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Learning Pods Help Some Parents Of Young Children Manage Distance Learning

Parents of six third grade Spanish Dual Immersion students from William McKinley Elementary School banded together to create a two day per week learning pod to support their children’s education during the ongoing distance learning education model enacted by Burbank Unified School District for the Fall Semester of the 2020-21 school year.

Families signed an agreement stipulating mask-wearing, social distancing and other protocols to respect during the COVID-19 pandemic, including avoiding gatherings with more than 10 people and public transportation.

“The main goal of the pod was to pool resources to create a learning environment that provided stability, engagement, safe social interactions and hope for our children,” explained parent Paige Oliver, who organized the learning pod. “The first step was to identify families that had shared these thoughts on schooling, support and safety adherence.”

learning pod

Third grade Dual Immersion students get a boost from a parent-organized learning pod. (From left to right): Ben, Clarke, Sullivan, Maliyah, Mattie, Ella. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“I reached within my social circle to find some like-minded families who had similar needs to fulfill. Five out of six of the families have two children that are in elementary/middle school, so assisting multiple children during the school day can get hectic. Additionally, almost all parents in the households work as well, and most are working from home during COVID.”

“The Dual Immersion challenge was a driver as well; all of the students are in the Spanish Dual Immersion program. However, English is the only language spoken at home,” Oliver continued. “It is important to remember that parents were not given much instruction, guidance or commitment on what the day of a student was going to look like until a few days before school started.”

“We started planning the pod four weeks out and based it on our experience in the Spring which was not good on any account. The Spring is what I would refer to as ‘crisis learning’ not ‘distance learning.’ No one could have prepared for that but it definitely could have been handled differently.”

“While this incarnation of distance learning has been much more structured than the Spring, we didn’t know what to expect and had to prepare based on our own needs and past experience,” she also said. “We are also quite sensitive to the fact that not everyone can do what we did here. We have asked our children to adapt a lot through all these changes and we were incredibly fortunate that we were able to provide them with this experience to assist them further.”

(Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

The learning pod meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. So the responsibility isn’t all on one family, two backyards have been set up with tables and tents. One family hosts the pod on Mondays and another does so on Wednesdays.

The kids are dropped off between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m.  The students set up their computer workstations and are ready for synchronous learning with their teacher, Judith Toscano, when class begins at 8:30 a.m.

“We are following the Burbank USD curriculum and the students are all online with the teachers during their required time,” Oliver explained. “Our tutor fills in the unscheduled or ‘asynchronous’ learning time in the afternoon and during breaks with additional support in Spanish based around their current lessons.”

“This includes math games, reading comprehension, re-explanation of directions for ‘homework’ and some other learning activities. We do not have her check the homework or assist in the actual work as we need to give the teachers a clear assessment of where the students are.”

“For third grade there are 230 instructional minutes per day (which include in classroom and home learning),” Oliver added. “This is roughly 50 minutes short per day from a regular school day. So [the students are] missing over 20 hours of instruction a month.”

“The children stay home the other three days and join the class online,” Oliver said. “Parents assist as needed throughout the day and have become experts on using Google Translate.”

Six third grade Dual Immersion students from McKinley Elementary School study outside with a tutor supervising for their two-day-per-week learning pod. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

While Oliver did much of the organizational aspects of creating the pod, she noted that all parents contribute equally to decision-making and in bringing resources and ideas to the group.

After five weeks of distance learning, the parents “see that we need to supplement and are planning for ways to incorporate art, music and more physical education.”

Setting up the learning pod included clarifying expectations and solving logistics.

“We expect that the children are wearing masks at all times except when they are seated at their computer stations. Additionally, each family in the pod signed a ‘social contract’ which was created to give guidelines on safety behaviors in and out of the pod. An example would be if someone comes into contact with someone who has COVID that we all are notified so we can be tested.”

Ella stands for the Pledge of Allegiance to begin distance learning. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“We were fortunate to have access to some resources that gave us a good starting point; the group was able to pool together resources to provide homes with backyards so we had outdoor space for the kids, robust WiFi in our homes so everyone could be online at the same time, a few tents for shade and some tables to use as desks,” Oliver continued. “I believe we invested in three additional tables between the two houses for outside and chairs (total around $200),  an additional tent ($90) and cleaning supplies for each house ($75).”

“All the kids had computers in the household or were able to get them assigned from school. We realized the first week we needed to add a few fans and extension cords as we were greeted with a heat wave ($40). All families/teacher provide their own masks and bring their lunch/snacks/drinks. The tutor used to facilitate the pod is about $7.50 an hour per child, so for each family $90 per week; this money most of us would have normally used for childcare.”

The parents of the learning pod students invested a lot of time, looking at respective family homes to see which locations would work best and interviewing prospective tutors.

“We interviewed numerous people for the tutor position once we all agreed on the requirements (pre-interview, one on one, and then with the group), we moved items from each other’s houses to the other, we did walk-throughs with the kids so they felt comfortable with the new environment before school started. We made sure computers worked at capacity on the WiFi and logins were saved to enable smooth transition for all the apps they were using.”

What do the students think of the learning pod and distance learning?

Rose, the learning pod’s tutor, works in the background while Clarke and Sullivan (center, right) get ready for a project. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“I think it is more fun than regular school,” said Sullivan. “I just like being by myself and not surrounded by my classroom. I like being independent and depending on myself to get my work done.”

“I think the pod is fun because I like playing with my friends,” she added. “We get a chance to play at lunchtime so I still can spend time with them.”

“I think it’s cool and I don’t like it. I think it’s cool because we get to stay home and stuff, but I don’t get to see some of my friends in person,” commented Mattie. “But I get to see some of my friends in the pod.”

The learning pod is “nice and good because I get to see my friends and we get to play together,” she also said. “Ms. Rose shared a fun game with us called Kahoot!”

“It’s good,” said Ben. “The hard part is being on the computer for five hours.

He likes the learning pod, “It’s fun. I get to hang out with my friends. We get to work together and play. It makes me happy.”

Distance learning is “fun and still learning at the same time,” said Ella. The learning pod is also “fun and good that we have social interaction.”

Clarke also likes the learning pod and being able to be with some classmates a few days out of the week.

“It’s fun. They are the best kids in my class,” he said.

Maliyah works on a project. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“I like remote learning, it’s very fun to learn with my classmates while at home,” commented Maliyah. “I enjoy being a part of the pod because I get to be with my friends. We learn and play together. I also get to be with Rose, she helps me with learning Spanish.”

“I think the social aspect of in-person learning was the most ignored portion in the development of distance learning,” commented one of the learning pod parents, Liz Tignini. “The pod has been excellent in providing a much-needed opportunity for socialization for my kids.”

“Both of my daughters are in a pod- and while my kids really do get along well, I noticed that towards the end of the summer (month five of being stuck in a house together, lol) they were starting to really get on each other’s nerves,” Tignini continued. “The pod has given them another set of kids with whom they can goof around, and takes the pressure off my kids to be each other’s only playmates.”

“As a family, this pod is useful because it gives each child some dedicated time. In the spring, one of the most stressful parts of distance learning was trying to split my time helping both kids (while also trying to work and take care of my normal every-day tasks),” she added. “My younger daughter is currently in first grade, so there has been a lot of hand-holding and re-directing going on; my older daughter, she’s the one in the third grade pod, is much more self-sufficient but still requires some assistance.”

“I felt terrible when I couldn’t give them the attention they deserved when they needed it because I knew it meant it would get them off-task or make them more frustrated because they couldn’t figure it out or distract their sibling from doing what they were doing. The pod gives everyone a little room to breathe.”

Mattie shows off her work. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“Also, the Spanish aspect was very daunting as we are not a Spanish-speaking family but are in the Spanish Dual Immersion program,” Tignini also said. “We wanted to provide additional support to our kids that went beyond watching Spanish television programming. (I even tried looking for some art classes or physical education classes online that were taught in Spanish to supplement especially over the summer, but didn’t find any that suited our purposes.) Ms. Rose has been excellent in reinforcing what the school has been teaching, helping them expand their vocabulary and keeping them conversational.”

Tignini’s younger daughter is in the First Grade Dual Immersion program at McKinley and she is also in a learning pod. The tutor leading the third grade pod, Rose, also directs the first grade pod on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Fridays, they are both at home and, as I thought, things get hairy trying to juggle it all,” Tignini said.  “My younger daughter [is] not quite as adept at reading the instructions or using the computer, so an adult needs to be on-hand at all times.”

“She also tends to be distracted by ANYTHING, but I hear her teacher telling almost all the kids at different times to get back on task, so I think it is more endemic to the age then her personally. Her teacher, Sr. Gutierrez, and the assistant, Srta. Coronado, are incredibly patient and re-affirming,” Tignini added. “They try to be very entertaining as well so they can keep the kid’s attention; it’s a full show each day- it must be so exhausting!”

Ben works on the computer for remote learning. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“I can’t imagine what it must be like for a Kindergartener or TK student who hasn’t had much formal classroom experience; that compounded with the technology must be incredibly daunting for all those involved. My third grader doesn’t need as much help and can be self-sufficient for longer periods of time.”

“I really hope that the District takes this into consideration when considering re-opening; the younger kids truly need more in-person opportunities than the older kids who are more capable of self-study.”

The six learning pod students have differing opinions about distance learning.

“I think that online school is better because if I have to do something the teacher doesn’t have to give me permission like if I have to get something I can just get it really quickly. If I need to make noise I can just mute myself. I like relying on myself to be a good student,” commented Sullivan. “I do miss my friends so that part is hard.”

“I think it’s not okay because I want to go to school,” said Mattie. “I miss being in my normal classroom and stuff.”

Distance learning is “annoying,” said Ben. “I don’t get to run around and play on all the stuff [playground]… or soccer, jailbreak and basketball.”

Ella pauses during remote learning for a photo. (Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“It’s safe but I also think it’s kind of sad because you can’t see your friends and can’t meet new kids,” commented Ella.

“I miss going to school, but I like remote learning,” said Clarke. “I miss everyone.”

“It makes me a little sad because I miss playing with all my friends during recess at school,” added Maliyah.

“We felt the pod approach was necessary for the happiness of our children; the limited social interactions our children were having as a result of the quarantine were affecting them greatly,” Tignini also said.

“When Paige approached me with this idea, I was keen on the idea of a limited and safe social environment where all the families were committed to certain health standards,” she went on to say.

“Additionally, as I mentioned, the kids were getting short with each other, the adults were spread thin, and additional Spanish support was needed, we knew we needed some help. I know there are other options available, but my senior mother lives with us and I didn’t want to put her at additional risk, so the pod seemed to be the safest bet.”

Oliver also shared her perspective on Burbank Unified’s distance learning model.

“I believe that the Burbank School District only prepared for going back to school in a hybrid model despite sending out surveys asking about what the parents wanted,” Oliver commented. “They did not have answers about a full distance learning model when it was announced that we were not going back into the schools.”

(Photo Courtesy Paige Oliver)

“They did not have answers days before school started. They wasted the summer not preparing for both scenarios and our students have suffered.”

“The teachers’ union did what they were suppose to – fight for the teachers. The Burbank School Board watched over the monetary and liability aspect of the District,” Oliver added. “Who collectively fought for the students?”

Oliver has a positive assessment of the teacher for Spanish Dual Immersion but is concerned about her daughter and other students falling behind.

“I believe we have a wonderful teacher who is engaging, and is willing to learn and adapt as much as we are being asked to,” she said. “She is transparent and owns it if there are mistakes along the way. She responds quickly with concerns and I feel that she loves her job. I am very grateful for her.”

However, “Dual Immersion students at this level are not at the same level/equivalent to their standard English counterparts. With the reduction in hours of in person learning in both Spanish and English, both Spanish and English learners are at a disadvantage.”

“The educational environment at this age is one of interacting with one another, and currently a social component is missing in our children’s world,” Oliver went on to say. “Even if our pod was only two children it would help give them something they have been missing since March.”

“We practice social distancing, they all have their own assigned chairs and tables… but they can physically see each other, hear each other, talk to each other without a computer screen. They are outside in the fresh air and outside their homes (up until [last] week, as we have had to cancel pod meetings until the smoke goes away.)”

“Fear, depression, sadness are replaced by excitement, encouragement and anticipation for the next pod meeting. We have been amazed by what our creativity and resources can overcome and are inspired to do more!” Oliver said. “This pod helps their education in more ways than one.”

Burbank Unified Back To School Approach Looks Different For Fall 2020

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, Burbank Unified’s reopening and back to school efforts, with the implementation of 100% distance learning, made the first day of school look very different for teachers, administrators, students and families for the start of the 2020-21 school year on Monday, August 17.

For the past several years, myBurbank staff photographer Ross Benson has accompanied Burbank Unified Superintendent Matt Hill as he would check in at the various school sites, usually visiting about 10 schools on the first day.

This year, on the first day, students logged in to their online classrooms from home and teachers welcomed their new students virtually in Google Meet or Zoom either from their homes or their otherwise empty classrooms at school sites.

McKinley Kindergarten teacher Kasey Palermo teaches her class remotely from school. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

Once BUSD decided in July to open Fall 2020 with 100% distance learning, the remaining summer weeks turned into a focused effort for teachers and staff alike to get up to speed with technology and remote learning.

“Our teachers and staff did an amazing job getting ready for the first week of the year,” commented Hill. “This is definitely going to be a challenging year, but everyone rallied together to support our students. We also appreciate the partnership with our parents as we navigate this new learning model.”

One of the benefits of the Measure S parcel tax bond passed in 2013 was the technology and infrastructure upgrades carried out over several years. The money raised from the bond measure allowed BUSD to upgrade wiring/cable and tech infrastructure at all school sites, which in the current environment of remote learning has proved almost prescient, while at the time the upgrades were simply viewed as bringing BUSD up to a current standard.

Burbank Unified has made a huge effort to get Chromebooks and hotspots into the hands of students and families who didn’t have the access to individual workstations or reliable access to the internet. The District has loaned out more than 1000 hotspots and 5000 Chromebooks to date and continues to work with families in need.

McKinley first grade teacher Lisa Fuentez works from her empty classroom. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

While the teachers and staff put in a lot of work to be prepared for remote learning, perhaps the biggest challenge facing the District and its students is the need for consistent, reliable internet access via devices that work up to current tech standards.

“Google Meet and Zoom have had periodic issues and we have experienced other technology glitches that our help desk is working through,” Hill also said. “Parents can call the help desk at (818) 729-3401.”

Emails detailing troubleshooting actions have been sent to all BUSD families over the past week, outlining steps to try and rectify tech issues.

Hill noted that Chromebooks and hotspots are still available for loan and encourages families in need to contact their school principal.

Another important aspect of school is access to Nutrition and Lunch, particularly for families who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program. BUSD provides a week’s worth of Nutrition and Lunch, available for pickup from each school site on Fridays, for students who qualify for the program in addition to students whose families choose to purchase the meals.

Burbank’s William McKinley Elementary School yard is empty. Normally it’s filled with children for recess and activities. (Photo Courtesy Liz Costella.)

“In our first week of distribution, our participation was 1089 meal kits (10,890 meals),” said Hill. “Meal distribution will continue to be every Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Meals need to be picked up from the school site your student attends and pricing will be determined based on the meal benefits your student qualifies for. Families need to fill out an new meal application every school year.”

Approximately 35% of BUSD students qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program. The application can be found online at www.busdfoodservices.com.

“Families who qualify for Free benefits will not have to pay for these meals. Families who qualify for Reduced benefits will pay $3.50 per student/per week (.30 cents for each nutrition meal and .40 cents for each lunch meal),” explained Kathy Sessinghaus, Director of Food Services for BUSD.

“Families who do not qualify for benefits will need to pay full price for each meal. Elementary will pay $28.75 per student/ per week ($2.25 for each nutrition meal and $3.50 for each lunch meal),” she added. “Middle and High School will pay $31.25 per student/per week ($2.50 for each nutrition meal and $3.75 for each lunch meal.)”

Luther Burbank Middle School Principal Oscar Macias gears up for on site work at the school. (Photo Courtesy Oscar Macias.)

There has been a lot of concern voiced online in thought pieces and via social media, going into the new school year, over how students – particularly, the younger ones – will do with remote learning. While some parents have opted for homeschooling, hiring tutors for individual attention or creating small learning pods with other families for support, in general, most families have continued to stick with the Burbank Unified School District for education.

Overall, Burbank Unified’s enrollment is steady, according to Hill, at approximately 15,000 students throughout the District.

“We have fewer kindergarten students than projected, but we have enrolled more middle and high school students than expected,” he said.

Currently, Burbank Unified remains focused on providing 100% distance learning for its students’ education, while planning for an eventual return to in person education.

Burbank High AP Stats and Algebra I teacher Robert Hammell shows off his at home remote teaching setup. (Photo Courtesy Robert Hammell.)

“Reopening will depend on current health conditions and guidelines,” commented Hill. “Current guidelines require six feet of physical distancing, so when it is safe and appropriate to reopen we would phase in with a hybrid model.”

Hill noted in a recent Board of Education meeting that the District does not want to reopen schools only to have to shut them again with a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus. Thus, BUSD’s approach to reopening for in person education will be cautious and measured.

Remote learning will remain accessible for those students and families who wish to utilize that approach for the remainder of the ’20-21 school year, Hill said, even when a hybrid or fully open education model becomes available.

Burbank Unified is comprised of 11 elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools including Monterey Continuation High School, along with the Horace Mann Child Care Center, Community Day School, Magnolia Park School, the Burbank Adult School and the Independent Learning Academy, an established online-only program. More information on the Burbank Unified School District can be found on their website.

Former Teacher of the Year, Jon Olin, Passes Away

From the Burbank Unified School District:

Jon Olin

It is with heavy hearts that we mark the passing of long-time educator and past Teacher of the Year and Mentor, Jon Monroe Olin, whose history with the District stretched from his days as a BUSD student to his service as a teacher, which continued until 2011. Mr. Olin was a graduate of the 1961 class of Burbank High School. He began his teaching career with BUSD in the fall of 1967 at Jordan Middle School, where he taught Adaptive Physical Education to Special Education students. While at Jordan he took two leaves of absence to travel and teach in Greece, 1973–1975, and the Dominican Republic, 1979–1980, providing instruction in P.E. and social studies/world culture. In 1990 he moved to Burbank High School, where he taught P.E. and Health, served as the B-Fit and TUPE Coordinator, and coached many sports including Varsity Water Polo and Swim, leading the team to a CIF Championship. He also taught courses at the Learning Center at the Burbank Adult School. After his retirement in 2005, he returned to the District to work as a substitute teacher for both general education students and adult students from 2007 to 2011. He is survived by his wife Dorothea, daughters Meg and Alexandra, son Christopher, their partners, and five grandchildren. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

An Open House and Memorial will be held in his honor:

Saturday, February 22, 11:30 a.m.

1022 E. Angeleno Avenue, Burbank

RSVP: 818 438 3046


Burbank High Welcomes Dr. Tom Crowther to Top Job

Burbank High School’s new principal, Dr. Thomas Crowther, former Principal of Toll Middle School in Glendale, is ready to take the helm.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

As a former Burbank High School Assistant Principal, it was always a passion of his to return to Burbank High School, so when the opportunity presented itself he readily applied for the position. His children currently attend Burbank schools and he is also happy that they will have the same schedule as the rest of his family. He is also a product of the Burbank school system.

As a previous classroom teacher for ten years and working in school administration for nine years, Dr. Crowther is more than qualified to be Burbank High’s Principal. He said the biggest initial challenge he has at Burbank High School is getting to know the faces of 2500+ students as well as the 100+ staff and faculty and to form a more cohesive family atmosphere.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank High School just underwent a WASC Accreditation process and received amazing test results which are very exciting news. He is proud of the caliber of the Burbank High teaching staff and administrators and looks forward to working closely with them.

When asked of the growing concern about drugs and vaping, Dr. Crowther said he plans to meet with all authorities concerned to eliminate misinformation and educate parents and students of the legitimate dangers of vape products to curb or reduce usage. “We will work with BPD School Resource Officer Dustin Rodriguez, the District Office, the Director of Student Services, faculty and staff to develop consistent messaging and consequences when students make bad decisions, as well as getting support for those already hooked who want to stop but don’t know how to.”

In a perfect world, social media and cell phones would have their place and not occupy the majority of students free time although he understands how difficult that would be. Addiction is not too strong a word for this usage. Also, students should know that once you put it out there on social media it remains there forever.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Burbank High School has an excellent sports record and Dr. Crowther, being a big sports fan, expressed the importance of being visible and supportive of the school’s sports programs.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

He was pleased to note that we are already competing for CIF every year. He was also pleased to note that Steven Hubbell (Assistant Principal, Athletics & Activities) is supporting their hard-working coaches. Bruce Breeden and Patrick McMenamin (The Schools Athletic Directors) are also working to support the students

Dr. Crowther expressed the importance of every student making the most of their time at Burbank High School, making every day count, and leaving with a goal, understanding that there is a whole world at their fingertips.

Burbank City Treasurer to Step Down to Take Position With Burbank School District


In a release sent out Friday, May 31, the Burbank Unified School District has hired Burbank City Treasurer Debbie Kukta to replace David Jaynes in the position of Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. Jayne had announced earlier that he is retiring.

According to the City of Burbank Charter, because Kukta has already served more then half of her current term, the Burbank City Council will select a replacement to fill out her term.

The full release sent out by the school district:

On June 6, the Board of Education will vote on a contract for Debbie Kukta to become the District’s next Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. After five years with the District, David Jaynes will be retiring. Superintendent of schools Dr. Matt Hill praised Mr. Jaynes for his service. “Mr. Jaynes has been a steadying force within the District over the past five years during very difficult financial times. While it is a major loss to see Mr. Jaynes leave, we feel we have selected an outstanding person to take the baton from Mr. Jaynes. We wish Mr. Jaynes nothing but happiness in retirement.”

Ms. Kukta has an impressive background that will help guide the District in the future. A Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant, Ms. Kukta has served as Treasurer for the City of Burbank since July 2012.

A product of Burbank schools, Ms. Kukta earned a Bachelor of Science – Business Administration (Accounting) degree from California State University, Northridge, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Ms. Kukta started her career with the international accounting firm of KPMG, conducting audits of banks, insurance companies, cities, and school districts; she subsequently joined Trojan Rivet Corporation, working her way up to the position of President. 

With her two sons in Burbank schools, Ms. Kukta volunteered through PTA, Site Council, and the District’s Budget Advisory Committee before running for BUSD’s school board in 2005, serving seven years before her appointment as Burbank’s City Treasurer. 

Ms. Kukta shared that when she heard about Mr. Jaynes’ retirement she felt that she would be the strongest candidate to successfully guide the District through this challenging financial environment. Ms. Kukta said, “I love serving the City of Burbank as Treasurer, but our schools need all the help they can get as we work together to raise additional funding for schools. It is appalling that California funds public schools at the bottom 10 of states in per-pupil spending.” She added, “I have been inspired by the vision of the School Board and the Superintendent and I want to help make that vision a reality.”

Ms. Kukta will resign from her position as City Treasurer and will begin with the Burbank Unified School District on August 1, 2019. Ms. Kukta shared, “I am forever grateful to the City of Burbank, the staff at the Treasurer’s Office, the City Council, and the voters of this community.” She added, “I look forward to continuing to strengthen relationships between the City and School District and I am excited to work with the amazing team at the Burbank Unified School District.

Ms. Kukta stated she was looking forward to beginning the work. “After meeting with Dr. Hill, we have agreed that my first 100 days should be focused on developing a framework for increased financial transparency and accountability. As we explore a potential local funding measure in 2020, it is critical the community understands the funding received and the impact those investments have on the students of Burbank.”

High School Summer Classes Begin June 3

On Monday, June 3rd, secondary summer school programs will begin at John Burroughs High School. All courses, including initial credit and credit recovery, begin on this date.

Daily Schedule:

Classes start: 7:40 a.m.

Nutrition break: 10:10-10:25

Classes end: 1 p.m.


Class Sessions:

Term 1: June 3-June 19

Term 2: June 20-July 11

Class is in session on Friday, June 7

No class on Thursday, July 4



Attendance is mandatory on Day 1.  Any students who do not attend class on June 3 will be dropped from the program. 


PE/General Team Sports:

Students in PE classes will need to arrive at summer school dressed and ready for activity. Water and sunblock are recommended.


Wait Lists:

Some courses have lengthy wait lists. Students may show up on Monday morning to see if any seats are available. Students will be enrolled in the order that applications were submitted. There is no guarantee that any student on the wait list will be moved into a class.


Please contact Matt Chambers mattchambers@burbankusd.org with any questions. 


Dr. Bertram Steps Down as Principal at Burbank High School

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

In a letter to Burbank High Families sent today, May 31, Burbank High School Principal Dr. Mike Bertram announced he is stepping down to focus on his health and family.

Here is what Dr. Bertram sent out to parents Friday:

Dear Burbank High School Families:

Being the principal at Burbank High School has been such a blessing.  It is a rewarding job, however, it is also tough at times.  I have had a rough year personally, and I feel that it is time for me to step down from my position as principal and refocus on my health and my family. I have appreciated all the love and support I have received during my time in Burbank. I will always cherish the relationships I have formed with you and your student(s).  It is all of you that makes Burbank High School a wonderful place to go to school.  I am looking forward to some recuperation over the summer and taking the time to decide where my journey will take me next. 

The Burbank Unified School District will be conducting a search for the next principal of Burbank High School over the next several weeks. The school will be ready to open when the school year starts in August. Have a great weekend …

Thank you for everything, and always remember, “It’s great to be a Bulldog.”

Mike (Dr. Bertram)

Burbank High School Seniors March in Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations to the following Burbank High graduates who received their diplomas on May 24, 2019 at Burbank High School

Andraine Jeamelle Abad
Eric Abnoosian
Edgar Abnoosian
Sona Abrahamyan
Leilauni Acevedo
Aaron Acosta
Karin Adamian
Rita Adamian
Michael Aghajani
Beniamin Aghajanyan
Maria Aguilar-Barba
Christopher Aguirre
Stacey Aivaz
Pawee Akkharachotmongkhol
Tania Al Boghos
Mackenzie Aladjem
Christopher Alexan
Brianna Alger
Anispetros Al-Hasani
Miguel Almario
Esper Alsayegh
Macheal Altwal
Maile Ambeguia
Grace Amour
Trent Anderson
Dorian Andrei
Isaac Anglade
Mariam Arabyan
Pablo Aragon Maruri
Deric Arami
Jessica Ardgoli
Joaquin Ardon Alvarado
Ivan Aroush
Hasmik Arshakyan
Natalie Arshamian
Vache Artunyan
Tereza Arutunyan
Anzhela Asatryan
Sonya Ashikyan
Dara Ashrafi Saadat
Milena Asilbekyan
Justin Askar
Sofia Aslanyan
Arpine Assadourian
Andre Avagyan
Nazli Avanesian
Mario Avendano
Silva Avetisyan
David Avetisyan
Alice Avetyan
Jeremy Azar
Kristopher Azizkhani

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jasmine Baccanico
Yuri Badalyan
Aleana Bahy
Aidan Bailey
Katherine Baker
Ryan Ballash
Angela Celynn Baluyut
Ayushi Banerjee
Edita Barakyozyan
Orbel Barooni
Anna Barseghyan
Jasmine Bashian
Molly Bastian
Jazmine Belcher
Christian Benavides
Nailan Benitez Armentero
Sergio Bernal
Angella Bernal
Danna Biba
Varuzhan Bilbulyan
Luca Bily
Brooklynn Bisordi
Conner Blanchard-Kyle
Devin Blazon
Kaleb Bluhm-Sexton
Kazzandra Bolanos
Katelyn Bonk
Savannah Booker Al Baqir
Satchel Bootchk
Kavon Borghani
Francesco Bovelli
Luis Briano Delgado
Alexandros Brice
Amaya Broyls
Regin Buendia
Alen Buniatyan
Melanie Burckes

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Ethan Cabalquinto
Barbara Cabrera
Armilene Cabreros
Kya Cabunoc
John Caldwell
Isaiah alles
Bernard Calzado
Julian Camacho
Carmen Camacho-Platas
Alyssa Dei Canos
Andy Cardenas
Gabrielle Carns
Alexus Carrillo
Erin Carter
Mariela Castaneda
Luis Castellanos
Andrea Castresana
Julian Catello
Hannah Marie Cericos
Aaron Chang
Scarlet Chapman
Stephanie Chau
Zion Chavez
Jasmine Chavez
Alden Choe
Ashley Choy
Terrapin Christensen
Manuel Chu
Esther Chung
Camelia Churchian
Joseph Clark
Isabella Clark
Jalen Clark-Baldie
Margaret Clay
Ciara Reanne Clutario
Henry Cook
Nyeria Cork
Dakota Cortez
Casey Coy

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Miles D’Agostin
Reginald Dallas
Natalie Danao
Michael Danielian
Breanna David
Alexandra Davis
Nicoletta Davis
Olga Davis
Meledit Davoodi
Lia Davoodian
Audrey Dawoodi
Oscar De La Cruz
Andres De La Torre
Nathan DeCamp
Ashley Demirchyan
Aidan Diamond
Alejandra Maria Diaz
Jean Diaz
Esmeralda Diaz Delgado
Kendelle Dickens
Jayleen Dilig
Gariden Dixon
Raymond Dones
Richard Duenckel
Guram Dumbadze
Darren Durnbaugh
Karo Dzhgalian

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Samantha Eaton
Isaac Echeto
Dylan EffleHoy
Ahmed Elkordy
Madison Emi
Justine Dominic Encontro
Katherine Escarilla
Raquel Espinoza
Arman Essaghoolian
Vidalia Estrada
Juan Euan
Kamille Eugenio
Kelin Eyvazi

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Siena Fagiani
Johana Faraj
Georgy Fedirko
Benjamin Fillman
Robert Fleming
Lydia Forsyth
Lisa Fox

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Linsey Gagliardi
Samantha Gallegos
David Galsor
Artavazd Galstyan
Edgar Galvez
Adrian Garcia
Delia Garcia
Hana Garcia
Yulissa Garcia
Shellsy Garcia
Lucia Garcia
Sarah Garelick
Trent Gaskill
Zaven Gasparyan
Artush Gasparyan
Brianna Gatzka
Ashot Gavurmadzhyan
Knar off stage Geghamyan
Charlotte Getz
Greg Gevojanyan
Tigran Gevorgian
Imelda Gharapetian
Garni Gharibian
Armin Ghoolian
Timothy Gibbs
Dylan Giliberto
Nicholas Glover
Austin Gnasso
Ethan Godfrey
Zindel Gogh
Jonah Goldman
Raquel Goli
Alexa Gomez
Kaycee Danice Gonzales
Cesar Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez Villeda
Aylin Gonzalez-Perez
David Grdilian
Andranik Grigorian
Andrew Guerrero
Chad Guerrero
Daniel Gurieli

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Andre Haddad
Ani Hakobyan
Zhora Hakobyan
Emin Hambarchian
Peter Hartooni
Paolin Hartounian
David Harutyunyan
Erik Harutyunyan
Hovsep Harutyunyan
Aubrey Hayman
Samantha Heintz
Andrea Hernandez
Christian Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez Perez
Leo Herpetian Haftvani
Victoria Heyn
Oladele Hospidales
Nairie Hovakimian
Alexander Hovakimyan
Sophia Hudson
Krissy Hunter
Olivia Huntley

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Angel Ibarra
Asadullah Ibrahim
Ennie Ilasco
Ashley Im
Vivian Iniguez
Anne Ishida
Arman Iskikian
Allen Issa
Meream Issa
Avag Issagholian

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Paula Jaramillo Montoya
Maya Jarrah
CJ Jobelle
Luke Micah Johnson
Jasmine Johnson
Kobe Jones
River Jordan
Daniel Juarez

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Alexander Kadian
Lilit Kadzhikyan
Arthur Kadzhikyan
Stuti Kahar
Gevorg Karakulyan
Daniel Karapetyan
Levon Karapetyan
Katelynn Kasitz
Robyn Kassens
Jaylene Kassir
Karen Kasyan
Elizabeth Kazanchian
Griffin Kazanegras
Nshan Kazaryan
Marine Keshishyan
Eric Keshishyan
Averi Kessee
Garooneh Khachatori
Sirak Khachatryan
Eric Khachatryan
Zhora Khalatyan
Marly Khanlerian
Emin Khodadadian
Erin Khodaverdin
Daisy Kim
Benjamin Kim
David Kirakosyan
Carlos Knight Reyes
Mineli Kordijan
Karo Koshkaryan
David Kouyoumdjian
Isaac Kratz
Arpine Kuchuryan
Ava Kuiper
Michael Kunza
Gevork Kvryan
Jason Kwon

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Natalie Landaverde
Shushan Lazaryev
Jae Hyeon Lee
Samuel Lee
Ethan Lee
James Lee
Joshua Lee
Demarco Lee
Gevork Leklyan
Britney Leon
Arnold Lev
Jamie Levin
Anya Lewis
Edenilson Liborio Trujillo
Justin Lim

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Carolina Machuca
Narek Manachian
Jayce Dominique Manlangit
Zahira Manriquez
Nicole Manukyan
Christopher Manvelyan
Chase Marcy
Abrielle Marsden
Alejandro Martinez
Nazeli Martirosyan
Bryan Masuzumi
Nicole Mattera
Nathan Mehta
Ryan Mehta
Shalom Mejia
Ayda Mekikian
Kevin Melkomian
Artin Melkomians
Isabella Mendoza
Nicole Menendez
Fredy Merida De Leon
Ani Merikyan
Davis Mieliwocki
Johnny Mihranian
Patil Minassian
Narek Minasyan
Arkadik Mirzakhanian
Juliana Misirian
Susan Misiryan
Garabed Missirlian
Alexander Mize
Nicolette Mogadam
Rebecca Moke
Erin Monji
Precious Mora
Melody Moradi
Daniela Morejon
Michelle Morlock
Sofia Muller

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Marcos Munoz Aksacki
Ardashes Nalbandyan
Nino Narinyants
Karla Navarrete
Julia Navarro
Sharlene Nazari
Patrick Nazarian
Franchesca Nazarians
Inga Nazaryan
Romeo Nazaryan
Emineh Nercissian
Miles Nevarez
Khuong Nguyen
Veyoncei Dorthee Nino
Jake Noren
Shakira Noriega
Celeste Nunes
Haylie Nutt

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Ilona Oganesian
Albert Ogannisyan
Andrew Ohanian
Tina Ohanian
Daniel Ohannessian
Carly Oldfield
Jahir Olvera
Fatima Orellana
Cynthia Ornelas
Isabel Ortega
Frank Osorio

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Christopher Pakhanyan
Isahak Pampukyan
Alex Papazian
Suzy Papikyan
Kalam Park
Isabel Partida
Dylan Pasco
Percival Jared Pasion III
Hunter Paterra
Amber Paterson
Uma Patil
Muhammad Ali Payind
Jacob Pearlman
Meg Pendarvis
Isaiah Penn
Monica Peregrino
Juan Pereyra
Leah Perez
Santiago Perez
Jessica Perez
Amber Perkins
Christopher Peterson
Melody Petrosian
Kristina Petrosian
Rebeka Petrosians
Natalie Petrosyan
Alisa Petrosyan
Irena Petrosyan
Michelle Pham
Kayla Pino
Yevangelina Poghosyan
Emma Pomes
Alyssa Porras
Matthew Porras
Andrey Postikyan
Serli Pouladian Ghalemamakai
Brandon Powell
Olivia Price
Karine Prusalyan

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Chloe Quattro
Airish Querubin

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Cynthia Racique Gonzalez
Nellie Rafaelian
Safee Rahman
Nidhi Ramesh
Matthew Ramirez
Christian Ramos
Andrew Rangel
Trisha Mae Raymundo
Jackson Raytis
Sheridan Renfroe
Matthieu Resurreccion
Brian Reyes
Anthony Reyes
Kevin Reyes
Max Reynolds
Ryan Rickey
Sophia Rivera
Chloe Roach Fernandez
Jessica Rocha
Clifford Roll
Vincent Romano
Dominic Romano
Emily Rostami
Samantha Ruelas
Daniel Ruiz

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Armen Safarians
Susanna Saghatelyan
Darrin Sahagon
Ani Sahakyan
Gurgen Sahakyan
Karine Sahakyan
Camila Salas
Alan Salciccioli
Lola Salinas
Emilia Salmon
Kamau Samaroo
Isabella Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez
Anthony Sandoval
Arturo Santana
Anahit Sargsyan
Erika Sargsyan
Daniel Sarkisian
George Sarkissov
Christian Scott
Yuri Sedrakyan
Janet Sevilla
Kevin Shahbaziyan
Sydney Shamasyan
Patrick Shamirian
Minkyu Shin
Sophia Shirinyan
Ethan Sicoff
Isabel Silva
Emily Simonian
Karo Simonyan
Lia Sinaei
Duncan Smith
Paulina Smith
Robert Smith
Javier Solis
Christopher Stanis
Matthew Stein
Kodai Stout
Emma Strattan
Aizhan Sulaimanova
Devin Sullivan

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Yzavel Beatrice Tablan
Shinnosuke Tada
Clarense Tahmasian
Daniel Tashchyan
Damon Tate
Monique Telalyan
Ariana Telimi
Ariel Telimi
Ocelotlcuauhtli Tellez
Eduardo Tenorio
Bryan Tenorio
Tigran Ter Stepanyan
Rita Ternakalyan
Nelly Terteryan
Andreas Theoharides
Charlie Thorpe
Osanna Tirityan
Milena Tofanyan
Steven Tom
Mia Tominaga
Analise Torres
Natalia Torres
Vahagn Tovmasian
Keon Tran
Andrew Trigueros
Catherine Trujillo
Arthur Tsarukyan
Alexander Tsaturyan

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Emily Udall
Nicole Urrego

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Neil Vaghashia
Chadz Vang
Chance VanHook
Vahan Vardanyan
Gevorg Vardanyan
Samouel Vaseghyzand
Ruby Vasquez
Linda Vasquez
Renny Vasquez
Nathaniel Vassaux
Ashley Vega
Andrea Velarde
Angelica Verduzco
Alyssa Villa
Brandon Villaflor
Genesis Villalta
Dylan Viyar
Caterina Vosgien
Kevin Vrtani

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Tyler Wahe
Ashton Watts
Chloe Elizabeth Weller
Michael Westwood
Aidan Williams
Cody Winters
Kenneth Won
Isabelle Wong

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Dina Yahoum
Jessie Yang
Michelle Yazdzhyan
Aram Yerkanyan
Vardan Yerkaryan
Paul Yi
Penelope Yokas
Jennifer Younan

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Andrew Zadourian
Shadi Zagheb
Patricia Zambrano
Alexis Zamudio
Celeste Zappaterreno
Leo Zaroukian

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Burroughs High School Seniors March in Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations to the following Burroughs graduates who received their diplomas on May 23, 2019, on Memorial Field

                                 Reigh Andrew Abaoag

Megan  Abrams

Alexander   Acedo

Riley  Acevedo-Osorio

Michael  Adair

Jaedon Ryan    Adriatico

Jared  Agagas

Elin   Aghakhani

Joseph  Aguayo

Brandon   Aguilar

Anthony  Aguirre

Esteban    Alcantar

Julian  Alejandre

Alexis Allen

Fernando   Alpizar

Michael  Altawil

Kimiko  Alvarez

Malisa   Alvarez

Aaron    Amanios

Izabella Ambartsumyan

Mathilde  Anik

Anthony  Aragon

Bryan  Arreaga Rodriguez

Cheyenne  Arroyo

Jose  Arroyo

Matias  Artiga

Ryan  Austin

Ashley  Avelar

Samantha    Avendano

Narek  Avetisyan

Julio Aviles-Gonzalez

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Tucker  Babchuck

Ashley  Baelly

Drew  Baelly

Cencere Baker

Camilla  Barbaduomo

Martin  Barco

Dalton  Barker

Jake   Barraza

Sharai  Barrera

Trevor  Bates

Kayla  Beals

Kayla  Becker

Sara   Bender

Leander   Benedicto

Amy  Berberyan

Arshak  Berberyan

Simone Beres

LeAnn   Bermudez

Raymond   Berrellez

Jaelynn Bijasa

Noah     Birnbaum

Sophie  Birnbaum

Nicholas  Black

Andrew    Blocher

Isabella Bonino

George Boote

Jacob  Bosco

Jose   Brenes

Owen   Brennan

Deanna   Briseno

Rebecca  Butterworth

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Crystal  Cabanillas

Ericka  Cabungcal

Alexandra Cadena

Aliyah Cain

Alexia Calderon

Kathleen Calugcugan

Santiago  Camacho

Isabelle  Canelo

Ava  Cannon

Elizabeth   Cardenas

Matthew Cardenas

Nicholas   Cardenas

Rose  Carney

Anthony  Casanova

Journey  Cash

Brianna Castaneda

Brandon  Castillo

Miguel  Castillo

Christal Castro

Robert  Ceja

Nicholas Centeno

Kevin  Chan

Omar Chavez

Fredis Chavez Villegas

Dylan Childs

Daniel Cho

Maya Christian

Angela  Christopher

Niccolo Lorenzo Chuidian

Sara Ciani

Timothy  Clark

Benjamin Contreras

Logan  Corcorran

Mia  Corona

Trent  Corona

Deja  Cortes

Luis Cortes Zuniga

Kevin Cortez

Keely Craig

Rylie Cremarosa

Alec  Cruz

Samuel Cruz

Vanessa  Cruz

Veronica  Cruz

Yesenia  Cuchillas

Jackson Cunningham

Noah  Cushman

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Mery Dada

Jalen Dagdagan

Mary  Dagher

Anthony  D’Andrea

Pranathi  Darbhala

Marisa-Belle  De La Torre

Ayumi  DeHerrera

Dominique Christie Del Rosario

Christian   Dela Cruz

Geoff  Denis

Alexzandur  Deptula

Nancy  Devora

Dracko  Diaz

Jonathan  Diaz

Mark  Do

Joshua Anthony Domantay

Dominic  Dominguez

Savannah  Dorris

Caroline   Dowers

Isaack   Dowling

Caden   Dreyer

Adrian   Duarte

Xavier   Dubon

Sophia  Dujovne

Aliah    Duran

Faith    Duston

Davis   Dysthe

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Omid   Ebrahimi

Sarah   Edward

Isaac   Ehring

Lawrence   Eichwald

Emaad  Elhardouzi

McKenzie  Ellingwood

Andrew   English

Isabella Erickson

Kaitlin   Escamilla

Hacel   Escobar Argueta

Isabel  Espinoza

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jonathan   Factora

Ariana   Farias

Jeanette  Fasheh

Patrick  Fegan

Jayden  Ferrer

Marilyn Fierro

Alexander  Figueroa-Cisneros

Leslie  Figueroa-Lozano

Peter  Filippi

Cory   Fisher

Bronwyn  Fitting

Christian  Flores

Devin  Flores

Cameron  Flowers

Lepara  Flowers

Claire  Flynn

Emma  Fonseca

Trevor  Fournier

Daniel  Foxx

Ethan  Frangella

Luna   Freitas

Alano Kai  Fukumoto

Keely  Funston

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Haroutyun    Gabrielyan

Ethan   Galloway

Alesia  Galvez

Mia   Galvez

Heidi  Garayoa

Ethielin Garcia

Jonathan Garcia

Laura   Garcia

Lorena  Garcia

Melissa Garcia

Julia  Gates

Nathan Gault-Crabb

Gianna  Geary

Etan Goldberg

Alfonso   Gomez

Jesse   Gomez

Cindy   Gonzalez

Hector  Gonzalez

Soraya  Gonzalez

Emily   Goyanes

Steven  Grandinetti

Eleanor Grant

Charles Graves

Jagger   Green

Colin Gressler

Nicole  Grimaldo

Mario  Guadarrama Ocampo

Citlally  Gutierrez

Emily  Gutierrez

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jariah Haas

Zachary  Hagen-Smith

Caden  Hale

Lynn Hanada

Grey  Hanket

Emma  Harley

Micaiah  Harounian

Nathan Harounian

Andy   Harris

Curtis   Harris

Maggie Harris

Sierra  Harvey

Veronica     Haug

Sara Hawa

Troi  Hawkins

Samuel Hawksworth

Adrian  Hernandez

Allen  Hernandez

Ana   Hernandez

Orion   Hernandez

Tien   Hernandez

Ferdy Hernandez Garcia

Nicholas  Hernandez-Haubenreisser

Kevin   Herrera

Kyle Heyman

Joshua  Hooker

Justice  Howe

Jake  Howick

Ivan  Huerta

Leslie     Huerta-Leon

Rebecca   Huezo

Lillian   Hughes

Ryan   Hunter

Ayaan  Hussain

James   Hutchinson

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Aaron Isago

Kailiana Isley

Carlos Izaguirre

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Ashlee  Jackson

Danielle   Jackson

Leah   Jackson

Joseph  Jaramillo

Julian  Jaramillo

Ella  Jennings

Julian    Jensen

Naomi   Jimenez

Collin Johnson

Steven  Johnson

Alexander  Jones

Jordan  Jones

Kasmira    Jones

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Jaspinder Kahlon

Narek   Kajikian

Amanda    Kang

Vahan   Kasparian

Angelina   Kassenborg

Caroline   Keenan

Robert  Khalulyan

Samantha  Khoury

Skylar   King

Kansas  Klocki

Tyler   Knutson

Katerina Kojababian

Jillian   Kukawski

Luke    Kvarda

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Gerianne   Lacap

Adriana  Lagunas

Peter     Lainson

Brian    Lam

Haley   Lamb

Alexa   Lass

Samy   Lazaar

Michael  Le

Son Le

Samantha  Leano

Alyssa   Ledesma

Haley   Lefevre

Richard Legorreta

Jacques  LeMay

Sandy   LeMay

Preston  Lemus

Isabella Mari  Lepatan

Michelle  Lester

Caitlin  Lim

Anahi  Linares

Mykala Listorti

Israel  Loma

Ashley  London

Alyssa   Lopez

Christopher  Lopez

Jonathan Lopez

Leyla    Lopez

Lorenzo  Lopez

Rio  Lopez

Zarina  Lopez

Zoe  Lorenc

Camryn    Lotka

Nastazia  Lukic

David   Ly

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Hannah   Macaranas

Michael   Macaya


Ethan   Magdaleno

Christopher  Magoon

Christopher  Makarem

Sara  Manzo

Naomi  Marquez Delgado

Alicia  Martinez

Amy  Martinez

Ashleigh  Martinez

Cristian Martinez

Genesis  Martinez

Magaly Martinez

Jada   Martinez-Reese

Maquel   Marzo

Tyler   Mashore

Anika  Maskara

Alexis Mathis

Seth   Matias

Madeline  May

Miriam  Mazo

Jacob  McClure

Natalie  McCollough

Connor McDonald

Darren  McDuffie

Shea   McGovern

Emily  McHorney

Michael  McHugh

Myia   McIver

Sage   McNeely

Jaden  Mejia

Jonathan Mejia

Paige   Mejia

Caitlin  Melgar

Citlali   Mendez

Iliana   Mendias

Bianey  Mendoza

Elijah   Mendoza

Hailey  Mendoza

Jimmy   Mendoza

Brianna Meneses

Julian   Mercado

Josue    Merchan

Morgan  Mersola

Vereena  Metry

Nathaniel  Metz

Darcy   Meyers

Aram  Meymarian

Kyler  Michel

Xochitl  Miele

Walker  Miller

David   Miller  II

Nicholas Minatiskan-Vargas

Edward Minjarez

Naya    Minniti

Edgar   Miron

Coby  Mitchell

Iliana  Mitchell

Arman  Mkrtchyan

Bella  Mochrie

Samuel Mokracek

Sabrina Monterrosa

Jake  Moore

Preston  Moore

Christian Morales Rodriguez

Joelene  Morales-Garcia

Mariam Morcus

Sunhee Morgan

Luke  Muhlenkamp

Kimberly  Munguia

Rafael   Munguia

Kaylee  Munoz

Ana Isa Murguia

Priscilla Murillo

Alessandro  Muro

Hailey Myers

Luke Myers

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Madison Nagashiki

Julianna Navarro

Lakely   Nealis

Kalea Neiviller

Megan  Ng

Joseph  Nguyen

Phuong  Nguyen

Georgiana  Nituleasa

Artur   Noramiryan

Zyla Nyahay

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Bryan  Oasay

Logan  O’Barr

Kimberly Ochoa

Spencer  Ohrt

Hunter  Olson

Leslie     Ordaz

Cassandra   Orjuela

Aleah  Orozco

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Jonathan  Padungyothee

Kyle Sebastian  Paguia

Valeria  Palma Cisneros

Nyilah   Palmer

Matthew  Pando

Sarah   Pando

Jake   Panikowski

Camila Panozo

Ava  Paraszkay

Justin  Pazmino

Lauren  Pellot

Daniela Perez

Ivan  Perez

Jacqueline  Perez

Turner  Perez

Sydney Persaud

Gabija   Petrulis

Alyssa   Phelps

Chavisa Phivnil

Bill Phung

Katherine  Pichaj

Alexis  Pilkington

Nathan Piper

Jhazmin Pitts

Kate   Platten

Carlos    Ponce

Jordan  Powell

Kayla   Powell

Kendyl  Powell

Emmanuel  Preciado

Isabella Primera

Cole  Protzman

Alysson   Prudencio-Menjivar

Sedona Puglisi

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Tarra Isabella     Quiambao

Alison    Quijada

Nicole   Quiterio

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Nicholas  Rabadi

Akila  Rajapaksha

Tobi   Ralph

Ethan  Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

Brianna Ramos

Andrea Ramos Landaverde

Megan  Rangel-Lynch

Danica   Razov

Miranda Reed

Valerie  Reveles

Vanessa Reveles

Caleb  Reyes

Gavino  Reyes

Kimberly  Reyes

Ethan  Ricker

Ryan   Rife

Abigail  Riggs

Carlos   Rivera

Yasleen Robinson

Anthony Rodriguez

Edgar  Rodriguez

Hannah Rodriguez

Jesse  Rodriguez

Dalila Rodriguez-Lopez

Trenton Rogers

Nicole   Rojas

Vivian  Rojas

Dylan  Rolando

Daniel  Roman

Natalie  Romero

Isabel  Rosado

David   Rosales

Milo Rothensee Siles

Dylan  Roy

Jose  Rubio

Andrea Ruiz

Emily  Ruiz

Michael  Rumfola

Nicole   Rumfola

Julian  Ruvalcaba

Dylan Ryan

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Nikki  Sabo

Andres Salazar

Andrea Salazar-Jimenez

Jocelyn Salcido

Syreze-Sky  San Andres

Elena   Sanchez

Enoch  Sanchez

John  Sanchez

Joshua  Sanchez

Lailani  Sanchez

Madelyn Sanchez

Sebastian Sanchez-Amado

Alishia   Sandoval

Johnny Sandoval

Manny  Sandoval

Melody   Santiago

Valery   Saravia

Gabriella  Sassenrath

Virginia Saucedo

Jordan  Savar

Ashley  Sawyer

Megan  Sawyer

Quinn  Sawyer

Kendall Scarone

Sean  Schray

Andrew  Schulman

Yejee  Schulze

Nathaniel  Semsen

Alina  Serpas

Verzhin  Shagrikyan

Duha   Shatila

Phillip Nathan  Shearer

Myles  Sherry

Craig  Shippey

Talin  Silva

Hannah   Skinner

Aidan  Smith

Ruby    Smith

Brian  Sol

Jolene   Soliman

David Solis

Estevan   Solis

Coen  Sosa

Andrew   Souza

Kenneth Spickler

Alexis   Spinello

Japheth  Sta Juana

Liam  Stackhouse

Paris Stacy

Kaleb   Stapelfeldt

Mia  Storer

Brisa  Suarez

Patrick  Suarez

Catalina  Sutter

Rose  Svonkin

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Brian   Tabak

Allison  Takahashi

Matthew  Talisay

Kaitlyn  Talley

Kimberly  Tan

Timothy Taratchila

Zander  Tassart

Peter Tawdros

Xander Taylor

Nicholas  Tchaousoghlou

Alfredo Tejeda

Amber  Tello

Julia Terrano

Grace Thiemann

Joseph Thom

Sarah Thomas

Angelica Thompson

Samuel Tipton

Julian  Tobar

Devin  Tom

Allyson Torrance

Daniel   Torres

Nathaniel Torres

Sergio   Torres

Gabriel Toscano

Alexander  Toth

Jestine  Tovar

Sara   Tovar

Catherine  Tran

Elaine   Tran

Michelle Tran

Maria  Trejo

Joshua  Trevizo

Evan  Troncoso

Nathan Turner


Jakob  Ulrich

(Photo by Ross A Benson)


Lauryn  Valencia

Jennifer  Valle

Juliana  Van Loo

Joelle   Vasquez

Natalia  Vasquez

Arcendu Velasco

Harshil  Vijayan

Azucena  Villalta Hernandez

Leslie   Villatoro

Grace  Vinyard

Gabriel Taren  Vitug

Kathryn Vlick

Steve  Vo

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Sophie  Wade

Brandon Wainstain

Kevin   Warendorp

Chloe  Warmoth

Cassandra  Washburn

Maggie Webber

Jack  Weerts

Jacob  Wetzel

Jacob  Whaley

Destiny Whitlock

Marlaina Whitney

Avery  Williams

Gabrielle Williams

Megan  Williams

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Burbank Unified To Hold Special Board Meeting On Parcel Tax Polling, District Vision

The Burbank Unified School District Board of Education will hold a Special Board Meeting and Study Session on Tuesday evening, May 28, to present parcel tax polling results and talk about the District’s vision through 2032.

Image Courtesy Burbank Unified School District

The District administrators encourage attendance in person, as the meeting will not be streamed live nor recorded for later viewing, according to Superintendent Matt Hill.

Following the defeat of parcel tax Measure QS in 2018, the District continues to explore the idea of putting another parcel tax measure on the ballot in 2020.

In the meantime, BUSD is asking for direct donations to the Burbank Educational Foundation fund at the link for www.BEFgives.org to try to offset the anticipated $2.5 million in cuts for the 2019-20 school year.

An awareness campaign on the budget cuts the District faces began in April. More information on that campaign and the budget cuts can be found here.

Previous school board meetings are available for viewing via this page on the Burbank Unified website. Documents of corresponding agendas are also available on the page.

The Special Board Meeting will be held in the District Office Boardroom, located at 1900 W. Olive Avenue on the third floor and is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. Parking is available in the lot at the corner of Olive Avenue and Parish Street.