Letter to the Editor: Community Member Endorses Candidate


Letter to the Editor:

I’ve lived in Burbank for more than 20 years and deeply value the strong sense of community here as well as the countless ways in which citizens and organizations work together to make our city a wonderful place to live.

City Council Candidate Tamala Takahashi moved to Burbank in July of 1999 (the same month as my family!) and shares my love of our beautiful city. She is a committed community advocate who loves to “connect the dots.” I have witnessed her in numerous board and committee meetings, where she’d hear of a challenge and then connect the people who can help solve it. She understands how various components of our city work in unison to make the Burbank ecosystem thrive and is committed to figuring our how we can do even better, especially as we navigate current and post-pandemic challenges. Tamala is running an informed, compassionate, and focused grassroots campaign.

Her weekly newsletter is full of useful information about upcoming meetings and events, answers to citizen concerns and information on ways in which community members can get involved or get support. This is a valuable resource that Tamala plans to continue to utilize to inform fellow Burbank citizens as a member of the City Council. If you want a sensible, practical, capable leader who believes in the value of good management, good governance and open communication, please join me in voting for Tamala Takahashi for Burbank City Council.


Suzanne Weerts