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Fritz Coleman Talks Retirement after 39 Years With KNBC

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, longtime NBC4 weatherman Fritz Coleman announced he is retiring from his role at KNBC and his last day on air will be Friday, June 26, at the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. hours. 

Coleman grew up in a suburb west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and knew from a young age that his future career path would involve being center stage. 

“I think I always wanted to be the center of attention,” Coleman said. “I was a bit of a class clown and was always involved in various performances.”

After graduating from Radnor High School in Pennsylvania, Coleman attended Salem College in West Virginia for two years before leaving to enlist in the U.S. Navy, a choice that proved to be instrumental in his development.

“It was probably the single greatest decision I’d ever made in my life,” Coleman said of joining the Navy. “I was assigned to Armed Forces Radio and Television, which gave me my career start…So that was my first exposure to broadcasting and made me think that I wanted to do something in that area.”

The day after getting out of the Navy, Coleman got a job at a radio station in Philadelphia. He would go on to have a 15-year-long career in radio which included filling the role of various industry positions, including music and production director.

During this time Coleman began to venture into the world of stand-up comedy, which led to a fateful cross-country move.

“I was a real novice and would do open mics at jazz clubs and over a period of a couple of years got fairly proficient,” Coleman said. “And I thought, ‘Well. I have a solid 10 minutes of material, I must be ready for L.A.’ So I decided to move out here.” 

Following making the move to Southern California in 1980, Coleman was making $45 a night working as a stand-up comedian at The Comedy Store when serendipity changed the course of his career. One night a friend came to watch Coleman’s act and brought his boss along with him, who was a then-news director at KNBC. Coleman’s show that evening included an anecdote about his experience being persuaded to do the weather report while in the Navy with very little knowledge on the subject. After the show finished, his friend’s boss approached him with a potential employment opportunity.

“His boss said to me, ‘I know this is a very odd question, but do you have any desire to do some vacation relief work for me on Channel 4? Just use your personality and have some fun doing the weather,’” Coleman recalled. “I said, ‘But I don’t know anything about the weather.’ He said, ‘That’s fantastic. There’s no weather in California. This will work out great.’ So I said, ‘I’ll do it.’”

Coleman auditioned for the job and prevailed, earning the spot of NBC4 LA’s weekend weatherman.  Within two years he was promoted to a full-time role as weekday weatherman, a title he has held for 39 years.

“It’s the greatest stroke of luck in show business,” Coleman said. “I had no desire to do the weather. I wanted to be on TV. I wanted the performance aspect of it…But this opportunity just presented itself and it turned into this astonishing career that I’m so grateful for.”

At Channel 4 Coleman has played a key role in one of the longest-running news teams in history working alongside colleagues Colleen Williams, Chuck Henry, and Fred Rogin. Coleman credits their success to a love for their work, as well as genuine friendships and an affable environment amongst the whole KNBC unit. 

“It’s a family atmosphere,” Coleman said of the NBC4 team. “We’re all friends and we all support one another and we’ve developed this chemistry…We’ve been successful at what we do and we enjoy being around one other. I think Channel 4…is the best shop in town for support for employees, for a creative and familial atmosphere.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throughout his nearly 40-year run with KNBC, Coleman’s personality has shone through and resonated with audiences all over Southern California. He says that his role in the news has lent itself to a unique and meaningful relationship with viewers. 

“The one cachet that you have as a TV news person is that you appear in people’s lives every day at the same time over a period of time,” Coleman explained. “And there’s this intimacy that occurs. And what adds to that is news is the only type of broadcasting generally where you break the fourth wall, you’re looking right into the camera. So there’s a very personal relationship you have with viewers…It is quite touching.”

While working at KNBC over the years Coleman has developed an affinity for the City of Burbank as well as neighboring areas of the community. His participation within the city includes filling the role of Official Master of Ceremonies at the City of Burbank Centennial Celebration in 2011, emceeing for the Burbank Arts for All Foundation, and being honored by The Burbank Chamber of Commerce in April 2015. In addition, on Wednesday, June 24, Mayor Sharon Springer bestowed a proclamation officially declaring June 26, Coleman’s final day on-air, as “Fritz Coleman Weather Day” in the City of Burbank. 

Fritz Coleman at BAFA 2017 Party @ the Globe (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“It has been my whole life for over half my life,” Coleman said. “I’ve raised three children and two grandchildren here. My two older children were born in St. Joseph’s Medical Center… I love this community… Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, I consider Burbank and this part of the San Fernando Valley my home.”

Coleman has stayed true to his roots in comedy while employed as NBC4’s weatherman through performing at iconic venues such as the Ice House in Pasadena and Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank. He also holds fond memories of making appearances on late-night talk shows numerous times throughout his stay at KNBC with various hosts such as Garry Shandling, Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, and Johnny Carson.

 “For a young comedian in those days before there were cable specials and before there were a plethora of other platforms for comedians to make themselves, you had to do ‘The Tonight Show’ to get a name,” Coleman said. “Doing the Johnny Carson show was ‘it.’ It was the greatest single experience you could have. Those are some of my fondest memories.”

Beyond being recognized as a legendary television news personality, Coleman has regularly received awards and accolades for his contributions to Los Angeles and dedication to public service. These include being given the “Humanitarian of the Year” title from the U.S. House of Representatives for his involvement in the American Red Cross, as well as being named a “Treasure of Los Angeles” by the City of L.A and Honorary Mayor of Toluca Lake. NBC has also established the “NBC4 Fritz Coleman Community Service Award” in honor of Coleman’s charitable work throughout the Southern California area. Coleman has continuously shown generosity in his philanthropy and sees it as one of the most rewarding elements of his work.

“There’s nothing more satisfying [than public service,]” Coleman said. “It’s so easy to be helpful. That’s just the power of television. So I just love it. I love the community outreach aspect of it. I love supporting small nonprofits. I love the one on one pressing the flesh aspect about it. I love interacting with people. So it’s the best part of my job.”

As a former NBC VP of Facilities, Jack O’Neill ran in the same circles as Coleman over the years and the two developed a close friendship that has lasted to this day. O’Neill says that Coleman’s generosity and devotion to the city are what make him so well-liked by the community.

Fritz Coleman with NBC VP Jack O’Neill (Photo by © Ross A Benson)

“People love him,” O’Neill said of Coleman. “He is so kind, he is so professional, and everybody I know, when they say ‘Hey, Fritz is coming with me,’ people would go nuts, they’re so happy.”

“If Fritz considers you a friend, that makes you feel so much better in life,” O’Neill continued. “That’s how good he is. He is without an ego…Fritz is a Burbank guy and he is so committed to this city. And that makes him real.”

Coleman’s retirement was planned in advance and working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak has created a transitional period in which he’s settling into life after KNBC. 

 “I wasn’t sure how I would feel,” Coleman said. “…But I say the quarantine for me has been like a retirement halfway house. It got me to see how I’m going to do in retirement, and as it turns out, I’m going to do great. So I’m happy I’m retiring. It’s time. Even if you love what you do, [after] 40 years, it’s time.”

Coleman had a year and a half of comedy shows and speaking engagements booked prior to COVID-19 and will continue to do both in the future.

More information about Coleman and requesting him for events can be found here: https://www.wcspeakers.com/request-speaker/?speaker-name=Fritz%20Coleman


Fritz Coleman Opens One-Man Colony Theatre Show

NBC4 Weathercaster Fritz Coleman opens his solo show, An Evening with Fritz Coleman, tonight, October 19, at The Colony Theatre in downtown Burbank.

“The forecast is for fun and laughter when An Evening with Fritz Coleman arrives on the Colony stage,” commented Colony Theatre Director of Development Heather Provost in a media release. “Everyone’s favorite weatherman shares his hilarious, insightful take on growing up and growing older. He proves that aging isn’t pretty… but it’s pretty funny!”

Fritz Coleman

NBC4 Weathercaster Fritz Coleman brings his take on life to The Colony Theatre in Burbank with “An Evening With Fritz Coleman.” (Photo Courtesy The Colony Theatre)

Coleman is a three-time Emmy Award winner and has been the weathercaster for NBC4 for 35 years. He has appeared eight times on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno and is a sought after Master of Ceremonies for many events around Burbank and Los Angeles.

He started out in Los Angeles as a standup comic in 1980, segueing into the weekend weathercaster role at KNBC in 1982. By 1984, Coleman was the main weekday weatherman. He has continued to write and perform standup and theater pieces through the years.

An Evening with Fritz Coleman completes the Colony’s It’s Showtime series which began in July and included Reign Morton’s ICONversations: A Musical Tribute to the Masters, Magic Mania, I’d Enjoy Being a Girl … On Broadway!  starring Mark C. Reis, and a concert presentation of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music.

Coleman takes The Colony Theatre stage at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 19, Friday October 20 and Saturday October 21. The final performance of the four-show run is Sunday October 22 at 3:00 p.m.

Admission is $35 and tickets may be purchased online at www.colonytheatre.org or by phone at (866) 811-4111. The Colony Theatre is located at 555 N. Third Street (between Cyprus and Magnolia) in Burbank. Plenty of free parking is available in the adjacent parking garage.

BAFA Party On The Plaza Honors Burbank Arts Supporters

Burbank Arts For All Foundation (BAFA) hosts its fourth annual Party On The Plaza fundraising gala on Friday, May 15, at Universal Studio’s The Globe Theatre. NBC4 Weathercaster Fritz Coleman returns as Master of Ceremonies of the event honoring three Burbank arts advocates and supporters: Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Burbank High School teacher Jonelle Pickett and longtime Burbank Unified School District volunteer and parent Debbie Wade.

“We are excited to recognize this year’s well deserved honorees,” said BAFA Chair Carrie Brown.  “Nickelodeon Animation Studios has become a true partner in furthering art and creativity in our public schools. We are so proud to honor them with the Patron of the Arts Award.”

Burbank Art's For All Foundation's Executive Director Trena Pitchford and Arts for All Educator Award honoree Jonelle Pickett along with Burbank High School animation students. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

Burbank Art’s For All Foundation’s Executive Director Trena Pitchford and Arts for All Educator Award honoree Jonelle Pickett along with Burbank High School animation students. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“We are also pleased to recognize the work of Jonelle Pickett in the growth of her visual arts and animation classes at Burbank High,” added Brown.

“For the first time, the Foundation is extremely proud to honor one of our many outstanding alumni parents, Debbie Wade, who continues to volunteer her time and talents to further arts education even when her kids have already graduated from our schools.”

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation is so appreciative of the support we have already received from our sponsors and donors,” commented BAFA Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “For our small Foundation, this event allows us to further our mission throughout the year providing much needed funding for arts education programs and our community engagement opportunities.”

(Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

(Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“The goal for the evening is to celebrate all of us who continue to increase creativity in the classroom and honor three amazing leaders: Nickelodeon Studios, Debbie Wade and Jonelle Pickett.”

“We’ve gained a reputation for hosting one of Burbank’s most-fun and original fundraising galas every year,” she said.

Champion of the Arts honoree Debbie Wade and husband Jerry Wade. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

Champion of the Arts honoree Debbie Wade and husband Jerry Wade. (Photo Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“In order to keep this tradition going—and to accommodate our growing number of guests—we chose The Globe Theatre, on the recommendation of one of our board members,” Pitchford explained as the reason for the move to Universal Studios for this year’s gala. “It’s a spectacular venue for what we hope will be another spectacularly successful event.”

BAFA expects approximately 450 guests at the event, which includes a Wolfgang Puck Catering dinner and live music provided by Band From TV. A silent auction featuring a San Diego weekend, a Las Vegas getaway, a Disneyland vacation, a trip to Mammoth Mountain, tickets to L.A. Kings, dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse and a party at Story Tavern are just some of the offerings up for bid.

Individual tickets are $150 and a few remain available but must be booked by end of day Wednesday, May 13. Festivities begin at 6:00 p.m. with red carpet, hosted cocktails and silent auction. To order tickets or for more information, visit the BAFA Party On The Plaza webpage.

Burbank Arts For All Foundation Soars At Hangar 40

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation held its third “Party on the Plaza” gala last Friday, celebrating another great year of achievement and honoring Jamie Butterworth, Peggy Zirves and the Downtown Burbank Partnership.

The annual spring event was definitely “not your plane ordinary party.” Courtesy of the Bob Hope Airport, the feasting and fundraising occurred within Hangar 40, one of the few local venues able to comfortably contain the hundreds of parents, teachers, educators and community leaders. (And everyone became a lot more comfortable when the cool evening air landed.)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Impressive visuals dominated the space. Three huge murals transformed the rear wall behind the dais into brilliant mosaics of color, the work of students at Jefferson Elementary.


(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Students from John Burroughs High created two huge, breathtaking banners that deserve a permanent place at the Bob Hope Airport.

The banners capture brilliantly the youthful whimsy and inspiration that turned the ancient dream of flight into blue-sky reality.

NBC4’s popular weathercaster Fritz Coleman served as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies, reminding his audience that BAFA has an importance well beyond its Burbank home. “No aspect of public education has suffered more greatly than the arts,” he reminded his audience. (California state budget cuts have forced the Burbank School District to tighten its belt for the past five years.) And Fritz echoed any number of studies when he pointed out that the arts help all of us to be complete human beings “who can empathize with others.”


Fritz Coleman conducts the live auction. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Incidentally, Fritz had provided something of an artistic moment for his own children. “I told my kids that before we replace the old garage door, you can go ahead and put graffiti on it.” So they got their day-glo and made huge peace symbols.  Fritz was hoping that they were getting any spray paint mischief “out of their system.” The decorated garage door remained for two weeks, for the admiration of all concerned.

Parental initiatives, whatever their immediate motive, are more important than ever. Funding for public school education continues to suffer “the death of a thousand cuts” within the State of California and, to varying degrees, throughout the entire country.  In spite of their enormous educational benefits, public school art programs have been early casualties of the budget axe. It’s one of the major reasons many California public schools are a shadow of what they had been in the 1960’s, when California’s public school system, from kindergarten to university, was the envy of the entire nation and the world.

But for several years now, Burbank residents and businesses have been keeping the arts alive for Burbank’s schoolchildren. Since its first meeting in 2006, the Foundation has donated $250,000 to Burbank school arts programs. In 2013, the Foundation gave nearly $50,000 in grants funds to support the arts education efforts throughout the District. And it’s not surprising that Burbank, the media arts capital of the world, would embrace the young artistic talents waiting to blossom within supportive schools.

But much more than money is driving the Foundation’s quest to provide a top-of-the-line arts education program for every Burbank student.  The funding dollars multiply a thousand fold thanks to the passionate teachers, parents and corporate sponsors devoting countless hours of volunteer effort, as exemplified by the Foundation’s 2014 honorees.


Jamie Butterworth was recognized. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Jamie Butterworth received the Champion of the Arts Award for reviving arts education at Edison Elementary. Jamie and her husband, John, had moved into Burbank in 1998. When their first daughter, Sarah, entered school, they were disappointed to find how little arts education was being provided. “I became focused on the arts because it is so needed,” said Jamie. “The arts help kids to express themselves, and involves the whole mind, the whole child.”

Jamie connected with like-minded parents trying to make changes at their children’s elementary schools. By the time second daughter Rebecca entered Edison Elementary, Jamie was a force to be reckoned with. As the PTA Reflections Chair, she hosted after-school workshops and lunchtime Art Days. She chaired the booster club and raised money while continuing to make arts education a permanent part of Edison’s culture. She became the first Arts Chair at Edison and developed an after-school arts program that included theater, visual arts, dance and orchestra. Jamie also developed an integrated “Arts for All” plan for Edison students during the school day. “It’s up to the parents to assure that art is an important part of the educational program,” said Jaime.

Jamie has been involved with the Foundation from the beginning and is now serving as Programs Chair for the Burbank Art association and is the PTA Reflections Chair at John Burroughs High School.


Peggy Zirves was honored. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Peggy Zirves received the Arts for All Educator Award for the life-changing impact she has had on generations of Monterey High students. Peggy has been teaching the Arts there since Monterey High opened 30 years ago.  Back then she was a commercial freelance artist who had acquired a teaching credential as a backup plan. But she heard that the District was “hiring a arts teacher for continuation high school,” she decided to go for the interview in spite of having the butterflies. When it became clear that the school officials wanted a teacher that would “empower her students and not treat them as third rate,” she knew she had found her calling. She was going to give her students a genuine second chance.

Many students who had struggled in other classes had blossomed in Peggy’s. She designed her arts lessons and projects so that students at all ability levels were able to complete their lessons with pride. “I wanted to reach out to my Monterey students in ways they could understand,” said Peggy. So she took the time to know them as individuals and to encourage them to get out and see all types of art, from museums and art shows to exhibits at the LA County Fair. “I’m very proud of my students,” continued Peggy. “They’ve gone on to college, the military, running department stores, making a career of art and being successful in all walks of life.”

Peggy also worked with her fellow teachers on cross-curricular activities. She has been instrumental in strengthening the Art Standards throughout the District. When Peggy reminded her audience that she would be retiring at the end of the school year, the crowd shouted their dismay. They knew what a teaching treasure she has been for her students and fellow educators alike.

Because of teachers like Peggy, students who are academically bright may come to appreciate that the world needs a much wider range of talents to be livable, especially including the artistic ones. Because of teachers like Peggy, the verbally gifted may come to realize that not everything can be expressed in words, and some meanings can only reside in a mural or a melody. And because of teachers like Peggy, some students find the soil and water and sunshine that save them from the withering and prepare them for the blossoming.


Michael Cusumano accepts award on behalf of Downtown Burbank Partnership. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Michael Cusumano accepted the Patron of the Arts Award on behalf of Downtown Burbank Partnership, a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation established in 2003. BAFA recognized Downtown Burbank Partnership for their continued support of arts and culture in Burbank, as well as the many publicity and fundraising opportunities they have provided. The Partnership understands the link between having a strong arts education and having a talented workforce for Burbank’s creative economy of leading media industries.

The Partnership focuses on Downtown Burbank, an award-winning urban neighborhood spanning 34 blocks of retail, office, residential and entertainment uses. The Partnership has turned Downtown Burbank into a vibrant entertainment and shopping destination. And events like the Downtown Burbank Arts Festival, live music performances and special film showings are creating a street scene with an authentic vibe.

Award presenter Michael Hastings pointed out that business are crucial to the economic health of any city, and that Burbank was especially blessed with a strong and enlightened business community, exemplified by organizations like the Partnership.

After the award presentations, Fritz conducted the event’s live auction, summoning dollars to leave their wallets as only he can do, though he might have arranged for cooler weather.  In 2013, the Party on the Plaza Gala accounted for 58% of the Foundation’s revenue, making it one of their most important fundraising events.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Fritz publicly thanked Jay Leno for having, on his retirement from the Tonight Show, made a very generous contribution to the Foundation. Fritz continues to stay connected to his comedic past, performing at Flappers in Burbank as well as other comedy venues.

When we humans started to gain some control over the struggle for survival and it no longer occupied every waking hour, we’ve had to decide what to do with all our free time. Sometimes we decided to make war, but sometimes we also decided to make art like those stunning cave paintings in France. The Foundation encourages “the better angels of our nature,” doing its part to nurture a generation that shuns atrocities and embraces art.


Party On The Plaza Honors Burbank Arts Champions

The annual Burbank Arts For All Foundation (BAFA) Party On The Plaza gala honors three local arts supporters on Friday, May 2, at Executive Hangar 40 at the Bob Hope Airport. Monterey High School teacher Peggy Zirves, artist and parent volunteer Jamie Butterworth and the Downtown Burbank Partnership will be celebrated for their ongoing dedication to the arts in Burbank public schools.

Master of Ceremonies Fritz Coleman and Honorary Chair Don Hahn at Party on the Plaza 2012. (Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All)

Master of Ceremonies Fritz Coleman and Honorary Chair Don Hahn at Party on the Plaza 2012. (Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All)

“We are excited to recognize this year’s well deserved honorees,” said BAFA Chair Carrie Brown. “It is a privilege to honor [Downtown Burbank Partnership] with the Patron of the Arts Award.”

“Through the Downtown Burbank Business Partnership with the City of Burbank, they have hosted many events that celebrate the arts in our community and have continually supported the Foundation.”

“We are also pleased to recognize Peggy Zirves and Jamie Butterworth, two well deserving and inspirational individuals,” added Brown. “Peggy and Jamie have raised the bar in the advancement of arts education and have given so much of their own time that has directly benefited our schools and profoundly impacted the lives of Burbank kids.”

Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All

Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All

Honored for their generous support of Arts Education in Burbank since 2007, the Downtown Burbank Partnership will receive the Patron of the Arts Award that is presented to local businesses or a corporation whose support has made a significant impact on the Foundation’s mission.

Downtown Burbank Partnership, a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation first established in 2003, manages the Downtown Burbank District, an area filled with 34 blocks of entertainment, shopping, office and residential uses. Downtown Burbank Partnership promotes artistic programs including fine arts, music and film events as cultural activities for the entire community.

Peggy Zirves in her classroom at Monterey High. (Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All)

Peggy Zirves in her classroom at Monterey High. (Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All)

The Arts For All Educator Award is presented to an educator who dedicates their own personal time to enrich the lives of Burbank students through their exceptional commitment to furthering arts education for all. Zirves has taught the Arts at Monterey High School since it opened 30 years ago.

Zirves designs lessons and projects so students at all levels of abilities can finish with a sense of pride. She encourages students see all types of art, at museums, public spaces, art shows or anywhere.

Zirves not only has worked with State art standards throughout her teaching career, she has created activities in line with the newly-instituted Common Core standards. She will retire from teaching at the end of this school year.

Butterworth receives the Champion of the Arts award, which is given to an individual or organization whose volunteer commitment to providing equal access to the arts has made a significant impact on the students of BUSD and the Burbank community.

Butterworth and her husband, John, were disappointed to discover how little arts education was provided in BUSD in the mid-2000s, as their first child entered local elementary school. However, through meeting other concerned parents trying to make changes at other local schools, Butterworth became inspired.

Jamie Butterworth, parent, artist and volunteer. (Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All)

Jamie Butterworth, parent, artist and volunteer. (Photo Courtesy of Burbank Arts For All)

By the time her second child entered Edison Elementary, Butterworth was actively volunteering in arts-related areas for PTA and for school-wide lunchtime and after-school arts workshops.

Butterworth chaired the school’s Booster Club to raise money and became the first Arts Chair at Edison, developing a comprehensive after-school program including theater, visual arts, dance, and orchestra, as well as an integrated Arts for All plan for all students during the school day.

Butterworth has been directly involved with BUSD’s Arts for All plan and BAFA since its inception and continues to be an active volunteer, most recently serving as a committee member for the Secret Art Show. She also serves as Programs Chair for the Burbank Art Association.

NBC4 Weathercaster Fritz Coleman returns as the Master of Ceremonies for the party. Honorary Gala Chairs include filmmakers Tim Burton, Don Hahn, Ron Howard, Garry Marshall and Brett Ratner, as well as former Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios and motion picture producer Dick Cook.

Returning to chair the gala this year is The Walt Disney Company’s Joan McCarthy, joined by Burbank Bob Hope Airport’s Monica Newhouse-Rodriguez. Sponsors of the event include The Walt Disney Company, RatPac Entertainment, Wells Fargo and Community Chevrolet, among many others.

“We are thrilled to pay tribute to all of our honorees for their remarkable achievements at what has been called Burbank’s ‘Party of the Year,’” commented Trena Pitchford, BAFA Director of Development.

partyonplaza“Due the popularity of the gala, this year we are taking over Executive Hangar 40 at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport so more folks from the community as well as local businesses, city officials and educators can join in the festivities for an unforgettable evening full of raw emotions, fine food, music and dancing.”

The third annual Party On The Plaza festivities begin with cocktails and a silent auction, followed by dinner, awards presentation and dancing. Tickets and sponsorships are still available for reservation through Friday, April 25, by contacting Trena Pitchford, BAFA Director of Development via the website or by calling 818-736-5269.

All proceeds from the Party on the Plaza gala celebration will benefit Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.