Local Gym Hosts Backlot Throwdown

Competitors tested their strength in five events at High Voltage Fitness.


High Voltage Fitness hosted the Backlot Throwdown Saturday.

Male and Female Athletes competed in five events – clean and press away for max reps, sandbag sled medley for time, farmer carry for time, car deadlift or frame deadlift and four stone series for time.

“There has never been a strongman presence in the valley. I usually have to go up to Thousand Oaks or in Downtown L.A. It is really nice to see other gyms opening up to the concept of strongman. Even though everyone is competing against one another, they cheer each other on.

They want everyone to do their best and it is one of the things I love about it,” said Geoff Bisente, who served as the master of ceremonies for the competition and has been a competitor in the past.

Local realtor MJ Barnett organized the event.

“This is my first show that I have ran as a promoter. We had a lot of good people and the volunteers were amazing,” Barnett said.

See this link for the results to the competition. Iron Podium