Schiff Takes Up the Fight to Curb Helicopter Noise

Congressman Adam Schiff

After a meeting today between regional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) representatives and local stakeholders, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) continued his call on the agency to provide Los Angeles County residents relief from the noise and safety concerns caused by low-flying helicopters above residential neighborhoods.

“While I appreciate the FAA’s willingness to engage residents and hear their concerns directly, it is plain that voluntary actions will not be sufficient to address the real quality of life and safety issues raised by these persistent fly-overs,” said Rep. Schiff.  “Residents living throughout Los Angeles are deeply impacted by the intrusive, disruptive and often non-emergency related helicopter traffic above their homes and neighborhoods. The canyons and mountains across our region concentrate the low-flying helicopter noise to extremely high levels. Add to that the problem of tourist and press helicopters tracking celebrities in the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood or perusing the Rose Bowl, and you have a significant impact on the quality of life of thousands of constituents. The residents in these areas deserve peace and quiet, and I will be taking up the legislation shepherded by Congressman Berman in the new session of Congress.”

After the meeting, Schiff announced he will re-introduce the Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Relief Act.  This bill requires the FAA to exercise its legal authority to regulate helicopter operations above Los Angeles within 12 months of being signed into law. Specifically, the bill calls on the Administrator of the FAA to set guidelines on flight paths and minimum altitudes for helicopter operators in residential areas of Los Angeles County. Exemptions would be allowed for law enforcement, emergency responders, and the US military.

“I’m heartened that Congressman Schiff will be taking up the mantle of helicopter noise regulation next year. He has been a steadfast partner with me on the LA Helicopter Noise Relief Act,” said Rep. Howard Berman. “Los Angeles County residents should know that they will have an important voice in Washington who will continue to fight for common sense reforms to protect their safety and quality of life from intrusive helicopter flights.”