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Early Morning Fire Guts Roy’s Liquor on San Fernando Blvd

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Burbank Firefighters were preparing for a 9/11 flag ceremony when the bell rang for a Structure Fire at Roy’s Liquor located at 1627 N. San Fernando Blvd. When the first engine arrived on the scene they reported they had a small mini-mall with flames showing from the front of Roy’s Liquor and Market.

The fire got into the common attic and firefighters got on the roof to ventilate and attempt to stop the progression of the blaze. Battalion Chief Kenet Robertson took command of the incident and directed firefighters to other areas of the building. The first Engine company Engine 11 was assigned Fire Attack with Engine 13 as there backup. The Chief called for an additional 2 engine companies and had Paramedics handle the medical division.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The fire was knocked down quickly and held to the building of origin and then the assignment was reduced. 

A Fire Investigator was called to the scene to determine the cause which was determined to be electrical in nature.

Burbank Police were called along with Public Works to assist with closing and detouring traffic on San Fernando Blvd in both directions, and diverting some traffic up Grismer to Glenoaks.

This fire required 36 Burbank Firefighters under the direction of Battalion Chief Kenet Robertson, there were no injuries as a result of the fire. The damage caused was reported as $250,000 to the structure and $400,000 to the contents.


Medical Emergency Causes Driver and Car to Crash into House

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police received the call as a Car into stairs of a house in the 700 block of Clybourn Street and the occupant was unconscious. The dispatched included several BPD units some responding from several parts of town rolling Code-3 Lights and Sirens.

The Burbank Fire Department Paramedics were dispatched at the same time, once everyone got on scene they found a newer Mercedes hit the curb and proceeded up the front yard until it came to rest against the stairs to the house.

Paramedics and Fire Fighters removed the female occupant and she showed no signs of trauma but appeared to remain unconscious so they started treated and transported her to a local hospital to be checked out.

The car was towed away and the steps received minor damage.  

Traffic Accident Leaves One Injured from a Pack-Rat Vehicle

Burbank Police along with Burbank Fire Paramedics responded to the intersection of Buena Vista and Verdugo for a reported traffic accident with injuries late Friday night.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

When Burbank Police arrived on scene they found a 3 car traffic accident with one van that had struck the rear of another car.

The Paramedics treated one driver who was the sole occupant of the van, the problem they had to deal with was the van was so filled with materials it blew out the front window and that’s what the sole occupants head hit.

The van was towed and the driver transported to a local hospital with minor head injuries. 


National Night Out 2020 Postponed Per Burbank Police

According to Burbank Police Department’s Facebook Page.

They have stated that each year, on the first Tuesday in August, the Burbank Police and Fire Departments have joined neighbors and community members for National Night Out. This annual event promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to help make the City of Burbank a safer, more caring place to live and work.

National Night out 2019 Sgt. Derek Green (Photo by Ross A Benson)

National Night Out is normally celebrated with social festivities, block parties, cookouts, community gatherings, kids activities, interactive safety demonstrations, exhibits by emergency service personnel, and much more. As we all continue to navigate through uncertain times amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Burbank Police and Fire Departments have decided to postpone this year’s National Night Out event in the interest of public health and safety. In accordance with recommendations made by the official National Night Out organization, this year’s National Night Out event has been rescheduled for October 6, 2020, subject to change.

Although National Night Out has been postponed, the Burbank Police Department encourages the members of our community to communicate with one another using contemporary methods, like social media channels, and through neighborhood watch groups. By remaining vigilant and observant in our neighborhoods, we can all help to keep each other safe.

National Night Out 2019 (Photo by Ross A Benson)

Body Discovered following Early Morning Garage Fire

(Photo by Brandon Buckley)

Burbank Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire in the 500 blk of N Parish Place at 3:10 am, the first engine company on the scene was greeted by a well involved detached garage fire.

They pulled hose lines and started to make an attack as additional crews arrived on the scene to assist. Battalion Chief Tray White arrived on the scene and took command of the incident and directed crews to the roof and to the interior of the nearby house. While crews were fighting the fire they reported hearing several live rounds of ammunition going off inside the garage. The coordinated attack of the fire resulted in the blaze being kept to the garage only.

The fire was knocked down at 3:42 am and during a search of the destroyed garage firefighters came across a deceased adult male. Burbank Police then closed off the area and established a crime scene.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Fire Investigators from Burbank Fire Department and Glendale Fire Department were summoned to the scene along with Burbank Police Detectives and a Forensic Specialist. The Los Angeles County Coroner was notified to respond along with a Coroner’s Investigator.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and the identity of the person located inside the garage has not been determined at the time of this report.

The Glendale Fire Departments Air Utility was called to the scene to refill empty breathing apparatus.

The fire was so intense a Spectrum Digital Fiber Optic line was damaged above the garage causing a major interruption to many customers in the western part of Burbank.

Traffic Accident Causes Burbank Production Studio to be Red Tagged

Most Burbank residents had their lights flicker and some internet connections go down around 7:30 pm on Tuesday evening after a Fire Hydrant was sheared off and the water geyser went some 100 feet high into powerlines on Victory Blvd. near Chandler.

(© Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police responded and contacted witnesses who reported they saw a dark vehicle strike the hydrant and flee southbound Victory Blvd. those witnesses also supplied the officers with a license plate. 

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police responded to the 200 Blk of West Tujunga where they located the vehicle that had damage to its front bumper and the alleged driver according to Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green the driver identified as Daniel Ramirez a 45- year old resident of Burbank was placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence and hit and run.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

While Burbank Police were doing the investigation part of the accident the Burbank Fire Department had responded for the sheared fire hydrant, once the water flow was stopped they discovered the water had landed on the rooftop of several businesses and the weight of the water caused the roof to collapse. The amount of water that collected inside the Production Studio was nearly 8 inches deep in areas. The Fire Department brought in two truck companies and 2 engine companies to pump, squiggly, and help remove the water.

Because of the amount of visual damage, the Fire Department requested an official from the Burbank Building Department to respond and they RED TAGGED  the building that it is unsafe to occupy.  The dollar amount caused by the flooding is still being tabulated. 

Illegal Fireworks Rattle Residents into Action

The Fourth of July arrived early this year—nearly a month and a half early – and Burbank residents are not enjoying the fireworks.

Terrorized, tortured, and just plain scared are adjectives people are using to describing the nightly barrage of illegal fireworks assaulting their communities since May. Residents are at their breaking point, and they want the city to do something to stop the nightly explosions keeping them up at night, sometimes until the early morning, and harassing their pets. 

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Complaints of legal and illegal fireworks have exploded countywide and have extended to big cities across the nation. CNN recently reported that in the first part of June, Boston had a 2,300% increase in the number of complaints over the same time last year. While leaders in the legal fireworks industry have never seen sales shoot up so early in the year.

Despite all fireworks being illegal in Burbank, complaints of fireworks noise have doubled in Burbank, and city officials are not sure where the abundance of fireworks is coming from. Speculation is that they were purchased in other counties, other states, or in Mexico, where all types of fireworks are for sale to the public. Theories as to why firework usage is so much more intense this year include COVID-19 stay-at-home cabin fever or there is more availability of the fireworks. The LA Times reported fireworks seizures have been made throughout the state, last year the California Fire Marshals took in 30,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, with Irwindale police hauling in 2,000 pounds of illegal fireworks from an Irwindale home last week.

Fireworks are not unusual this time of the year, but there has been a heavier use of them this year. Finding the people setting off fireworks is very difficult. The police have to witness the person in the act of shooting off the fireworks, and pinpointing where explosions are coming from is very hard to do by the sound alone, said Sergeant Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department. Using fireworks in Burbank is a misdemeanor. If a resident can identify the person using fireworks, they should call the BPD and ask them to come out. The resident can then sign a citizen’s arrest, and the fireworks user will be sited.

Fireworks are dangerous. They can cause serious injuries and fires, said the BPD. On June 18, the fire department put out a small brush fire that was believed to have been started by fireworks.  Perpetrators and parents of children who cause damage with fireworks can be held liable and responsible for the cost of fire and police services responding to fireworks-related calls.

Burbank resident, Robin Randall started a group on NextDoor, a social media site, where residents of their own neighborhood can communicate with their neighbors, the Neighbors Against Illegal Fireworks. She formed the group after reading active threads on NextDoor complaining about the noise from fireworks. Comments like: “My two young kids jump out of their beds/cribs after every blast,” “My dogs and even my cat are traumatized,” and “I couldn’t take it anymore.…I called the cops for the first time in my life!” were common.

Randall has heard from a blind couple whose service dog was so afraid of the noise it stopped guiding them, a veteran with PTSD who couldn’t take explosions and parents with children having anxiety problems from the noise. She has even recorded videos of the explosions at night. Burbank resident Steven Reese wrote in an e-mail that his dog spends most evenings cowering in the shower from fear of the nightly explosions. Some nights they last into the early morning.


Many believe much of the noise is coming from North Hollywood on the border with Burbank. In a letter to the Burbank City Council, Randall explained the situation and suggested Burbank partner with North Hollywood to solve this mutual problem.

“Staff is reaching out to LA Councilmember David Ryu for collaboration on this. My theory is that since municipal fireworks events are canceled, there’s an abundant supply of fireworks for sale,” responded Mayor Springer.

As the mayor works to coordinate a plan of action with North Hollywood, distressed neighbors are organizing volunteers to pinpoint the firework explosions using the app Compass in an effort to catch the amateur pyrotechnicians.

Fireworks Causes Small Brush Fire Near Starlight Estates

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police were on scene and on patrol in the Starlight Estates after a nearby resident called complaining about a group gathering at Bel Aire Drive and Vista Ridge, upon the officer’s arrival he noticed grass burning near the side of the road and requested Burbank Fire to respond.

Burbank Fire dispatched 3 engine companies a rescue ambulance and Battalion Chief Tray White to the incident, Engine 16 located nearby were the first on the scene reporting a small area of grass burning heading downhill with no prevailing winds. The crew from Engine 16 was right next to a fire hydrant for a supply of water to help extinguish the fire. 

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

While firefighters were extinguishing the fire Burbank police had rounded up a dozen juveniles who were responsible for lighting an incendiary device such as fireworks in the area minutes prior.

Burbank police had to send additional units to assist in traffic control, while officers took the information from the juveniles and called their parents to come to the scene to retrieve their kids.

The fire dept knocked the grass fire and released the remainder of the equipment as police officers talked to the local residents about the incident and the ongoing problems occurring nightly in the area.


Family Dog Rescued During Burbank House Fire on Chandler

The Burbank Fire and Police received several calls of a house fire in the 3900 Blk of Chandler near Kenwood Street around 2:46 am.  Verdugo Fire dispatched a full structure fire response consisting of 3 Engine companies, 2 Truck companies a Rescue Ambulance, and a Battalion Chief a Glendale Battalion Chief responded to act as a Safety officer but was canceled prior to his arrival.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The first fire engine on the scene was Engine 12 and they reported they had heavy smoke conditions and flames showing on the east side of a single-family residence.

While Engine 12 was pulling a primary fire attack hose line the second engine went to the rear of the residence off of Kenwood, Truck 12’s crew went to the roof to start ventilation. Engine 13 laid a water supply hose line from a nearby fire hydrant. The fire was knocked down quickly and held to the house of origin.

The three occupants of the house were outside when fire units arrived but told Firefighters their family dog was still inside the house and told them where he usually slept in the front room in a corner, Burbank Firefighter Ryan Ingraldi with breathing apparatus on returned to look for the dog and minutes later emerged with the family pet Pakla a mixed Terrier and took it to the owner who was very relieved.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police Officers were on scene to assist with crowd control and traffic control while Firefighters put the blaze out.

The house received heavy smoke damage and the occupants were going to spend the rest of the night with a friend who lived nearby.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)


There were no injuries to Firefighters and the cause which appeared to have started in a kitchen was under routine investigation by Burbank’s Arson Investigator.  

The damage was being tabulated by the cause investigator. 



Burbank Fire Required to Cut Trapped Patient From Car After Accident

Burbank Police responded to the 1400 Blk of Victory Blvd Thursday evening to find a multi-vehicle traffic accident, including a couple of parked cars they called for the Fire Department and advised them, one person, was trapped in a car.

Burbank Fire responded a Physical Rescue Response that included a Truck Company that has hydraulic equipment an Engine Company a Rescue Ambulance and a Battalion Chief to oversee the operation and be a Safety Officer.

Truck 11 responded and were told by Engine 14 who arrived on scene first that a driver was trapped inside one of the cars and they were going to need to use special tools called ‘The Jaws of Life’ with cutting blades and spreading jaws to free the driver. Paramedics started medical care to the driver as fellow firefighters cut the roof off the car and were able to get the driver onto a backboard and rush him to an awaiting ambulance who was transported to a local Trauma Center with non-life threatening injuries.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Burbank Police assisted calming and holding the driver’s Cocker Spaniel that was in the car while the Firefighters worked on freeing the driver as other officers started taking information from the witnesses and other drivers that were involved.

Victory Blvd near Griffth Park remained closed during the Police Department investigation. A family friend came to the scene to recover and take the dog home.