Passenger in Car Wishes Driver Had Never Stopped

By On January 13, 2015

Burbank police contacted a man in a stopped in a car for a vehicle code violation at the intersection of Palm and Third in Burbank on Saturday night.

When the contacting officer approached the car, he smelled burnt marijuana emitting from the interior of the car.  The driver advised the officer that there was a small amount of usable marijuana in the car.  The driver gave consent for the officer to search and retrieve the suspected marijuana.

The suspect, Heder Lozano (24), was the rear passenger in the car.  When he was asked to exit, the officer observed him to reach into the back seat area as he exited.  When the officer searched the car he recovered a spring load knife.

The officers were able to establish ownership and Lozano was arrested for a weapons violation and booked at the Burbank police jail.