Third Graders Take All Awards at Bret Harte Elementary School Spelling Bee

Bret Harte Spelling Bee, Photo by Light Eyes Fotography.

On Friday, January 26th, Bret Harte Elementary held their annual spelling bee competition after school with 28 participants in grades 3rd to 5th.

Bret Harte Elementary school was made to have spelling bees, and it’s not just because of their bright students and booming library. The school’s mascot is a striped insect that mirrors the competition’s namesake…that’s right, they are the Bret Harte Bees. 

Students sat in rows of chairs on the stage, patiently awaiting their turn at the microphone, while family and friends watched intently from the auditorium seats. The announcer of the event was Luther Middle School Counselor Tracy Feldman, who provided each student the spelling word, definition, origin, and use in a sentence. The spelling bee judges were Bret Harte Librarian Nikki Capshaw and Principal Martha Walter.

Winners of the Bret Harte Spelling Bee. Photo by Light Eyes Fotography.

“It’s such an exciting event and I have enormous admiration for every child who participates,” said Walter.  “I believe it’s important for students to have opportunities to challenge themselves like this, blending academics and personal challenge, to stand on stage and spell unexpected words.  The Spelling Bee itself is a great tradition and has become a Bret Harte Elementary tradition, too.”

The annual spelling bee has been occurring for six years, other than the years during distance learning. The event follows the Scripps style and uses the same rules and regulations.  This year’s bee went for 14 rounds and ended with a victory for 3rd grader, Jovanne Everette Equila, who ironically was wearing the number one placard.

In second place was 3rd grader Aeris Lee and in third place was 3rd grader Nick Shamoun.  The final words of the spelling bee came down to stagecoach, dapper, wheezy.  The three students received medals for their achievement and I’m sure had some very happy 3rd grade teachers Monday morning. Congratulations Jovanne, Aeris, and Nick!

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