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BMX Bike-Tacular Has Riders Flying High

The City of Burbank Park and Recreation Department held their 2nd Annual BMX Bike-Tacular at the Burbank BMX/ Skate Park.

Burbank Park and Rec. Leader Mike Graceffo helped riders and served as the MC of the evening

Burbank Park and Rec. Leader Mike Graceffo helped riders and served as the MC of the evening

According to Burbank Park and Recreation Leader Mike Graceffo, the event, which was held from 5-9:30 pm. on Saturday had over 125 in attendance, including the bikers, band members, parents, spectators.

Staff members offered free food with music provided by local youth bands from Neighborhood Rock School. Some of the bands that appeared include: LA Noize, Toxic Bobcat, Blowtorch, The Avengers, and Driven.

There were also many prize giveaways.  Prizes were donated by many of the local businesses who support the riders and the BMX facility including Hi-Chew, Vans Cyclery, City of Burbank Park and Rec, Burbank Employees Credit Union, and H&S Bike shop of Burbank.

BMX Night-4566Everyone had a great time and the event was a success.

BMX Night-4854

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NEW VIDEO – Skate Park Turns Into High Flying BMX Event

Riders were floating on air at Burbank's Bike-Fest (Photo By Brian Sydnor)

Everyone was catching some major air during the first annual BMX Festival that took place at the Burbank Skate Park on Saturday.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the kids who are passionate about riding, that took a stand for the greater good of BMX. With the support of their parents from writing e-mails, to contacting the City Council, and for all the time that was spent trying to find a place where BMX riders could showcase their talents and practice new tricks.

After a few years and much perseverance, their hard work most certainly paid off. The Burbank City Council granted these deserving kids an expansion to the skate park located on Valley Street, a park that has been apart of the Burbank community for ten years.

Mike Graceffo who has overseen all of this come about said “ They never had a place where they could, legally ride, now the bikers have a place they can go.”

What a great idea to combine the practice field of two awesome sports in one. The expansion of the skate park has brought great benefits to the riders, they now have a safe and supervised space to practice, learn new tricks and just hang out with friends.

The expansion has also, brought piece of mind to all the parents who worked so hard to get this project up and going. Some parents even use the park as a reward system, which has made the kids

Riders of all ages were on hand at the Bike-Fest (Photo By Brian Sydnor)

work even harder at school to achieve good grades, so they can enjoy the park. The expansion of the skate park has given these kids a sanctuary and the opportunity to be themselves and make new friends and even try new things. Many of the skaters have taken on BMX ridding and love it!

Proper equipment is key, you must have knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet to be able to enter. If you are under the age of 18 a parent consent form is needed. Where can you grab all the cool the gear for BMX ridding you may ask? One of the Bike-Fest sponsors, H&S Cycles here in Burbank, has a great variety of everything BMX . You can also, head to the Burbank Bike Shop  for more cool stuff. A great big thank you to these bike shops for supplying the riders with T-shirts and prizes for the festival.

The park is open seven days a week, but has certain days and times that BMX ridding is allowed. Sunday from 3-5pm, Thursday from 4-7pm and Saturday from 5-9pm. So if you want to work on your 180 or a full 360 head on over to the Burbank Bike/ Skate park for a great ridding experience!



Check out this great photogallery of Skate-Fest by BurbankNBeyond photographers Marsha and Brian Sydnor

Sports Shorts: BMX Event Coming, MVP Basketball Camp

City, Graceffo to Host Annual MVP Summer Basketball Camps

The City of Burbank’s Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting its 12th annual MVP Summer Basketball Camps for both boys and girls in the second through the ninth grade. The cost is $50 for Burbank residents and $60 for non-residents and will be hosted at Luther Burbank Middle School.

Grades 2-4 will hold camp June 25-29, while grades 5-9 will follow July 9-13. Mike Graceffo will lead instruction at the camp. Graceffo has coached within the city for more than 35 years, including stints with all four high schools in the city. Among his other accolades, Graceffo has coached at the Michael Jordan Basketball Camp in Chicago. Most recently, his Frosh Team at Burbank High School went 20-5 and won a Pacific League Title.

For more information on the MVP Basketball Camps, call Verdugo Park 818.238.5390


BMX Bike-Fest

The City of Burbank is also hosting a BMX Spring Bike-Fest at the Bike and Skate Park at 1625 North Valley Street on Saturday, March 24.

The event is a great opportunity for youth in the city to put an exclamation point on their spring break which begins Monday, March 19. It is also part of the city s recent push to spread word about the sport growing in popularity in the city. A BMX stunt team is a joint partner with the city in assemblies to all three middle schools in next month.

The Bike-fest runs from 5:00-9:00 p.m. on March 24 and is free to all. A barbeque, live music, bike inspections and entry to a prize-giveaway is also free to patrons.

All bikers must wear proper safety equipment — a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads and have a waiver on file with the city. For more information, call 818-238-5390.