“myBurbank CUP” Presented by Trophy King & Gifts

myBurbank Trophy-3582

myBurbank CUP

“In Spirit of Cross-Town Competition and the Pursuit of Athletic Excellence”


Fall Sports: Burroughs 29 Burbank 27

Winter Sports: Burroughs 26 Burbank 3

Spring Sports: Burroughs 31 Burbank 25

FINAL SCOREBurroughs 86 Burbank 55

(Results for the 2018 – 2019 school year are listed below)


Fall Sports: Burroughs 37 Burbank 26

Winter Sports: Burroughs 23 Burbank 4

Spring Sports: Burroughs 36 Burbank 19

FINAL SCOREBurroughs 96 Burbank 49

(Results for the 2017 – 2018 school year are listed below)


Fall Sports: Burroughs 42 Burbank 19

Winter Sports: Burbank 20 Burroughs 17

Spring Sports: Burroughs 27 Burbank 22

FINAL SCOREBurroughs 86 Burbank 61

(Results for the 2016 – 2017 school year are listed below)


Fall Sports: Burroughs 58 Burbank 6

Winter Sports: Burroughs 25 Burbank 9

Spring Sports: Burroughs 62 Burbank 18

FINAL SCORE:  Burroughs 145 Burbank 33

(Results for the 2015 – 2016 school year are listed below)


Fall Sports: Burbank 32 Burroughs 30

Winter Sports: Burroughs 20 Burbank 8

Spring Sports: Burroughs 46 Burbank 16

FINAL SCORE:  Burroughs 96 Burbank 56

(Results for the 2014 – 2015 school year are listed below)


Fall Sports: Burbank 35 Burroughs 12

Winter Sports: Burroughs 26 Burbank 6

Spring Sports: Burroughs 41 Burbank 15

FINAL SCORE:  Burroughs 79 Burbank 56

(Results for the 2013 – 2014 school year are listed below)

myBurbank Trophy-3585The “myBurbank CUP” presented by Trophy King & Gifts will be presented in June of each year to the athletic department of either Burbank or Burroughs High School. The trophy will remain at the school until the winner is decided the following year and so forth.

The winner between Burbank and Burroughs will be determined by the accumulation of points based on head-to-head varsity competition and athletic achievement (league title, playoffs) during the school year.

The breakdown of points is as follows:

NOTE: this pertains only to team competition and not individual competition

Head-to-head victory

1 point (sports that play more than once)

2 points (sports that play each other once)

Season sweep

1 point (sports that play more than once)

myBurbank Trophy-3579League title–                                    4 points

Undefeated league title–         5 points

Playoff appearance–                   1 point

Win first playoff contest–      2 points

Win two playoff contests–     3 points

Win three playoff contests–  5 points

Win four playoff contests–     7 points

Win four contests & CIF Championship

8 points

Win five contests & CIF Championship

10 points

State appearance–                       2 points

Win one state contest–            4 points

Win two state contests–           6 points

Win three state contests       8 points

Win So Cal Regional–                 10 points

Win State Championship–      12 points

(The playoff points are not an accumulation of points but rather how far the team advanced)

myBurbank Trophy-3584We would like to thank Burbank’s own Trophy King & Gifts located at 1509 W. Magnolia Blvd. They helped create and design this incredible trophy that will be kept each year at the winning high school. Please visit at http://burbanktrophies.com or call at (818) 848-3566.

The trophy features a base where each year Trophy King will inscribe the winner of that year’s competition in either blue for Burbank or red for Burroughs.

On top of the base are beautiful acrylic pieces that feature the logos of both Burbank and Burroughs High School.

The top of the trophy features a stunning silver cup that will stand out in the trophy case for the winning high school.



2018-2019 results:

“myBurbank CUP”
Girls Golf Aug. 28Burroughs1 (1-0 JB) Girls GolfSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 5Burroughs1 (2-0 JB) Girls TennisSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 12Burroughs1 (3-0 JB) Girls VballSWEEP1 
Girls TennisSept. 18Burbank1 (3-1 JB) X-CountrybSWEEP1 
Girls VballSept. 18Burroughs1 (4-1 JB) X-CountrygSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 18Burroughs1 (5-1 JB) Girls VballLeague Title4 
X-CountrySept. 20Burbankb1 (5-2 JB) X-CountrygLeague Title5 
X-CountrySept. 20Burbankg1 (5-3 JB) Girls GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf Sept. 25Burroughs1 (6-3 JB) Girls TennisPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf Oct. 4Burroughs1 (7-3 JB) Girls VballPlayoff wins3 
Girls VballOct. 11Burroughs1 (8-3 JB) Girls VballPlayoffs1 
X-CountryOct. 11Burbankb1 (8-4 JB) Boys WpoloPlayoff win2 
X-CountryOct. 11Burbankg1 (8-5 JB) X-CountrybCIF Prelims1 
Girls TennisOct. 16Burbank1 (8-6 JB) X-CountrybCIF Prelims1 
Boys WpoloOct. 18Burroughs2 (10-6 JB) X-CountrygCIF Finals5 
Boys WpoloOct. 23Burroughs1 (11-6 JB) X-CountrygCIF Finals5 
FootballOct. 26Burbank2 (11-8 JB) FootballPlayoffs1 
X-CountryNov. 1Burbankb1 (11-9 JB) PostseasonBurroughs18-17 
X-CountryNov. 1Burbankg1 (11-10 JB) End of FallBurroughs29-27 
FALL headtoheadBurroughs11-10 JBHS OverallBurroughs29-27 
  Girls BballSWEEP1 
Girls WpoloDec. 12Burbank1 (11-11) Boys SoccerSWEEP1 
Boys BballJan. 11Burroughs1 (12-11 JB) Girls SoccerSWEEP1 
Girls BballJan. 11Burroughs1 (13-11 JB) Boys SoccerLeague Title4 
Boys SoccerJnn. 11Burroughs1 (14-11 JB) Girls SoccerLeague Title4 
Girls SoccerJan. 11Burroughs1 (15-11 JB) Girls WpoloPlayoffs1 
Girls WpoloJan. 23Burroughs2 (17-11 JB) Boys BballPlayoffs1 
Boys BballJan. 31Burbank1 (17-12 JB) Girls BballPlayoffs1 
Girls BballJan. 31Burroughs1 (18-12 JB) Boys SoccerPlayoff win2 
Boys SoccerJan. 31Burroughs1 (19-12 JB) Girls SoccerPlayoff win2 
Girls SoccerJan. 31Burroughs1 (20-12 JB) PostseasonBurroughs17-1 
WINTERheadtoheadBurroughs9-2 JBHS End of WinterBurroughs26-3 
Boys Golf28-FebBurroughs1 (21-12 JB) Boys GolfSWEEP1 
Boys Tennis12-MarBurbank1 (21-13 JB) Boys TennisSWEEP1 
Boys Golf14-MarBurroughs1 (22-13 JB) Boys VballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf21-MarBurroughs1 (23-13 JB) SoftballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf28-MarBurroughs1 (24-13 JB) BaseballSWEEP1 
Boys Vball29-MarBurroughs1 (25-13 JB) Boys VballLeague Title4 
Softball29-MarBurroughs1 (26-13 JB) Boys TrackLeague Title4 
Boys Golf4-AprBurroughs1 (27-13 JB) Boys GolfPlayoffs1 
Boys Track11-AprBurbank2 (27-15 JB) Boys GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls Track11-AprBurbank2 (27-17 JB) Boys TennisPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf11-AprBurroughs1 (28-17 JB) Boys TennisPlayoff win2 
Boys Swim18-AprBurbank2 (28-19 JB) Boys VballPlayoff win2 
Girls Swim18-AprBurroughs2 (30-19 JB) Boys VballPlayoffs1 
Boys Tennis18-AprBurbank1 (30-20 JB) SoftballPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf18-AprBurroughs1 (31-20 JB) SoftballPlayoffs1 
Boys Vball23-AprBurroughs1 (32-20 JB) BaseballPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf23-AprBurroughs1 (33-20 JB) Boys SwimCIF Finals1 
Baseball23-AprBurbank1 (33-21 JB) Girls SwimCIF Finals1 
Softball25-AprBurroughs1 (34-21 JB) Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
Baseball26-AprBurbank1 (34-22 JB) Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
SPRINGheadtoheadBurroughs14-10 JBHS Girls SwimState2 
     Girls Track State2 
     End of SpringBurroughs31-25 

2017-2018 results:

Girls Golf Sept. 6Burroughs1 (1-0 JB) Girls GolfSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 13Burroughs1 (2-0 JB) Girls TennisSWEEP1 
Girls TennisSept. 19Burbank1 (2-1 JB) Girls VballSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 20Burroughs1 (3-1 JB) X-CountrybSWEEP1 
X-CountrySept. 21Burroughsb1 (4-1 JB) Girls VballLeague Title4 
X-CountrySept. 21Burbankg1 (4-2 JB) Boys WpoloLeague Title4 
Girls Golf Sept. 27Burroughs1 (5-2 JB) FootballLeague Title5 
Girls VballSept. 28Burroughs1 (6-2 JB) Girls GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf Oct. 4Burroughs1 (7-2 JB) Girls TennisPlayoff wins5 
Girls TennisOct. 10Burbank1 (7-3 JB) Girls VballPlayoff wins3 
X-CountryOct. 12Burroughsb1 (8-3 JB) Girls VballPlayoffs1 
X-CountryOct. 12Burroughsg1 (9-3 JB) Boys WpoloPlayoff win2 
Boys WpoloOct. 18Burroughs2 (11-3 JB) X-CountrybCIF Finals5 
Girls VballOct. 24Burroughs1 (12-3 JB) X-CountrybCIF Prelims1 
X-CountryNov. 2Burroughsb1 (13-3 JB) X-CountrygCIF Prelims1 
X-CountryNov. 2Burroughsg1 (14-3 JB) X-CountrygCIF Finals5 
FootballNov. 3Burbank2 (14-5 JB) FootballPlayoff wins3 
FALL headtoheadBurroughs14-5 JBHS PostseasonBurroughs23-21 
  End of FallBurroughs37-26 
Girls WpoloJan. 11Burroughs2 (16-5 JB) OverallBurroughs37-26 
Boys BballJan. 19Burbank1 (16-6 JB) Boys BballSWEEP1 
Girls BballJan. 19Burroughs1 (17-6 JB) Girls BballSWEEP1 
Boys SoccerJan. 24Burroughs1 (18-6 JB) Boys SoccerSWEEP1 
Girls SoccerJan. 24Burroughs1 (19-6 JB) Girls SoccerSWEEP1 
Boys BballFeb. 8Burbank1 (19-7 JB) Girls BballLeague Title4 
Girls BballFeb. 8Burroughs1 (20-7 JB) Boys BballPlayoffs1 
Boys SoccerFeb. 8Burroughs1 (21-7 JB) Girls BballPlayoff wins2 
Girls SoccerFeb. 8Burroughs1 (22-7 JB) Boys SoccerPlayoffs1 
WINTERheadtoheadBurroughs8-2 JBHS Girls SoccerPlayoff wins2 
     Girls WpoloPlayoff wins3 
Boys Golf1-MarBurroughs1 (23-7 JB) PostseasonBurroughs15-2 
Boys Golf8-MarBurroughs1 (24-7 JB) End of WintBurroughs23-4 
Boys Golf15-MarBurroughs1 (25-7 JB) OverallBurroughs60-30 
Boys Golf22-MarBurroughs1 (26-7 JB) Boys GolfSWEEP1 
Boys Tennis27-MarBurbank1 (26-8 JB) Boys TennisSWEEP1 
Boys Vball30-MarBurroughs1 (27-8 JB) Boys VballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf12-AprBurroughs1 (28-8 JB) Boys VballLeague Title5 
Softball12-AprBurroughs1 (29-8 JB) Boys TrackLeague Title5 
Boys Track19-AprBurbank2 (29-10 JB) Boys GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls Track19-AprBurroughs2 (31-10 JB) Boys Tennis Playoff wins3 
Boys Golf19-AprBurroughs1 (32-10 JB) Boys TennisPlayoffs1 
Boys Swim25-AprBurbank2 (32-12 JB) Boys VballPlayoff win2 
Girls Swim25-AprBurroughs2 (34-12 JB) Boys VballPlayoffs1 
Boys Tennis26-AprBurbank1 (34-13 JB) BaseballPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf26-AprBurroughs1 (35-13 JB) Softball Playoff win2 
Boys Vball26-AprBurroughs1 (36-13 JB) Softball Playoffs1 
Boys Golf1-MayBurroughs1 (37-13 JB) Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
Baseball8-MayBurroughs1 (38-13 JB) Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
Softball10-MayBurbank1 (38-14 JB) Boys TrackState2 
Baseball11-MayBurbank1 (38-15 JB) Girls TrackState2 
SPRINGheadtoheadBurroughs16-8 JBHS PostseasonBurroughs20-11 

2016-2017 results:

“myBurbank CUP”
Girls Golf Aug. 31Burroughs1 (1-0 JB) Girls GolfSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 7Burroughs1 (2-0 JB) Girls TennisSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 14Burroughs1 (3-0 JB) X-CountrybSWEEP1 
Girls TennisSept. 15Burbank1 (3-1 JB) X-CountrygSWEEP1 
Girls Golf Sept. 21Burroughs1 (4-1 JB) Girls VballSWEEP1 
X-CountrySept. 22Burroughsb1 (5-1 JB) X-CountrybLeague Title4 
X-CountrySept. 22Burbankg1 (5-2 JB) Girls GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf Sept. 28Burroughs1 (6-2 JB) Girls TennisPlayoff win2 
Girls Golf Oct. 5Burroughs1 (7-2 JB) Girls TennisPlayoff win2 
Girls TennisOct. 11Burbank1 (7-3 JB) Girls VballPlayoff wins3 
Girls VballOct. 12Burroughs1 (8-3 JB) Girls VballPlayoffs1 
X-CountryOct. 13Burroughsb1 (9-3 JB) X-CountrybCIF Finals5 
X-CountryOct. 13Burbankg1 (9-4 JB) X-CountrygCIF Prelims1 
Boys WpoloOct. 26Burroughs2 (11-4 JB) X-CountrybCIF Prelims1 
Girls VballOct. 27Burroughs1 (12-4 JB) X-CountrygCIF Prelims1 
X-CountryNov. 3Burroughsb1 (13-4 JB) FootballPlayoff wins5 
X-CountryNov. 3Burbankg1 (13-5 JB) Boys WpoloCIF Title10 
FootballNov. 4Burbank2 (13-7 JB) PostseasonBurroughs29-12 
FALL headtoheadBurroughs13-7 JBHS End of FallBurroughs42-19 
Girls WpoloJan. 12Burroughs2 (15-7 JB) Boys BballSWEEP1 
Boys BballJan. 20Burbank1 (15-8 JB) Boys SoccerSWEEP1 
Girls BballJan. 20Burbank1 (15-9 JB) Boys SoccerLeague Title4 
Boys SoccerJan. 25Burroughs1 (16-9 JB) Girls WpoloPlayoffs1 
Girls SoccerJan. 25Burbank1 (16-10 JB) Boys SoccerPlayoff wins3 
Boys BballFeb. 9Burbank1 (16-11 JB) Girls SoccerPlayoffs1 
Girls BballFeb. 9Burroughs1 (17-11 JB) Girls SoccerPlayoff win2 
Boys SoccerFeb. 9Burroughs1 (18-11 JB) Boys BballPlayoffs1 
Girls SoccerFeb. 9TIE0 (18-11 JB) Boys BballPlayoff wins13 
WINTERheadtoheadBurroughs5-4 JBHS Girls BballPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf2-MarBurbank1 (18-12 JB) End of WintBurbank20-17 
Boys Golf9-MarBurbank1 (18-13 JB) OverallBurroughs59-39 
Boys Tennis28-MarBurbank1 (18-14 JB) Boys VballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf30-MarBurbank1 (18-15 JB) Boys TennisSWEEP1 
Boys Golf5-AprBurbank1 (18-16 JB) Boys VballLeague Title5 
Boys Golf13-AprBurroughs1 (19-16 JB) SoftballLeague Title4 
Boys Vball14-AprBurroughs1 (20-16 JB) Boys VballPlayoff win2 
Boys Track19-AprBurbank2 (20-18 JB) Boys VballPlayoffs1 
Girls Track19-AprBurbank2 (20-20) SoftballPlayoffs1 
Softball19-AprBurbank1 (21-20 B) BaseballPlayoff win2 
Boys Golf20-AprBurbank1 (22-20 B) BaseballPlayoffs1 
Boys Swim25-AprBurbank2 (24-20 B) Boys TennisPlayoff win2 
Girls Swim25-AprBurroughs2 (24-22 B) Girls SwimCIF Finals1 
Boys Tennis27-AprBurbank1 (25-22 B) Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
Boys Golf27-AprBurroughs1 (25-23 B) Girls TrackCIF FInals1 
Boys Vball2-MayBurroughs1 (25-24 B) Boys TrackState2 
Boys Golf2-MayBurroughs1 (25-25) PostseasonBurroughs18-7 
Baseball9-MayBurbank1 (26-25 B) EndofSpringBurroughs27-22 
Softball11-MayBurroughs1 (26-26) OverallBurroughs86-61 
Baseball12-MayBurroughs1 (27-26 JB)     
SPRINGheadtoheadBurbank15-9 BHS     

2015-2016 results:

“myBurbank CUP”
Girls GolfSept. 2Burroughs1 (1-0 JB) Girls GolfSWEEP1 
Girls GolfSept. 9Burroughs1 (2-0 JB) Girls TennisSWEEP1 
Girls GolfSept. 16Burroughs1 (3-0 JB) X-CountrybSWEEP1 
Girls TennisSept. 17Burbank1 (3-1 JB) X-CountrygSWEEP1 
Girls GolfSept. 23Burroughs1 (4-1 JB) Girls VballSWEEP1 
X-CountrySept. 24Burroughsb1 (5-1 JB) X-CountrybLeague Title4 
X-CountrySept. 24Burroughsg1 (6-1 JB) Girls VballLeague Title5 
Girls GolfSept. 30Burroughs1 (7-1 JB) FootballLeague Title5 
Girls GolfOct. 7Burroughs1 (8-1 JB) Girls GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls TennisOct. 8Burbank1 (8-2 JB) Girls TennisPlayoffs1 
Girls VballOct. 8Burroughs1 (9-2 JB) Girls TennisPlayoff win2 
X-CountryOct. 15Burroughsb1 (10-2 JB) Boys WpoloPlayoff win2 
X-CountryOct. 15Burroughsg1 (11-2 JB) Girls VballPlayoff wins3 
Boys WpoloOct. 28Burroughs2 (13-2 JB) Girls VballPlayoffs1 
Girls VballNov. 3Burroughs1 (14-2 JB) FootballPlayoff win2 
X-CountryNov. 4Burroughsb1 (15-2 JB) FootballPlayoffs1 
X-CountryNov. 4Burroughsg1 (16-2 JB) X-CountrybCIF Finals5 
FootballNov. 6Burroughs2 (18-2 JB) X-CountrygCIF Finals5 
FALLheadtoheadBurroughs18-2 JBHS X-CountrybState2 
Girls WpoloJan. 12Burroughs2 (20-2 JB) End of FallBurroughs58-6 
Boys BballJan. 22Burroughs1 (21-2 JB) OverallBurroughs58-6 
Girls BballJan. 22Burroughs1 (22-2 JB) Girls BballSweep1 
Boys SoccerJan. 22Burbank1 (22-3 JB) Girls BballLeague Title5 
Girls SoccerJan. 22Burbank1 (22-4 JB) Girls BballPlayoff Wins5 
Boys BballFeb. 11Burbank1 (22-5 JB) Girls BballPlayoffs1 
Girls BballFeb. 11Burroughs1 (23-5 JB) Boys BballPlayoff Wins5 
Boys SoccerFeb. 11Burroughs1 (24-5 JB) Boys BballPlayoff Wins3 
Girls SoccerFeb. 11TIE0 (24-5 JB) Girls SoccerPlayoffs1 
WINTERheadtoheadBurroughs6-3 JBHS Girls SoccerPlayoff Wins2 
     Boys SoccerPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf16-MarBurroughs1 (25-5 JB) Girls WpoloPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf23-MarBurroughs1 (26-5 JB) PostseasonBurroughs19-6 
Boys Golf30-MarBurroughs1 (27-5 JB) End of WinterBurroughs25-9 
Boys Tennis31-MarBurbank1 (27-6 JB) OverallBurroughs83-15 
Boys Vball1-AprBurroughs1 (28-6 JB) Boys GolfSWEEP1 
Boys Golf6-AprBurroughs1 (29-6 JB) Boys VballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf13-AprBurroughs1 (30-6 JB) SoftballSWEEP1 
Boys Track20-AprBurbank2 (30-8 JB) BaseballSWEEP1 
Girls Track20-AprBurbank2 (30-10 JB) Boys TrackLeague Title5 
Boys Golf20-AprBurroughs1 (31-10 JB) Boys VballLeague Title5 
Boys Golf27-AprBurroughs1 (32-10 JB) SoftballLeague Title5 
Boys Swim27-AprBurbank2 (32-12 JB) BaseballLeague Title4 
Girls Swim27-AprBurroughs2 (34-12 JB) Boys GolfPlayoffs1 
Boys Tennis28-AprBurroughs1 (35-12 JB) Boys TennisPlayoffs1 
Boys Vball28-AprBurroughs1 (36-12 JB) Boys TennisPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf3-MayBurroughs1 (37-12 JB) BaseballPlayoffs1 
Softball9-MayBurroughs1 (38-12 JB) BaseballPlayoffs1 
Baseball10-MayBurroughs1 (39-12 JB) SoftballPlayoff wins5 
Softball11-MayBurroughs1 (40-12 JB) SoftballPlayoffs1 
Baseball13-MayBurroughs1 (41-12 JB) Boys VballPlayoff wins7 
SPRINGheadtoheadBurroughs17-7 JBHS Boys VballPlayoffs1 
     Boys VballState8 
     Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
     Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
     Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
     Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
     Girls TrackState2 
     End of SpringBurroughs62-18 

2014-2015 results:

“myBurbank CUP”
Girls Golf3-SepBurroughs1 (1-0 JB) Girls GolfSWEEP1 
Girls Golf10-SepBurroughs1 (2-0 JB) Girls TennisSWEEP1 
Girls Golf17-SepBurroughs1 (3-0 JB) X-CountrybSWEEP1 
Girls Tennis18-SepBurbank1 (3-1 JB) X-CountrygSWEEP1 
Girls Golf24-SepBurroughs1 (4-1 JB) Girls VballSWEEP1 
Girls Golf1-OctBurroughs1 (5-1 JB) X-CountrybLeague Title5 
X-Country2-OctBurroughsb1 (6-1 JB) X-CountrygLeague Title4 
X-Country2-OctBurbankg1 (6-2 JB) Girls TennisPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf8-OctBurroughs1 (7-2 JB) Boys WpoloPlayoff win2 
Girls Tennis9-OctBurbank1 (7-3 JB) FootballPlayoff win2 
Girls Vball9-OctBurbank1 (7-4 JB) Girls VballPlayoffs1 
X-Country16-OctBurroughsb1 (8-4 JB) Girls VballPlayoff wins3 
X-Country16-OctBurbankg1 (8-5 JB) X-CountrygCIF Finals5 
Boys Wpolo29-OctBurbank2 (8-7 JB) X-CountrybCIF Prelims1 
Girls Vball4-NovBurbank1 (8-8) X-CountrygCIF Prelims1 
X-Country6-NovBurroughsb1 (9-8 JB) X-CountrybCIF Title10 
X-Country6-NovBurbankg1 (9-9) X-CountrybState2 
Football7-NovBurbank2 (11-9 BHS) PostseasonTied21-21 
FALLheadtoheadBurbank11-9 BHS End of FallBurbank32-30 
Girls Wpolo13-JanBurroughs2 (11-11) Girls BballSWEEP1 
Boys Bball23-JanBurroughs1 (12-11 JB) Girls SoccerSWEEP1 
Girls Bball23-JanBurroughs1 (13-11 JB) Girls BballLeague Title5 
Boys Soccer23-JanBurroughs1 (14-11 JB) Girls BballPlayoff wins5 
Girls Soccer23-JanBurbank1 (14-12 JB) Girls BballPlayoff win2 
Boys Bball12-FebBurbank1 (14-13 JB) Boys BballPlayoffs1 
Girls Bball12-FebBurroughs1 (15-13 JB) Boys BballPlayoffs1 
Boys Soccer12-FebTie0 (15-13 JB) Girls SoccerPlayoffs1 
Girls Soccer12-FebBurbank1 (15-14 JB) Girls SoccerPlayoffs1 
WINTERheadtoheadBurroughs6-3 JBHS Girls WpoloPlayoffs1 
Boys Tennis31-MarBurroughs1 (16-14 JB) End of Wint.Burroughs20-8 
Boys Vball1-AprBurroughs1 (17-14 JB) OverallBurroughs50-40 
Boys Golf1-AprBurroughs1 (18-14 JB) Boys VballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf8-AprBurroughs1 (19-14 JB) Boys TennisSWEEP1 
Boys Golf10-AprBurroughs1 (20-14 JB) Boys GolfSWEEP1 
Boys Golf16-AprBurroughs1 (21-14 JB) BaseballSWEEP1 
Boys Golf22-AprBurroughs1 (22-14 JB) Boys VballLeague Title5 
Boys Track22-AprBurbank2 (22-16 JB) SoftballLeague Title4 
Girls Track22-AprBurbank2 (22-18 JB) SoftballLeague Title4 
Boys Swim22-AprBurbank2 (22-20 JB) BaseballLeague Title4 
Girls Swim22-AprBurroughs2 (24-20 JB) Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
Softball23-AprBurbank1 (24-21 JB) Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
Baseball24-AprBurroughs1 (25-21 JB) Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
Boys Vball24-AprBurroughs1 (26-21 JB) Boys VballPlayoff wins5 
Boys Tennis30-AprBurroughs1 (27-21 JB) Boys VballPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf1-MayBurroughs1 (28-21 JB) Boys TennisPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf8-MayBurroughs1 (29-21 JB) Boys GolfPlayoffs1 
Softball13-MayBurroughs1 (30-21 JB) SoftballPlayoff win2 
Baseball14-MayBurroughs1 (31-21 JB) SoftballPlayoff win2 
SPRINGheadtoheadBurroughs16-7 JBHS BaseballPlayoff win2 
     End of SpringBurroughs46-16 

2013-2014 results:

  “myBurbank CUP”    
OVERALL SCORE:Burroughs 79 Burbank 56 
Cross-Town CompetitionAthletic Excellence 
Girls Golf4-SepBurroughs1 (1-0 JBHS)Girls GolfSWEEP1 
Girls Tennis10-SepBurbank 18-01 (1-1)Girls TennisSWEEP1 
Girls Golf11-SepBurroughs1 (2-1 JBHS)Girls TennisLeague Title4 
Girls Golf18-SepBurroughs1 (3-1 JBHS)Girls GolfPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf25-SepBurroughs1 (4-1 JBHS)X-CountryBoys SWEEP1 
X-Country26-SepBurbank boys1 (4-2 JBHS)X-CountryGirls SWEEP1 
X-Country26-SepBurbank girls1 (4-3 JBHS)Girls TennisPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf2-OctBurroughs1 (5-3 JBHS)Girls TennisPlayoff win2 
Girls Tennis3-OctBurbank 18-01 (5-4 JBHS)Girls VballPlayoffs1 
Girls Golf9-OctBurroughs1 (6-4 JBHS)BWater PoloPlayoffs1 
Girls Vball10-OctBurroughs 3-11 (7-4 JBHS)Girls VballPlayoffs1 
X-Country17-OctBurbank boys1 (7-5 JBHS)Girls VballPlayoff win2 
X-Country17-OctBurbank girls1 (7-6 JBHS)FootballPlayoffs1 
BWater Polo23-OctBurbank 10-42 (8-7 BHS)BX-CountryPlayoffs1 
Girls Vball5-NovBurbank 3-01 (9-7 BHS)BX-CountryPlayoffs1 
X-Country7-NovBurbank boys1 (10-7 BHS)GX-CountryPlayoffs1 
X-Country7-NovBurbank girls1 (11-7 BHS)BX-CountryCIF Finals2 
Football8-NovBurbank 47-212 (13-7 BHS)FootballPlayoffs1 
FALLHead-to-HeadBurbank13-7 BHSFootballPlayoff wins3 
GWater Polo14-DecBurbank 5-4 OT1 (14-7 BHS)End of FallBurbank35-12 
GWater Polo16-JanBurroughs 11-51 (14-8 BHS)OverallBurbank35-12 
Boys Soccer24-JanBurroughs 4-11 (14-9 BHS)Boys SoccerSWEEP1 
Girls Soccer24-JanBurroughs 1-01 (14-10 BHS)Girls BballSWEEP1 
Girls Bball24-JanBurroughs 36-351 (14-11 BHS)Boys SoccerLeague Title4 
Boys Bball24-JanBurroughs 68-481 (14-12 BHS)Girls BballLeague Title5 
Girls Soccer13-FebBurbank 3-11 (15-12 BHS)GWater PoloPlayoffs1 
Boys Soccer13-FebBurroughs 4-21 (15-13 BHS)Boys SoccerPlayoffs1 
Girls Bball13-FebBurroughs 58-471 (15-14 BHS)Girls SoccerPlayoffs1 
Boys Bball13-FebBurbank 57-321 (16-14 BHS)Girls SoccerPlayoffs1 
WINTERHead-to-HeadBurroughs7-3 JBHSBoys BballPlayoffs1 
    Boys BballPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf12-MarBurroughs1 (16-15 BHS)Girls BballPlayoffs1 
Boys Tennis1-AprBurroughs 12-61 (16-16)Girls BballPlayoffs1 
Boys Vball2-AprBurroughs 3-01 (17-16 JB)Girls BballPlayoff wins3 
Boys Golf3-AprBurroughs CUP1 (18-16 JB)PostseasonBurroughs19-3 
Boys Golf10-AprBurroughs1 (19-16 JB)End of WinterBurroughs26-6 
Boys Golf17-AprBurroughs1 (20-16 JB)OverallBurbank41-38 
Boys Track23-AprBurroughs 79-572 (22-16 JB)Boys VballSWEEP1 
Girls Track23-AprBurbank 91-452 (22-18 JB)Boys TennisSWEEP1 
Boys Golf24-AprBurroughs1 (23-18 JB)Boys TrackLeague Title5 
Softball24-AprBurbank 5-11 (23-19 JB)Boys VballLeague Title5 
Baseball25-AprBurroughs 1-01 (24-19 JB)Boys GolfSWEEP1 
Boys Vball25-AprBurroughs 3-01 (25-19 JB)SoftballSWEEP1 
Boys Swim29-AprBurroughs 82-732 (27-19 JB)SoftballLeague Title5 
Girls Swim29-AprBurroughs 93-792 (29-19 JB)BaseballSWEEP1 
Boys Tennis1-MayBurroughs 12-61 (30-19 JB)Boys GolfPlayoffs1 
Boys Golf1-MayBurroughs1 (31-19 JB)Boys TrackCIF Finals1 
Softball14-MayBurbank 5-4 (9)1 (31-20 JB)Girls TrackCIF Finals1 
Baseball15-MayBurroughs 5-01 (32-20 JB)Boys TrackState2 
SPRINGHead-to-HeadBurroughs18-4 JBHSBoys VballPlayoffs1 
    Boys VballPlayoffs1 
    Boys VballPlayoff win2 
    SoftballPlayoff win2 
    End of SpringBurroughs41-15 
    Overall Burroughs79-56