Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants to Stop the False Narrative on Police


Letter to the Editor:

A recent letter by Jaime Padilla relayed his recent experiences with a neighbor, who, rather than speak to him directly about music in his backyard, chose to call the Police instead. I agree with Mr. Padilla’s sentiments. Unfortunately, far too often, people call the Police rather than knock on their neighbor’s door and ask them to turn the music down.

I do have to take issue with one of his comments, however. In his letter, he wrote, “But what’s most disturbing about this is how anybody in the year 2021 could disregard what we all know all too well now; inappropriately and unnecessarily involving Police can lead to very bad outcomes—especially for POC (which most everyone at my small gathering was). That was what was most disturbing? Not his neighbor calling the Police, but his worry that once the cops showed up and saw non-white faces, violence would ensue? For him to suggest that a member of the Burbank Police Department would somehow be anything less than professional on a noise complaint call is absolute baloney (I prefer another term, but this is a family news outlet). In this City, if you call the Police, they will come. Barking dogs, noisy neighbors, thefts, Shootings, Rapes, Murders…. All of it. The great thing about our cops is that they are professional, well trained, and have no problems adjusting their temperaments to match the situation. I am sure the encounter between Mr. Padilla and the Police was brief, and they told him one of his neighbors complained about the noise, and then they left.

Crime is increasing in Burbank, especially property crimes. I would far rather our cops be out looking for the guy trying to steal the catalytic converter off of my neighbors Prius than handling this kind of crap. However, the cops don’t have any choice in the matter. You call, they come.

It is time that we stop with the false narrative that you have to be afraid of the Police. You don’t. In my experience, if you treat them with a small amount of courtesy, your interaction with them will be brief and polite.

I don’t work for the Police Department, but I have lived here for my entire life.


Robert Carlborg



Editor’s Note – The headline of this letter was changed after first publishing it to better describe the tone of the letter


    1. The original letter (not above, the one it references) came across to me as from a total loser who doesn’t give a rats-ass about his neighbors, I’m a home-owner in Burbank and if a neighbor pisses me off with a late night pool party or such, what do I do? I call the Police as that’s their job to handle BS like this. I ususally let stuff go but obviously you are loud AF and need a knock down (oh, the quality of my music was exceptional and only the worlds greatest musicians came….barf). I so wanted to slap your face when I read your post.

      Now, as for this message – I disagree – call the Police, that’s their job. It allows avoidance of confrontations. As for the message? There was no narrative….the original poster is just an inconsiderate ass.

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