They Protect and Serve, With a Little Horse Wrangling on the Side

Officers with Oreo (Compliments of the Burbank Police Department)

In the early hours of May 23, 2023, the Burbank Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen regarding a loose horse seen running frantically through the streets. The incident took place at approximately 12:30 am in the area of Riverside Drive and Mariposa Street.

The witness reported that she had spotted a riderless horse galloping down the street, its saddle suggesting that the rider might have fallen off and potentially sustained injuries. Alarmed by the situation, she promptly alerted the authorities, hoping for a swift resolution to the possible predicament.

Upon receiving the report, Burbank Police officers swiftly responded to the scene to address the situation. To their relief, they discovered the horse calmly grazing on the grass in front of a nearby residence. The animal, later identified as Oreo, was wearing a saddle but was without a bridle.

Officer Nicholas Moreno, a seasoned member of the Burbank Police Department, proved to be instrumental in resolving the situation. Growing up around horses, Officer Moreno displayed exceptional composure and expertise as he carefully mounted the riderless horse. His experience and calm demeanor were crucial in gaining the horse’s trust, enabling him to take control of the situation.

Meanwhile, another officer diligently searched for the owner of the horse. After a thorough investigation, the owner was located at the Mariposa Bridge, situated at Valley Heart Drive and Mariposa Street in Burbank’s Rancho Equestrian District. The owner expressed his concern, explaining that Oreo had become startled during the ride and had bolted away unexpectedly.

Officer Moreno, skillfully navigating the streets atop the horse, made his way back to the Mariposa Bridge, where the relieved owner anxiously awaited. The heartwarming reunion between Oreo and its owner was a testament to the successful efforts of the Burbank Police Department.

The Burbank Police Department commended Officer Nicholas Moreno for his quick thinking, equestrian skills, and his ability to bring Oreo back to its grateful owner safely. This incident serves as a reminder of the valuable contributions made by the police force in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, even extending to our four-legged residents.

Video Compliments of the Burbank Police Department