Two Arrested at Tinhorn Flats Saturday After Woman Threatens Victim With Knife

Tinhorn Flats supporters wave flags, banners, and signs in a recent protest of the fence installation around Tinhorn. (Photo By Edward Tovmassian)

Saturday evening around 5:27 pm at the weekly Tinhorn Flats protest held mostly by people who are not Burbank residents, Burbank police had to step in and arrest two women after one pulled a knife during an altercation.

Police arrested the two females after it was determined by police they got into a verbal argument with a male victim over political matters according to Sgt. Emil Brimway of the Burbank Police Department. “During the argument, one of the females pushed the victim.  The second female then pulled a knife and walked toward the victim.  The victim and suspects then separated without further incident.  No injuries were sustained to the victim,” according to Brimway

He identified the suspects as 21-year-old Miranda Marinch from North Hollywood who was arrested and booked for 417(a)(1) PC – Exhibiting a deadly weapon.  The second suspect was later identified as 26-year-old Melissa Gutirerrez from Van Nuys who was arrested and booked for 242 PC – Battery.

Per COVID-19 protocols, both women were released on a promise to appear citation with a future court date.


    1. It is closed! It has a freakin’ chain link fence around it. The only way it could get more closed would be if they bulldozed it. These idiots would just “protest” on the rubble.

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