Leadership Burbank Welcomes New Class of Leaders


Leadership Burbank’s Board of Directors welcomed a new class of leaders to its nine-month program in September. The class of 2023-2024 includes leaders from the entertainment industry, local government, and nonprofit organizations, as well as small business owners. Mary Alvord and Sue Georgino will facilitate their final year for this small, but innovative charity with a revised curriculum to respond to today’s leadership challenges.

Over the summer, Leadership Burbank’s Board of Directors continued its evolution to strategically plan, update the charity’s website, and provide programming that responds to Burbank’s current needs. Jamie Keyser Thomas, CEO of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, will serve as this year’s Board Liaison mentoring the class members throughout the program. A key advantage of the program is the access it provides to better understand the city’s government, the behind-the-scenes tours of the city’s regional airport and entertainment industries, its school district, and the many charities that serve the community.

In their fourteenth year of facilitating the program, Sue and Mary continue to advance the program curriculum with new presentations and relevant topics in solving leadership issues such as conflict resolution, rapid change management, and social justice. They will also provide guidance to the Board of Directors as they begin to make the transition to identify and plan for new facilitators to lead this prestigious program into a new era.

For over twenty-five years, Leadership Burbank has supported new leaders in Burbank and hosted class projects that have generated more than half a million in goods and services that have benefited all corners of Burbank. With more than 500 alumni serving as local leaders in government, Boards and Commissions, and nonprofit volunteer services, Leadership Burbank’s Board of Directors also plan to engage their alumni hosting small private receptions with its Legacy and Business Challenge members. 

In a joint statement, Mary Alvord and Sue Georgino shared, “Leadership Burbank is one of the important small charities in Burbank. As an integrated fabric of the City’s landscape, Leadership Burbank helps future leaders to assess their value driven leadership styles, provides incredible access to Burbank’s current civic and community leaders, and benefits the city with its famed class projects. We are grateful to the Board of Directors for the opportunity to lead the program these last fourteen years and we look forward to welcoming the next facilitators to continue the legacy of this vibrant charity.”

Karen Volpei, Chair of Leadership Burbank’s Board of Directors, stated, “Our Board of Directors are thrilled to welcome the next class of Leadership Burbank. Sue and Mary have carefully led our program and we are tremendously grateful for their leadership, vision, and mentorship over the last fourteen years. Our small charity will continue to innovate, as we always have, responding to today’s leadership issues. We welcome the support of our esteemed alumni, donors, and volunteers in this next transition.”

To welcome the new class, donate to Leadership Burbank and become more involved, visit the LB website at  www.LeadershipBurbank.org