Little Free Pantries Popping Up Around Town


Burbank is home to many Little Free Libraries- those cute wooden boxes that you’ll find on people’s front yards to provide the community with “take a book, return a book” book exchanges. They come in all shapes and sizes, with unique personal touches, and they are popping up all over our city, including along the Chandler Bike Path.

While the success of these Little Free libraries has taken off, there is a new community exchange system that is starting to pop up in our city: The Little Free Pantry.

Burbank resident, Adam Karell created the recent Little Free Pantry which is located out front of the Little White Chapel on the corner of Avon and Jeffries.  Last year for his wife, Monica’s birthday they installed a Little Free Library in front of their home and it became a huge hit within their neighborhood, easily exchanging over a hundred books. Monica was so inspired by the success of the library that she expressed interest in making a Little Free Pantry.

In an effort to surprise his wife for her birthday, Adam contacted the Little White Chapel to see if they would house the pantry and they agreed.  He began planning and building the pantry in his garage and the day before her birthday, he installed it while she was away at work.

Adam surprised his wife on her birthday and drove her by the Little Free Pantry which they then excitedly stocked with supplies. The Pantry holds non-perishable foods, toiletries, school supplies, and paper goods and is open for anyone to give and take items from.

“We hope, no matter how small, that it can make a difference for our community and we want to teach our daughter the importance of charity and helping those who need help,” said Karell.

The Little Free Pantry is located at 1711 N Avon st. and located on the Jeffries side of the chapel.  There is also another Little Free Pantry in Burbank located at South Hills Church, 222 S. Victory Blvd.