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Three Arrested After Traffic Stop For Stolen Property

Three people were arrested for possession of stolen property along with other charges after police stopped their 2007 Toyota four-door at 1:00 a.m. Friday, April 18.

An officer on patrol noticed the vehicle driving without lights in the area of Burbank Boulevard and Hollywood Way and conducted a traffic stop, said Lt. Eduardo Ruiz of the Burbank Police Department.

BPD Patch -1A policeJoshua Marsh, age 29 and a Los Angeles resident, Richard Newquist, age 30 and a resident of North Hollywood, and Cindy Kaestle, age 54 and a Saugus resident, were all arrested, while the driver of the vehicle, Marsh, was also taken into custody on a “Parolee at Large” warrant.

“While contacting the driver, the officer smelled burnt marijuana coming from the interior of the car,” said Ruiz. The officer saw a bag containing suspected marijuana on the back seat next to Newquist.

At this point, the front passenger, Kaestle, “became upset and began to move around and yell while in the vehicle against the directions of the officers not to move around. She was asked to exit the car,” explained Ruiz.

“Once outside the car, Kaestle was asked if she had any illegal contraband on her person. She denied possession of anything while reaching into her pocket and removing a glass pipe used to ingest narcotics,” continued Ruiz. “She threw the pipe on the floor in an attempt to break it, but it did not shatter. She attempted to stomp on it, but the officers moved her away.”

Kaestle resisted the officer’s attempts to arrest her but she was eventually taken into custody. A search of her person resulted in the recovery of suspected methamphetamine from her brassiere, added Ruiz.

A search of the vehicle resulted in the recovery of tools similar to those used to commit burglaries. Several items of value were located in the trunk which appeared to be stolen including an amplifier, cell phones, gun cases, jewelry and a computer.

Marsh, Newquist and Kaestle were all arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and booked at the BPD Jail. Kaestle was also arrested on multiple drugs charges.

Marsh is being held on the outstanding parole warrant. Newquist and Kaestle’s bails were both set at $20,000.

Burbank Police Drill Suspect For Stolen Merchandise

During the months of November and December, the Burbank Police Department conducted four undercover “Holiday Crime Suppression Operations” in the area of the mall, the village, and the Empire Center. The operations were established in order to target thefts from vehicles during the holiday shopping season.

During an operation that was conducted Wednesday, December 28, the undercover officers observed what appeared to be a suspicious and illicit transaction take place in the Empire Center. Additional officers responded to their location, near Best Buy, and contacted the individuals. One of the individuals was there to sell a stolen, unbeknownst to the buyer, power drill that was arranged through an on-line advertisement. The suspect admitted that the drill was stolen. Burbank Police detectives placed the individual selling the stolen merchandise under arrest.

Detectives responded to the suspect’s residence in Los Angeles, where three additional stolen power tools, all brand new and in boxes, were recovered. Based on detectives’ preliminary investigations, it appears the drills were stolen from multiple Home Depots in the San Gabriel Valley.

The suspect, Julio Landeros, 24, from Los Angeles was arrested for 496(a) PC, Possession of Stolen Property, and an unrelated warrant.