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Burbank SWAT Team Required After Stolen Car Suspect Barricades Himself

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

A Burbank Police Officer while on routine patrol spotted a 2013 Honda driving in the hill area of Burbank and after running the license plate,  it came back as a stolen car.

BPD GTA Suspect on Third St

(Photo By Ross A. Benson)

The officer followed the car until he had additional backup which included a drive by the Burbank Police Station at Orange Grove and Third St. before conducting a felony stop on Third Street, just north of Magnolia Blvd around 2:45 pm. The driver refused to obey police officers demands to exit the car. A standoff ensued until the man exited the vehicle just before 5:00 pm.

Burbank’s crisis negotiators attempted to talk the suspect out of the car, that was now being blocked in by a patrol car and two armored vehicles. When their attempts failed, Burbank’s SWAT Team and Mental Evaluations Team responded to the scene and again attempted  to get the alleged car thief suspect to exit the car.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank’s SWAT Team deployed a diversionary device as the man was now located in the passenger seat. After about 30 minutes passed, officers used different methods to get the suspect from the car. Burbank SWAT was assisted by a members of the Glendale Police Department’s SWAT team with their Bearcat Armored Vehicle.

Two hours into the standoff, SWAT officers deployed chemical irritants into the car causing the suspect to throw pieces of his clothing out the passenger window. Moments later he raised his hand and exited the car wearing only red underwear. Still failing to comply with orders,  he was then struck with a non – lethal device and he fell to the ground and was taken into custody.

Burbank Paramedics were on scene and took him to the hospital to be checked prior to being booked into Burbank’s Jail on numerous felony charges. Burbank Police reported the alleged suspect as Brandon Degourville 28 years old of Los Angeles.


Early Morning Standoff With Police Ties Up Neighborhood

Streets were closed for hours and nearby residents evacuated Thursday morning, after three men refused to follow police commands to come out of a house where shots had reportedly fired.

The incident began at 6:48 a.m. when Burbank Police officers responded to the 1800 block of Keeler St. near Elliot Dr.  The first officers to arrive in the area were directed by a witness to the residence where the shots came from.  The officers could smell the odor of gunpowder in the area.

When the officers approached the home, a man came out of the residence. He was detained and questions.  The man said there were three other men inside.  For approximately the next two hours, police made repeated announcements in both English and Armenian, ordering the men to come outside. The standoff with police lasted several hours, tying up police resources and inconveniencing residents in the area.  It also attracted television news crews.

The Burbank Police Department deployed their Special Response Team, or SWAT, to assist the patrol officers in evacuating nearby residents.  The department’s armored vehicle, the “Bearcat,” was deployed.   The men inside eventually came outside and surrendered to police.  They were detained for questioning.  The SRT officers cleared the residence to ensure that no victims were inside.

Officers sealed off the residence until detectives could obtain a search warrant.  Once they were able to enter the residence and conduct a search, detectives recovered several weapons.  So far no arrests have been made.  The incident is currently under investigation for possible criminal charges.

Update: Burbank Police arrested four men later Thursday, May 3.  Armen Galstyan, 52, of Burbank was arrested for identity theft, and possession of a assault weapon.  His bail was set a $50,000.   Three other men at the residence at 1811 Keeler St. were arrested for possession of an assault weapon.   They are Artak Grigoryan, 37, and Vigen S. Manukyan, 27, both of Glendale; and Armen Zaven Mouradian, 23, of Los Angeles.  Bail for each of them was set at $35,000.

A televison news reporter and crew from CBS/KCAL reports from the corner of Peyton Ave. and Keeler St. during a standoff with police Thursday morning. (Photo by Debra Mobley)

Burbank K-9 Units And SRT Team Doing Door-To-Door Search For Burglary Suspect In Burbank Hill Area

Burbank's K-9 and SRT members perform a house to house search for a burglary suspect. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police responded on a ‘Hot Prowl’ call earlier today when a resident spotted a man in her property.  The man quickly fled but police units were already in the area and locked down the neighborhood.  No residents are being allowed in or out of the area between Tulare, Kenneth, Lamer and Keystone while members of Burbank’s K-9 Unit and SRT members go door to door in hopes of catching the suspect.

~Updated 5:50 pm~

Police have been unable to find the suspect and are allowing traffic and residents back into the area.  Local patrols will be increased tonight.

SRT members go house to house on Lamer and Keystone streets looking for the suspect. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)