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Iconic Burbank Mother Celebrates Birthday With America

BurbankNBeyond traveled one block beyond Burbank on this year’s Independence Day, to catch this years 11th annual July 4th parade that residents in the 4900 block of Arcola gathered to have of their own.

Lois Bennett is presented a Birthday greeting from Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge's Deputy District Director Alice Ramirez-Roth. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

This years parade had close to 200 participants, some walking, some riding bikes, go carts and even pushing lawn mowers. The parade was lead by Los Angeles City Fire Engine 86, an LAPD cruiser, and a Paramedic unit from LA City Fire.

This years Parade Queen was longtime Burbank resident Lois Bennett (formerly Benson) who turned 90 years old on July 4th. Bennett is very active in several Burbank Organizations, and a member of Burbank Temple Emanuel El. They neighborhood even has a bake sale with the proceeds going to benefit ‘The Ronald McDonald House’.

Parade organizers Wendy and John Hauptman, who live on Arcola and also members of Burbank Temple Emanuel El said this is years Parade Queen Lois Bennett is well deserving of the honor on her 90th Birthday.  She is always going and going helping anywhere she can at the Temple, what a way to honor her.

Later in the evening Bennett’s family celebrated with over a 100 family and friends at the Castway Restaurant, enjoying the City of Burbank’s Fireworks show.

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Photo By Ross A. Benson

Parade Organizers John and Wendy Hauptman with Parade Queen Lois Bennett (Photo By Ross A. Benson)


Where Mayberry Meets McFarlane

Photo By Craig Sherwood

One of the things that makes Burbank special is the people inside it’s boarders.  When people talk about Burbank having that small town feel, it is events such as the 13th annual McFarlane Ave. July 4th Parade that brings the local neighbors and community together.  In the past there have been Grand Marshall’s such as Star Trek’s Ethan Phillips and long time actor Rance Howard who brought along his sons Clint and Ron.  While there was no Grand Marshall this year, there was a full route of parade marchers during the one-block event.

It’s Time for the Girls at the Ponytail Jamboree

After the boys had their turn last week, the girls came marching down Clark St. this Saturday on their way to Izay Park to compete their skills competition, the Ponytail Jamboree.  Our photographer, Ross A. Benson, was once again on scene to get his always amazing shots to go along with list of winners in the different events…although there are really not any losers either!



 1. Karlee White, Unique Vintage Ragamuffins

 2. Shelby Cribbs, Unique Vintage Ragamuffins

 3. Mia Ramirez, Shooting Stars


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Penelope Gonzalez, Shooting Stars

 2. Sadie Lomet, Shooting Stars

 3. Tatianna Pisa, Ennis Sharks


Throw for Distance:

 1. Karlee White, Unique Vintage Ragamuffins

 2. Laurel Piper, Ennis Sharks

 3. Audea Ennis, Ennis Sharks


Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Hit for Distance:

 1. Shelby Cribbs, Unique Vintage Ragamuffins

 2. Nadia Aguilar, Shooting Stars

 3. Alyssa Allen, Shooting Stars




 1. Annie Buffolino, Buffolino Fillies

 2. Emma Cusumano, Pink Pixies

 3. Megan Schmidt, Collins Fireflies


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Audrey Lau, Firecats

 2. Micaela Moss, Collins Fireflies

 3. Alessandra Billie, Teal Diamonds

Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


Throw for Distance:

 1. Makenna Palamara, Buffolino Fillies

 2. Paige Cizek, Pink Pixies

 3. Clarisa Robles, Collins Fireflies


Hit for Distance:

 1. Makenna Palamara, Buffolino Fillies

 2. Charlotte Hobson, Firecats

 3. Heaven Marquez, Torrance Pixies


3 / 4  COLT BB


 1. Megan Knutson, Rodriguez Heartbreakers

 2. Sammy Castillo, Rodriguez Heartbreakers

 3. Madeline Spangler, Lightning Bolts


Mayor Golonski greets a future baseball player. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Sophie Bruno, Fearless Fairies

 2. Kaitlyn Ciseneros, Lightning Bolts

 3. Savannah Cruz, Burbank Firecrackers


Throw for Distance:

 1. Daniella Gray, Ice Breakers

 2. Lindsey Miller, Ice Breakers

 3. Emma Vasquez, Rodriguez Heartbreakers


Hit for Distance:

 1. Emma Vasquez, Rodriguez Heartbreakers

 2. Kym Rudder, Lightning Bolts

 3. Maddie Morris, Lightning Bolts

Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)



 1. Kate Treadway , Burbank Diamonds

 2. Alex Mills, Jensen Fireflies

 3. Orla Giffen, Jensen Fireflies


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Sidnie Dabbadie, Bad To The Bone

 2. Isabella Orozco, Ruthless

 3. Kylie Rozzell, Burbank Diamonds


Throw for Distance:

 1. Shelby Pierce, Burbank Diamonds

 2. Georgia Kisob,  Jensen Fireflies

 3. Alex Mills,Jensen Fireflies

Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Hit for Distance:

 1. Melissa Orozco, Ruthless

 2. Iman Winfree, Cubbies

 3. Isabella Orozco, Ruthless

5 / 6 COLT AA


 1. Gabi Perez,  MonStars

 2. Sarah Duncan, Wild Things

 3. Meera Varma,  Her-I-Canes


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Amber Kassens, Wild Things

 2. Azucena Villalta, Cheetahs

 3. Julia Hank, Her-I-Canes


Jay Johnstone address the this years Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Xitali Aguilar, MonStars

 2. Gabi Perez, MonStars

 3. Sarah Duncan, Wild Things


Hit for Distance:

 1. Xochitl Miele , Cheetahs

 2. Eliza Perez,  Wild Things

 3. Jazzmin Pitts,  Lady Outsiders




 1. Carley Gay,  Burbank Heartbreakers

 2. Kaitlin Escamilla,  Burbank Heartbreakers

 3. Payton Jensen,Zedlar Firecrackers

Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Lakely Nealis, Burbank Heartbreakers

 2. Shereen Aziz, Diamond Girls

 3. Mikayla Gay, Burbank Heartbreakers


Throw for Distance:

 1. Allison Salvador, Burbank Heartbreakers

 2. Isabella Martinez, Diamond Girls

 3. Mia Storer, Burbank Heartbreakers


 Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Hit for Distance:

 1. Marin Grote, Zedlar Firecrackers

 2. Mia Storer, Burbank Heartbreakers

 3. Caitlin Escamilla, Burbank Heartbreakers



 1. McKenna Colton, Blue Diamonds

 2. Camylle Robinson, Brat Pack

 3. Alejandra Cano, Brat Pack


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Sierra Harvey, Blue Diamonds

 2. Emily McHorney, Rocket Fizz

 3. Maddy Sena, Rocket Fizz


Photo Bu Ross A. Benson

Throw for Distance:

 1. Kayla Kuhn, Brat Pack

 2. Mariah Pardo, Rocket Fizz

 3. Alejandra Cano , Brat Pack


Hit for Distance:

 1. Cameron Flores, Blue Diamonds

 2. Jolynn Geraci, Brat Pack

 3. Sabrina Sullivan, Brat Pack





 1. Haleigh Cusumano,  Crush

 2. Hannah Cusumano, Crush

 3. Aisha Hickman, Cougars

Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Alana Mirkitani, Cougars

 2. Taylor Blake, Cougars

 3. Yesenia Vizcarra, Cougars


Throw for Distance:

 1. Alana Mirkitani, Crush

 2. Cesera Suarez, Crush

 3. Alyssa Urtega,  Crush


Hit for Distance:

 1. Taylor Blake, Cougars

 2. Caleigh Paster, Budgies

   3. Yesenia Vizcarra, Cougars



 1. Brianna Johnson,  Winters Angels

 2. Cailey Stevenson,  Tanigawa Diamonds

 3. Rachel Niver, Winters Angels


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Callie Suppa, Winters Angels

 2. Lauryn Peale, Skittles

 3. Destinee Angel,  Tanigawa Diamonds


Ponytail Jamboree. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Sabrina Steward,  Tanigawa Diamonds

 2. Brianna Johnson, Winters Angels

 3. Daisy Rodriguez, Tanigawa Diamonds


Hit for Distance:

 1. Tatiana Caceres , Skittles

 2. Daisy Rodriguez, Tanigawa Diamonds

 3. Amber Ingram, Lastime

Burbank’s Youth Baseball Players Once Again Shows Skills at Civitan Day

Congratulations to the following players who placed on the recent Civitan Day.  Teams first marched in a parade down Clark then participated in events at George Izay Park

Here are the winners along with pictures from BurbankkNBeyond photographer Ross A. Benson….




 1. Cameron Kisob, Carnegie Angels

 2. Clint Geryak, Blue Bulldogs

 3. Khalao Mateo Glass, Holguin Tigers


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Brandon Hernandez, Simpson Sharks

 2. Michael Collins, O’Dell Dodgers

 3. James Reid, O’Dell Dodgers


Let the parade begin, led by Burbank Motor Officer(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Chasen Perry, Holguin Tigers

 2. Gerry Peter-Garcia, Carnegie Angels

 3. David Hattin, Carnegie Angels


Hit for Distance:

 1. Gerry Peter-Garcia, Carnegie Angels

 2. Cameron Kisob, Carnegie Angels

 3. Khalao Mateo Glass, Holguin Tigers


(Photo by Ross A. Benson)



 1. Joshua Lovato, Little Yankees

 2. Rocco Morse, Jedi Knights

 3. Katie Kennedy, Mighty Dodgers


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Ronan Park, Little Yankees

 2. Adan Villafuerte, Mighty Dodgers

 3. Ricardo Razo, Mighty Dodgers


Supporter of many teams in this years parade. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Jon English,Warriors

 2. Lucas Ruiz, Ruiz Dodgers

 3. Kevin Gonzalez, Mighty Dodgers


Hit for Distance:

 1. Joshua Lovato, Little Yankees

 2. Jon English, Warriors

 3. Owen Minzes, Burbank Civitan Pirates


Burbank Mayor Dave Golonski along with Vice Mayor Emily Gabal-Luddy walked and waved in this years Civitan Parade. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

3 / 4  MINORS


 1. Ian Miller, Burbank Rangers

 2. Quinton White, Bailey Yankees

 3. Bryce Kennedy, Burbank Tigers


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Gabe Gott, Burbank Heroes

 2. Matt Ziegler, Burbank Heroes

 3. Andrew Mora, Burbank Civitan Pirates III


Members of the Dodgers Elite team walk in this years Civitan Parade. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Matthew Covarrubias, Burbank Rangers

 2. Nathan Morale,  Burbank Rangers

 3. Elijah Claxton,   Bailey Yankees


Hit for Distance:

 1. Elijah Claxto, Bailey Yankees

 2. Matthew Sandoval,  Sandoval Dodgers

 3. Joshua Balos,  Bailey Yankees

Awards for this years Civitan Day. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)



 1. Matthew Aziz, Bandits

 2. Nathan Mai, Titans

 3. Anthony Blake, Bandits


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Albert Prado, Bandits

 2. Areli Alvarado, Mustangs

 3. Connor Burroughs, Burbank Civitan Pirates IV

Jay Johnstone speaks at this years Civitan Day. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


Throw for Distance:

 1. Matthew Aziz, Bandits

 2. Connor Burroughs, Burbank Civitan Pirates IV

 3. Eric Serna , Bandits


Hit for Distance:

 1. James Markey, Burbank Reds

 2. Eric Serna, Bandits

 3. Mike Yeronian, Burbank Reds

Former LA Angels, Dodger, Yankee, Philly, Cub, White Sox, Padre and Oakland A's is Jay Johnstone. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


5 / 6 MINORS


 1. Josh Ibanez, Burbank Indians

 2. Brandon Hernandez, Giants

 3. Ethan Moutes, Burbank Bombers


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Kyler Michel, Giants

 2. Xander Taylor, Giants

 3. Michelangelo Torrejon, Ryan Dodgers


This years winner of the Jackie Arrington Memorial Award presented by his mother BeeBee Arrington winner Revin Diego from the Sandoval Dodgers Elite. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Ethan Moutes , Burbank Bombers

 2. Josh Ibanez, Burbank Indians

 3. Ryan Wright, Sandoval Dodgers Prospects


Hit for Distance:

 1. Brenden O’Connor, Redman Pirates

 2. Gabino Reyes, Giants

 3. Connor McDonald, Giants


Throwing for accuracy, this player does his best. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

5 / 6 MAJORS


 1. Cesar Rodriguez, Sandoval Dodgers Elite

 2. Maurice Rozo, Sprow Angels

 3. Cerain Baker, Blue Jays


Throw for Accuracy:

 1. Blake Sprow, Sprow Angels

 2. Revin Diego, Sandoval Dodgers Elite

 3. Weston Tengan, Sprow Angels


Moving along rapidly this runner completes base running for time. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Throw for Distance:

 1. Blaine Traxel, Sandoval Dodgers Elite

 2. Steven Villagran , Sandoval Dodgers Elite

 3. Alex Lowder-Himmel, Blue Jays


Hit for Distance:

 1. Steven Villagran, Sandoval Dodgers Elite

 2. Nathan Palafox, Sandoval Dodgers Elite

 3. Blaine Traxel, Sandoval Dodgers Elite

Base running for time. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Jose Sandoval cooks burgers and goodies for his teams. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)