Muir Around The World Day Jousts With History

By On March 19, 2018

Seventh-grade students at John Muir Middle School were immersed in Medieval-era history during the school’s annual Around The World Day on Friday, March 16.

As part of the curriculum for Social Studies, the students have studied cultures and histories from throughout the world during the Middle Ages, roughly the historical time period from the fifth century to fifteenth century of the Common Era.

around the world day

(From left to right) Jousters Anthony Parvino and Bryce Abernathy in blue. (Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The European Medieval era is book-ended by the fall of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Renaissance culture in the early 1400s.

“This day is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the societies we’ve studied,” commented Social Studies teacher Shelly Burish.

“It is a cultural appreciation day that includes a Peruvian musical ensemble, Taiko drumming, a swordplay performance, speakers, Nigerian drummers and a jousting event with horses and Medieval knights.”

Students spend the entire school day with hands-on activities connected to the Medieval time period.