Possible Bank Robbery Stopped Before It Happens


Two would be bank robbers got caught by Burbank Police before they could rob a local bank, because they didn’t have enough money to pay the cab driver who drove them to the bank.

Burbank Police report that officers responded to a report of a disturbance between a cab driver and two men, in the parking lot of Pavilions on Alameda Ave. at 12:35 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9.  When they arrived they found a cab driver who told them two men didn’t have enough money to pay their fare.  One of the men was still seated in the cab.  The other had gone inside the nearby Chase Bank at 1030 W. Alameda Ave.

Officers contacted the man in the cab, Spencer Wygle, 26, of Burbank.  They discovered that Wygle had a syringe loaded with what they believed to be heroin.  The cab driver directed them to the second man, who was waiting in line at the bank.  They escorted the man, Evan Kent, 27, of Glendale, out of the bank to talk to him about the cab fare. A bank employee then alerted officers to a bag that Kent had dropped just prior to the officers entering the bank.  For their safety, they searched the bag and found a Smith & Wesson handgun. The handgun was reported as stolen from a business in Los Angeles.  Further investigation and interviews led the officers to believe the two men were involved in a conspiracy to commit a robbery.

Both men were placed under arrest for conspiracy and robbery.  Wygle also had outstanding arrest warrants from Burbank for petty theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.   They bail for each man was set at $50,000.  They are due to appear in court on October 11.

Apparently, if you are going to take a cab to rob a bank, you should make sure you have enough cash to pay for your cab fare.

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