them before [co-owner] Jeff and I realized they were in the store.”

The members of Green Day mingled with fans for over an hour, signing posters, older records, and even a few fans’ arms. According to store co-owner Jeff Ferguson, “One of the people who had their arm signed by the band ran right over to a tattoo parlor and had the autographs made permanent. He was first in the door on Friday to pick up his copy of the new album.”

This spontaneous visit by Green Day delighted fans and highlighted the unique charm and community spirit of local record stores like Run Out Groove Records. The event went beyond just a listening party; it became a memorable experience for everyone present, further cementing the store’s place in the local music scene.