Legendary Joyce Rudolph Joins Staff of BurbankNBeyond

Joyce Rudolph and Burbank Councilman Gary Bric, who also owns The Ramp, are both lifelong Burbank residents (Photo by Ross A. Benson)
Joyce Rudolph

BurbankNBeyond is extremely happy to welcome Joyce Rudolph to our staff.  She now becomes the fifth member of the staff who was born and grew up in Burbank, giving BurbankNBeyond readers what they want most – local people who know Burbank.

Besides being born and raised in Burbank, Joyce graduated from Burbank High School, Class of 1973. She started at the Burbank Daily Review in 1975 while taking journalism classes at Valley College. She became features editor the summer after graduating from Cal State Northridge in 1978.

She wrote profiles about celebrities — Ron Howard and Debbie Reynolds–and community volunteers, as well as covered the major society events, like charity dinners and debutante balls.

Joyce remained a constant while the faces of editors changed and the paper evolved to twice a week and was tagged with a new name- Burbank Leader. In the 1980s she served as managing editor of the North Hollywood Weekly Review, a sub-product in the chain; was anchor of The Leader News Show on Sammons Public Access Cable Channel; and won first place in Lifestyle coverage for the Burbank Leader from the California Newspaper Publishers Assn.

Joyce Rudolph and Burbank Councilman Gary Bric, who also owns The Ramp, are both lifelong Burbank residents (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

She transferred to the Glendale News-Press in 1995 and remained features editor of both newspapers but added entertainment to her section, which continued to take home awards from CNPA. She retired in July 2011 and continues to write, publicize and volunteer for nonprofit agencies.

She had two major exclusives in her career. One was a commentary on the Women’s Council of Burbank failing to choose a Woman of the Year despite the high calibre women nominated, just because of an antiquated rule in the bylaws. The other was a news story on members of the Burbank Symphony who separated and started the Burbank Chamber Orchestra.

You will not only see Joyce’s stories, but she will start a new column, “Burbank’s Buzz”, which will feature all the things that make Burbank special.  You will also see Joyce as she hosts some of our video events also.

If you have a story idea for Joyce or just want to say HI, you can contact her at jrudolph@burbanknbeyond.com



  1. Really looking forward to some
    good stories about our fair city.
    You’re the one who will be
    there for us all….
    We can always count on you Joyce!
    Chris Patterson

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