School Board Members Endorse Hovanessian


The following release was submitted by Vahe Hovanessian, a candidate for the upcoming school board race in February:

Vahe Hovanessian, Esq., established and trusted community leader, and parent of two is honored to announce that his campaign for the Burbank Board of Education has received the support and endorsement of four current Burbank Board of Education members including Larry Applebaum, Vice-President Charlene Tabet, Dave Kemp and Ted Bunch.

Ten year Board Member Applebaum states, “I know Vahe to be a dynamic and effective leader. He is dedicated to the best possible education for all Burbank children.”

“As a parent of a 1st grader, I know that the stakes are high when it comes to the future of our children. I have the passion, education, experience, leadership and dedication needed to ensure our schools remain strong,” states Hovanessian, a lifelong Burbank resident and practicing attorney.

Board Member and Vice-President Tabet provides her endorsement, “Vahe is invested in our schools and community. He is a parent of a student. I know that Vahe’s years of experience will well serve our kids and our district.”

Hovanessian’s experience as a five year member and chair of the District’s Bond Oversight Committee, four year member and chair of the Burbank Planning Board, four year member and chair of the Burbank Water and Power Board, Rotarian,  basketball coach, soccer coach, volunteer with the Burbank Library Literacy Services, and as a long-time community volunteer “will make Hovanessian a great Board Member,” states twelve year Board Member Bunch.

Vahe has a keen awareness of the needs of the district,” affirms twelve year Board Member Kemp, “he has solid ideas towards accomplishing goals.”

Among Hovanessian’s goals as a Board Member are: to incorporate 21st century learning styles into the curriculum; to work to maximize every education dollar to benefit students; to provide funding for the best educators the District can afford; and to have schools that are safe and well maintained.

Mr. Hovanessian understands that there are many issues facing students and states,  “I will work collaboratively with teachers, parents, staff and fellow Board Members to ensure that every student is equipped to enter college or the work force. The outpouring of support I have received for my campaign thus far is tremendous and speaks volumes about our community and how much we value education, our kids, and our future.”