Led Lighting Installed at Bell-Jeff High


Bellarmine-Jefferson High School has begun the “Ultimate Classroom Project” to transform the lives of students in their classrooms. The first step in the execution of this project includes upgrading all learning environments with LED lighting.

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Through the gifts of generous donors—including a $25,000 sponsorship from actress and 1949 alumni Angie Dickinson—Bellarmine-Jefferson High School has installed LED lighting in six classrooms and two administrative offices with more to come. The long-term benefits also include higher efficiency and considerable cost savings. In partnership with Go Green, the school is beginning to create an environment that is less harmful for learning.

According to a study conducted by Mark Winterbottom of Cambridge University and Arnold Wilkins of the University of Essex, research concluded that the traditional 100 Hz fluorescent lighting in average classrooms create an “imperceptible flicker that can cause visual discomfort and make it more difficult to read accurately.”

“The support of our generous alumni donors, including Ms. Angie Dickinson, will allow Bellarmine-Jefferson High School the opportunity to provide truly state-of-the-art learning environments for students,” said Principal Mr. Michael Stumpf. “Flexible payment options and work scheduling in partnership with Go Green Solutions has allowed our school to begin the Ultimate Classroom Project with very little disruption to our students and faculty. We are truly grateful to Go Green Solutions for their support throughout this process.”

For more information about how you can contribute to Bellarmine-Jefferson High School’s Ultimate Classroom Project, please contact Renee Rodriguez, Director of Development, at (818) 333-5539 or rrodriguez@bell-jeff.net.

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