Some Changes for High School Sports

The Pacific League lineup of schools in football is one of the changes that has been decided amongst school administrators.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

High school sports may be returning, but things will not be as they were before.

At least not immediately.

Pacific League administrators are still ironing out some details on how to proceed. But a few things have been decided in the last few days.

For one, there will be only time to play five football games instead of the traditional 10 for regular season play.
The Pacific League has eight schools, but just six will play football as Glendale and Hoover highs, which have struggled for years, will not compete against their league foes.

Both schools will also not return to the Pacific League for football later this Fall.

That leaves the remaining schools in the league, Burbank, Burroughs, Arcadia, Crescenta Valley, Muir and Pasadena to play each other over the course of the five games.
For the month of March, no spectators will be allowed into sporting events. At the end of the month, an evaluation will be made as to if spectators can be at games.

With restrictions for indoor sports still in place, girls’ volleyball teams, which already will have a limited season, are hoping to compete in an outdoor competition on grass.

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