Tangkhpanya Picks up Endorsement From Love


Press release from Jesse Tangkhpanya:

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National student advocate and President of the United States Student Association (USSA), the country’s largest and oldest student led organization Max Love endorsed Jesse Tangkhpanya for Burbank School Board today, citing Tangkhpanya’s commitment to lower student debt as his motivating factor.

“Although the USSA cannot officially endorse candidates, I’m proud to give my personal endorsement of “Tangk” for Burbank School Board,” Said Love. “Although Tangk understands firsthand that the rising cost of tuition among college entrants isn’t an easy fix, he remains undeterred,” continued Love. “He’s putting forth a plan to stem the cost at the local level, and I’m encouraged by the energy put forth by his campaign.”

In response to the endorsement, Tangk issued a statement of thanks.

“Receiving Max Love’s endorsement is a great honor, as he is one of the nation’s leading advocates for students, testifying and lobbying on Capitol Hill. Just a few months ago the UC system imposed a 28% tuition hike on students while simultaneously approving a 20% raise for its highest paid administrators, that’s 20% on top of their salary average of $300,000, which I find deeply offensive,” said Tangkhpanya. “Obviously there are limitations to what a local school board can do, but as a recent college graduate, I’m sensitive to these issues and plan on addressing this to the best of my ability as a school board member.”

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Capping off this endorsement, Tangk also received the recommendation of at least 60% of the votes cast from the Democratic Assembly District 43 Delegation and the Los Angeles Democratic Party Central Committee, formally granting him the endorsement of the LA County Democratic Party.

In response to his endorsement by the Democratic Party Tangk issued a statement.

“I’ve always been a lifelong activist and ally for the voiceless. Receiving this establishment support lends a strong hand of credibility to my campaign and I’m very excited with the momentum we are seeing at the party level.”



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