Tinhorn Flats Owner Re-Arrested Again Friday night by Burbank Police

Boarded Up TinHorn Flats (© Ross A Benson)

According to Burbank Police, they have re-arrested Lucas Lepejian (20) who is listed in court documents as one of the defendants listed in the ongoing legal battle with The City of Burbank.

In a statement from Lt. Derek Green Patrol Watch Commander ” Mr. Lucas Lepejian, the son of the owner of Tinhorn Flats, was arrested again on April 2, 2021, by the Burbank Police Department.”

“Police Officers stopped Mr. Lepejian in a vehicle at about 9:54 P.M. near the intersection of Hollywood Way and Magnolia Boulevard, after he was seen leaving Tinhorn Flats. Mr. Lepejian was placed under arrest for violating a court order and transported to the Burbank Police Department Jail, where he was booked.”

Red Tagged Tinhorn Flats Photo by Ross A Benson)

Because Mr. Lepejian was arrested on April 1, 2021, for the same offense and released with a citation, bail was set at $5,000. 

Mr. Lepejian was released from custody on April 3, 2021, at 1:53 am after posting bail in the form of a Bond.


    1. This is great news, and I’m certain an overwhelmingly majority of residents agrees. Our elected officials and law enforcement are doing their jobs. This establishment is a stain on our beautiful city. When they end up forfeiting the property, I hope a black-owned business, or perhaps an LGBTQIAP community center takes its place.

      • You’re insane. You have some sort of ego problem where you feel that external forces somehow affect you or bruise your ego. How can I tell you are insane? Because you decide to talk about “forfeiting to black owned businesses” or “LGBTQIAP businesses”, both of which have nothing to do with this. Do you care the owners are Armenian? Or perhaps you are the racist? Either way, you are insane. Leave them alone and leave alone anyone who wants to go there. You live your life, let them live theirs.

        • Dane…Just bravo. We have Fascist using Fascism to fight Fascism…and this rascist bigot using bigotry in an attempt to help his/her (not sure but doesn’t matter) preferred group. What she mostly doesn’t understand is that we want Black people and LGBTQIAP people to have happy succussful lives… along with everyone else who may not look or think like us. It’s unfortunate that the supporters of the nonsense feel it’s necessary to tear down other people in order to make that happen.

    2. Dear Fellow Burbankers:

      Two reminders:

      Reminder #1:

      No police department employee, officer or civilian, has come out in favor of these arrests or the City Attorney’s use of the courts and public funds in this way. If I were a betting man, I’d bet the farm that no police officer or their supervisors are in favor of these actions by the City Attorney.

      Reminder #2:

      Indoor dining has reopened.

      So there is no point to this. Yes, thank you nanny government officials, we get it, you do not want us to eat or drink at Tinhorn Flats. Done. I never go there anyway. I get it. Whoever the Tinhorn Flat stalwarts are represent a tiny, tinsy, weensy number of people.

      I protest to having my tax dollars spent this way when the City is facing a massive budget deficit in excess of $15 million dollars this fiscal year. $4 million is going to the City Attorney’s office.

      You will notice if you add up all the City worker overtime: https://www.burbankca.gov/home/showpublisheddocument?id=56573

      You can immediately solve the City’s budget deficit by putting everyone who makes over $100K a year on SALARY. It’s how the private sector works. You will never see a worker in the private sector making $100K to $200K a year with overtime. It never happens. Everyone in the private sector at these levels is paid salary and that’s it.

      This is all funded by higher taxes. Taxes that keep going up.

      Burbank has the second highest sales tax rate in the entire State of California!

      And our City Council is talking about raising the hotel and model lodging tax! That’s very unfair to the already struggling tourism industry. People only have so much money to spend. Very short-sighted thinking.

      We need a leaner, tighter City budget. We need focused leaders who can prioritize spending not play bully on the playground with local businesses.

      Tinhorn Flats will be gone in a very short time and make huge money on this worldwide fame that our City handed to them on a silver platter. Don’t doubt for one minute they will become martyrs and open a chain of these places and cash in big time on the publicity. It’s a classic story.

      Dear City Leaders:

      Get out of the elementary school sandbox and get into the boardroom. Solve our City’s immediate business problems today, not tomorrow. All the pet projects and handouts have placed this City in a horrible financial condition. The deficit was avoidable and while all private industries took financial haircuts, you kept spending like there was no tomorrow. Only now are you applying cost reducing ideas. This should have occurred a year ago in anticipation of lower revenues.

      It’s time to get new stores open at warp speed. I am very puzzled why the City has spent so much time focusing on approving high-rise projects when more and more office space will remain vacant as people prefer to buy or build larger homes to work from home.

      Permits to get stores built out and open are taking way too long. The current 8 to 12 week plan check timeline is not acceptable.

      And the massive overtime is not acceptable.

      Time to act like the rest of us and tighten your belt and go on a budget diet. Jenny Craig that budget right now and protect us from future tax increase.

      And by placing permits and plan checks for new businesses at the top of the pile, we are assured future jobs, higher sales tax revenues and then we can look forward to your reducing tax rates in the coming years.

      • Oh geez, not this bag of wind again. Maybe run for office and attempt to legitimize your soapbox? You might even get 10% of the vote. 😂

      • Good citizens of Burbank, please disregard the “facts” in Mr. Spencer’s diatribe. Our fine PD has indeed come out in favor of Justice and Decency.
        A quote from numerous media outlets:

        “Police Chief Scott LaChasse said in a statement last night that “[s]haring our plan prior to implementation could endanger lives.”

        LaChasse said his department “vehemently condemns the actions of Tin Horn Flats and their persistent unlawful behavior.”

        The city had already revoked Tinhorn Flats’ use permit and cut off its electricity when it posted the red tag notice Wednesday declaring the building off limits for occupancy due to several fire hazards, one of which was the use of the generator.”

        • If the good citizens of Burbank listened you, all of the businesses would leave. The next time you think you know what you’re talking about take a stroll down Magnolia Blvd and or the mall on San Fernando Blvd. See all those closed business brought under by your lockdowns? That’s YOUR fault and people like you. You are destroying businesses in Burbank and destroying families to protect your own ego. Why would any business want to Burbank now knowing they can shut you down with petty and punitive reasoning? You are truly insane.

          • If a business does not recognize basic county regulations and follow a state enforced mask mandate.–> Good Riddance- We don’t want Lawless Troublemakers here in Burbank.
            I’m pretty sure every other business in Burbank followed these regulations and enforced the mask mandate- So comparing the Tinhorn Trash to the rest of Burbank is truly insane
            You know what else is insane – These Morons who thought Covid 19 was like the flu and the Idiots who think masks are a freedom killing muzzle

      • Good point Christopher. The city should concentrate on real issues. Let the people be free to choose where they want to eat.

    3. This is great news, and I’m certain an overwhelming majority of residents agrees. Our elected officials and law enforcement are doing their jobs. This establishment is a stain on our beautiful city. When they end up forfeiting the property, I hope a black-owned business, or perhaps an LGBTQIAP community center takes its place.

    4. It baffles me when fellow neighbors cheer on the cities harassment of a small local business. Where do you people come from? For most, it has been a horrible year. Many of us have differing opinions about what is right and what is wrong. These different options are fine. The hatred spewed or the ill will wished for? Not so fine. No one has proof, scientific proof that outside patio restaurant dining spread the virus more. After all of these restaurants were ordered closed, for months, then told they could reopen their patios for dining if they invested huge amounts of money (by this time, money that none of them had) THEN to be told to close AGAIN, including the new expensive patio set up’s…ya I would not be happy. I would probably protest. Maybe even open up my patio to my good customers who wanted it. Stop the hate. As for the city? Stop the hate. Find ways to SUPPORT this restaurant and all the others. Arresting small business owners for running their businesses? Get a grip! I will be carefully watching those that run for city offices in the future. All you current knuckleheads? You are gone.

    5. 😆 hilarious rant Dane. You are a prime example of the vocal minority that only cares about money, and opposes anything/everything the Dems in power initiate, even when the rules have been fully ratified by their voters. You obviously have no regard for science or the rules/laws established by our (overwhelmingly) elected officials. But let me take a wild guess here, you are a “patriot”, and Trump is still President, right? Thankfully our local, county, state and federal government understand and believe that NO business is more important than the health and safety of residents. And you might want to check stats on who has suffered the most financially from the covid crisis. I’ll give you a hint, the people suffering the most are not entitled, scrawny, whiny, punkass bitches or their trailer trash sisters, whose father owns multi-million dollar properties and takes two year vacations in exotic locations. Like all the other clowns with blinders on, you fail to comprehend the crucial facts and reasoning behind the closures. Again, let me take a wild guess, you believe covid is a hoax, you don’t do masks or vaccines, all the scientists and doctors don’t know what they’re talking about, and all those people who died are fake news.
      If I’m on point here, this means your vaccine can go to someone that wants it, perhaps someone from a low income, underprivileged neighborhood?
      When a business (that was already death-spiraling way before covid started) flagrantly ignores the laws and actually videotapes themselves breaking the law (the owner’s halfwit attention-seeking son is not the sharpest tool in the shed), they will get what they deserve. They only have themselves to blame. GO BURBANK, FOREVER BLUE!

    6. Just a quick FYI for anyone advocating a “just let them be” approach and allow Tinhorn Flats to reopen since dining has started up again – you are advocating to have no health and safety standards for establishments whatsoever and that the city has no jurisdiction over the establishments in their boundaries.
      Whether you agreed with the rules or not, they were the rules determined by the elected representatives of the city and the officials in charge. If you don’t like them, run for office or campaign to change the officials. Tinhorn Flats willfully (and celebratedly!) ignored the rules. If they are allowed to so publicly flip-off the system without repercussions, then what basis will the city have to enforce any rules at all in the future?

    7. Dear “Radley Altleft”:

      I invite you to reveal your real name. Do you live in Burbank? Who are you?

      “I’m certain an overwhelming majority of residents agrees”

      I do not guess about such matters. Guessing games lead to very bad decisions.

      “I hope a black-owned business, or perhaps an LGBTQIAP community center takes its place.”

      What does “black” mean? If I were to follow what activists say, I am both “black” and “BIPIOC” since I am 50% East Indian. I do not identify as “black” or “BIPOC” because I am an American. I do not live in the world of identity politics.

      As far as the “LGBTQIAP” remark, I for one welcome all good, nice and productive people into our community. What we don’t need in Burbank is people pushing agendas or demanding money from taxpayers by pressuring the City for money to do what they want to do.

      I give 10% of my time and 10% of my money to causes. I have raised more than $2.5 million to help the homeless and low income individuals. What people do in their bedroom in private is their own business. That is far more complicated than a label or putting people in boxes as some would claim is easy. People are complicated and so are their interests including their bedroom interests.

      We need leaders who will focus on the basics. We do not need to have leaders pandering to a vocal small number of people who complain.

      6 of the 20 City press releases on the first page of this are about Tinhorn Flats: https://www.burbankca.gov/what-s-new/city-newsroom

      No mention that indoor dining has reopened.

      No discussion about how the City plans to inspect and approve businesses at warp speed (it is taking 8 to 12 weeks to get an approval for a new store buildout).

      Just a lot of “news” about giveaways and handouts while Burbank property owners are struggling to get their vacancies filled.

      I prescribe to Milton Friedman’s belief that there are certain things it is essential for government to do:


      1. to defend the country against foreign enemies–national defense
      2. to protect the individual citizen against abuse and coercion by other citizens
      3. define the rules
      4. adjudication–a judicial system

      Happy Easter fellow Burbankers.

    8. Mr. Spencer, since you don’t seem to pay attention, I will tell you again that I’m not stupid enough to reveal my true identity when there are SuperSpreaderFlats wackos out there with guns. I have owned a home in Burbank much longer than you (assuming you even live here, judging by all your BS).
      You seem like a nice enough fellow who really likes to hear himself talk, who twists reality with extremely outdated and misleading “facts” taken completely out of context. You have proved nothing that you have stated here, I call BS on your “fundraising”, “donations” and “paid studies”. You throw a lot of numbers around, I have been CFO of a major corporation for over 30 years, and none of your financial mumbo jumbo makes any sense. Have you not realized that the City of Burbank has filed a civil suit against SuperSpreaderFlats? When the city wins this lawsuit, all of the city’s expenditures will be recouped. If the owners cannot pay, the city will take their property. That’s how this works, the city will not pay a dime for this entire fiasco.
      So what is your financial/legal/political expertise? The only thing I find when I Google you is records of failed litigation against the City of Burbank and others. Why is it you are so litigious? Do you have issues with elected officials, authorities and rules?
      And I’m not sure how you can argue my point about the sentiment of the majority of Burbank citizens. Are you denying that Burbank has repeatedly elected liberal, progressive representatives? Have you bothered looking at any of the polls regarding the treatment of SuperSpreaderFlats? There is one on the myBurbank Twitter page, you might want to check it out. Well over 1,000 respondents. And do you read anything scientific or do you spend all your time figuring out clever ways to scalp crap on eBay?
      Your repetitive dreck is laced with a lot of “shoulds”. As I have stated in our other tete-a-tetes, I urge you to run for government and legitimize your soapbox rants. I’m sure you’ll get a few percent of the vote in Burbank. Either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Your voice is a faint but persistent whisper. The good citizens of Burbank have elected officials, who are doing what we want.
      Once again you keep going on about the current state of affairs, that businesses are back open. This is completely off point, pull your head out of the sand, the grease pit is being prosecuted for endangering our community and flagrantly breaking the law. On camera no less. (Criminals are generally not too smart).

      “I do not guess about such matters. Guessing games lead to very bad decisions”.

      This has got to be the most hypocritical statement you have made. Everything you say is conjecture. You need a hobby besides frivolous lawsuits and pointless manifestos about what “should” be. Again, I invite you to post links or any other type of proof that disproves anything I say. I’ll be the first one to admit when I’m wrong. But I’m not and you know it. Burbank is Blue. Health/safety matter more than commerce/capitalism. Take a walk through any of our parks or schools and ask a few parents, teachers, or students what they think.

      • Hear, hear, sir.

        Thank you for saying what many of us are feeling about this gentleman’s diatribes on this site. His absolute bollocks about pot shops in Burbank is an utter disgrace and total, mindless drivel. He makes most of this stuff up.

        It’s outrageous that this website continues to publish his rants, opinions and nonsense.

        Here’s a note to those in charge of this very useful website: If you want to be taken seriously and fill a void residents of Burbank need filled now that the Burbank Leader is gone, please stop the unnecessary, impolite and disgusting back and forth between commenters on this site.

        • Editor’s Note: I agree that there are many ‘rants’ but who do I limit, and who do I let speak? Censorship is a very dangerous thing. I am more apt to let people speak their mind and let the reader decide the credibility of the author. We have not published many comments that contain swearing or direct attacks on people. It is all a slippery slope. The only other thing we can do is turn off comments to everybody.

          • Mr. Sherwood, I agree with you that it’s a “slippery slope” regarding censorship on your, or anyone’s site, but this site’s important contribution to Burbank is in jeopardy of becoming overrun by those attempting to foist their opinions on others.

            It’s one thing to express your opinion to others, but it’s another thing entirely to come back and attempt to subjugate the opinions of others by leaving comments that attempt to impugn the dignity or opinions of other commenters.

            Why not allow only one comment on a subject? Why not edit those comments that aren’t really printable, or disallow them entirely? No one should have the ability to use your site as a bully pulpit-for any reason.

            These are merely suggestions. I value this site. Thank you for your contribution to Burbank.

    9. Hey, “Burbank Resident”, I think you’re a little confused. Burbank residents are letting the city council and law enforcement take care of business. I have been a homeowner in Burbank for many years, and don’t usually feel tge need to vent on social media, however I’m compelled to speak out when the vocal minority spews lies.
      You are 100% correct, it is not restaurants or patios that spread the virus. It is people. Specifically people that refuse to accept science for political reasons. There are countless studies from experts far more legitimate than you that agree with this position. And which knuckleheads are gone? Are you referring to the halfwit family of criminals who own SuperSpreaderFlats? The ones who believe that commerce and capitalism are more important than health and safety? Yes they undoubtedly will run out of money defending their idiotic actions (funded by non-residents). They will also lose the civil lawsuit filed by the city against them, they will either pay up or forfeit their property, then crumble and head for the hills with their tail between their legs. However the fine citizens who support our elected officials are here to stay. (Mic drop). I have more important things to do, so signing off, will leave you to your rant. Enjoy!

      • Radley Altleft always gotta get the last word in?

        I love people who give you the “don’t usually feel tge need to vent on social media” [sic] line.

        Meanwhile you’ve already posted no less than seven comments and I’m sure you’re not even close to finished.

    10. Radley Altleft Jr: Son, is that you? Aw, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’m touched! And nope, I’m not done. FYI, in case you were confused, this website is not social media, it is a legit source of unbiased information for Burbank residents (and non-residents, including drive-by trolls like you). Like all transparent media outlets, this particular “reply/comment” section is subject to far-fetched, radical right opinions that include half-truths, outright falsehoods, debunked myths, and political rants from the vocal minority. Just doing my part to set the record straight. GO BURBANK, STAY BLUE!

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