Latest Crime Reports for Burbank – October 27 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

Residents of Burbank have been witnessing the following criminal incidents over the past three weeks. The Burbank Police Department provided the following information through Crimemapping.

Theft and Larceny:
One of the most consistent crimes appearing on the logs is theft. The incidents occurred in the following order:

  • On October 4 at 6:15 PM, a theft was reported at the 600 block of N Victory Bl.
  • Fast forward to October 23, another theft took place around 4:08 PM on the 200 block of N Valley St.
  • The following day, October 24, saw two thefts. One early in the morning at 11:05 AM on the 600 block of N Sixth St, and another in the evening around 5:19 PM on the 1300 block of N Victory Pl.
  • Two more thefts were reported on October 25: first at 9:29 AM on the 600 block of N Victory Bl and later at 7:09 PM on the 1600 block of N Victory Pl.

Vandalism cases were noted at two locations:

  • On October 23 at 9:00 AM at the intersection of N Third St and E Harvard Rd.
  • Shortly after on October 25 at 9:05 PM, another vandalism act was reported on the 1300 block of N Victory Pl.

A significant incident of assault was brought to light on October 24 at 5:19 PM, also at the 1300 block of N Victory Pl.

Drugs/Alcohol Violations:
Substance-related violations emerged as a consistent concern over the days:

  • On October 25, a series of such incidents happened, starting at 9:16 PM on the 1600 block of N Victory Pl. Two more quickly followed on the same evening: one at 10:34 PM at the intersection of Isabel St and N Victory Bl and another at 10:57 PM on the 700 block of N Front St.
  • Early hours of October 26 continued this trend, with a drug or alcohol violation reported at 3:20 AM on the 100 block of E Providencia Av.

A DUI incident interrupted the early morning calm of October 26 at 2:43 AM near the intersection of N Victory Bl and Isabel St.

On the 1300 block of N Victory Pl, residents were jolted awake by a weapons-related incident on October 26 at 6:36 AM, marking a disturbing escalation in the crime trends.

With this surge, Burbank residents are urged to remain alert and prioritize their safety. The Burbank Police, ramping up their efforts, are appealing to the community for any information or leads that can assist in their investigations.