Providence Saint Joseph Foundation Receives $100,000 from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation


Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center has received a $100,000 gift from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are hopeful that their gift will inspire others in the community to support this Emergency Preparedness and Response Fund, named COVID Heroes at Saint Joe’s, which has been established to address the critical needs Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is facing during this pandemic.

“We are incredibly grateful for the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation’s gift in these unprecedented times” said Kelly Linden, Chief Executive of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. “This generous gift will allow us to continue to save the lives of all who walk through our doors, especially the poor and vulnerable, while protecting our frontline Heroes at Saint Joe’s.”

With the spread of the pandemic, more supplies, equipment and resources have been needed in order to save the lives of doctors, nurses, other frontline caregivers and patients – all patients.  Gifts of support to the Emergency Preparedness and Response Fund will allow Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center to continue its nimble response to COVID-19.  In addition to creating four separate COVID units and increasing the number of ICU beds at the medical center, negative pressure isolation rooms have been created with special filters and supplies for COVID-19 patients.  The medical center is going through an unprecedented amount of lifesaving protective equipment, specifically N-95 masks, face shields, surgical masks, protective gowns and gloves. Thanks to the generosity of the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation and others, we will be able to procure more of this lifesaving protective gear.

“My father and mother dedicated their lives to helping others.  They felt very strongly about giving back.  My father remembered being young and poor.  The impression was so strong that he and my mother always put charity front and center in their lives.  My parents saw to it that their legacy would continue to give back long after they were gone, by creating the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation.  It would have been a great source of joy for them, to know they were able to help Providence Saint Joseph Foundation in their own backyard,” said Lina Hope

The Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation’s mission is to support organizations that bring HOPE to those in need and those who serve to protect our nation. The Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation has a long history of supporting Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and its surrounding community of Burbank and Toluca Lake.

Click here if you would like to donate to the COVID Heroes at Saint Joe’s


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