OC Discovery Cube Sea Lab and Ocean Encounter Exhibit Now Open


Didn’t get enough shark week? Visit sharks in person at the OC Discovery Cube museum’s Sea Lab & Ocean Encounter exhibit now open this summer.

On June 21st, the Discovery Cube opened the permanent exhibit: Discovery Cube Sea Lab, only available at the OC museum. Created into a coastal tide pool habitat, guests can experience touch tanks with ocean creatures like starfish and sea cucumbers. A giant shark and ray touch tank give visitors a chance to touch and meet the animals up close.

“Experience the thrill of touching a live shark and learn why their skin helps them glide through the water. Discover the captivating wonders of a tide pool community and how their diversity supports the entire planet.” Also next to the tanks you’ll find the Aquavator, an elevator sized room of screens that transports you along the system of Orange County’s coastal tide pools.

OC Discovery Cube. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

The ocean adventure doesn’t end there. For a limited-time this summer, visitors can experience the immersive and interactive aquatic wonderland exhibit: Ocean Encounter, now open through September 4th. Explore the zones of the ocean and learn about the diversity of life under the sea.

“This exhibit features various interactive stations that focus on the shoreline, coral reef, kelp forest, open ocean, twilight and midnight zones, and abyss and trenches, each showing different aspects of ocean life and the threats they face from human activities.”

Learn about ocean conservation through hands-on activities in this exhibit as well as a submarine immersive experience to study the mysteries of the sea. Topics covered include coral bleaching, plastic pollution, kelp forest decline, and what’s being don to combat these environmental issues. 

The Sea Lab and Ocean Encounter exhibits are included with your ticket when visiting the OC Discovery Cube.  Purchase your tickets here! https://www.discoverycube.org