Night Terrors Haunted Adventures

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

This year marks the 21st annual Haunted Adventure put together by The City of Burbank Parks and Recreations department.

The “Night Terrors” haunted adventure, which opened on Friday the 13th and had their second day on the 14th withhold one last night of adventures on Friday, October 20th from 7-9pm. Tickets are priced at five dollars and can be purchased at the door. With there being five separate scenes in the adventure, patrons can expect to spend 15-20 minutes inside the maze.  The Haunted Adventure is located at 1299 Lockheed View Dr. at Stough Park.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Adrine Ovasapyan, The Recreation Coordinator with the City of Burbank Parks and Recreations department, was one of over a hundred city employees and volunteers who made the haunted house a possibility this year. “This is a volunteer-based program. We have over a hundred volunteers that help us throughout” said Ovasapyan. Cooper Savage, a sixth grader from Jordan Middle school who volunteered for the first time at the haunted adventure this year says his favorite part about the whole thing is “acting creepy.”  Rita Wells is also a first-time volunteer at the haunted adventure. Wells says that she thinks its “great that there are things now where the kids can come out and see each other’s costumes and have fun.” Jason Dyer from the City of Burbank Sports department has been volunteering with the haunted adventure for 8 years now. ” I love Halloween, I love working with such talented and inspiring people, and it’s just a lot of fun scenes, especially when new people come in and experience scaring people for the first time, and getting the community involved,” said Dyer.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian


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