Traffic Accident In Burbank Results In HazMat Cleanup

Photo By Ross A. Benson

A truck carrying Chlorine and Pool Acid was involved in a minor traffic accident at the intersection of Buena Vista and Glenoaks Blvds. Saturday morning. A liquid started to leak from the inside of the Bobcat type truck, causing the Fire Department to go into HazMat mode and closing down Glenoaks Blvd.. Burbank Fire’s Hazardous Materials team along with Glendale’s Hazardous Materials units were called into check the severity of the spill. When the back of the truck was opened, it was determined that the spill was very minor and could be cleaned up by the fire dept. The accident didn’t cause any injuries, and the materials spilled were cleaned up removed by the Hazmat team.

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Photo By Ross A. Benson
Photo By Ross A. Benson


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